About Us

About Us

My Homework Writers is a Homework Writing Service Company that offers students from high school, colleges, and universities with the best academic writing services for several years. Over the years, we have developed progressively into a website that provides the best homework writing services in the industry. As a company that is dedicated to helping students eliminate stress when completing their assignments, we offer well- crafted academic papers to a global community of students. Consequently, we have managed to make students’ school life easier by providing exceptional services to all students. We have also managed to help several students achieve their short-term and long-term academic goals through our homework writing services.

Get Homework Writing Services From Experts.

With Myhomeworkwriters.com, students have access to the best homework helpers. Our team comprises of 500+ professional academic writers who are readily available to take off the homework pressure from you. Most importantly, our ENL writers are academic gurus with MA and Ph.D. levels of education in diverse fields. Therefore, My Homework Writers is capable of handling all academic papers from different disciplines. My Homework Writers integrates high-quality writing standards with the best writing practices to provide exceptional homework writing services to students of all academic levels. Our expert homework writers usually produce papers that possess high levels of originality and quality. Place an order today and get the best homework writing services from our team of professional academic writers.

Vision and Mission

Students are always striving to achieve the best grades at every academic level. The higher you go (academically), the tougher it becomes. Most students find it challenging to complete and submit their assignments on time. Our goal as a website is to provide a platform where students can manage to complete and submit their assignments on time. We help students overcome the challenge of time by offering quality homework writing services at affordable prices. This way, students can achieve their academic goals and still find time to do other important activities.

With a goal to offer academic assistance to students from different parts of the world, Myhomeworkwriters.com pledges to provide the best homework writing services to all students. Consequently, students can allocate time for other activities and leave all their homework worries with us. From research to the writing process, editing and proofreading, we’ve got you covered. Place an order today and get the quality homework writing services at affordable prices.

Our Key Features

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Customer Satisfaction

We always work towards customer satisfaction. Meeting the homework of our customers is our main goal. Therefore, we always work diligently towards the achievement of this goal. As such, service delivery by our professional academic writers is always of top-quality. Our quest for customer satisfaction is what makes is the leading website for homework writing services.

Wide Range of Writing Services

Myhomeworkwriters.com offers a wide range of services to students from different parts of the world. We handle all kinds of academic papers from 50+ disciplines. Our company hires several academic writers with different qualifications so that we can handle all kinds of academic papers.


If you are looking for a reliable website for all your homework writing services, this is the right place to get such. Students from across the world can rely on us to provide quality homework writing services at affordable prices. We pledge on the privacy and confidentiality of all students who work with us towards the delivery of the best homework writing services. We also guarantee on timely delivery of all papers as agreed on the order form.


The development of exemplary papers requires adequate time. Technically, high-quality papers require ample time to achieve the expected quality. Our professional academic writers work as a team to achieve the best results in each order. Sometimes, to provide exceptional homework writing services, writers collectively hand with researchers to gather tons of information using available resources. All useful information acquired by these researchers is customized into homework solutions by our highly-qualified writers. Our editorial team does all the editing and proofreading to ensure that everything is in order. Editing and proofreading eliminate any mistakes that could arise from grammar errors, spelling mistakes, punctuations, formatting, and numbering.

Constant Improvement

Myhomeworkwriters.com is always open to making changes that lead to improvement. Improvements always mean that we elevate the quality of our homework writing services. Our improvement strategies are always based on the feedback obtained from our clients. We highly value all feedback from our customers as they give insights into which areas need improvements and which ones need maintenance. Our improvement techniques have helped us gain online authority as the leading website that provides homework online help to all students.

Our Services

Myhomeworkwriters.com proudly offers students with high- quality, legitimate homework writing services at affordable prices. We always rely on students’ ratings and reviews to gauge the reliability and effects of our homework writing services. Our growing popularity in the industry is a clear indication that most students always turn to My Homework Writers for all their homework writing services. My Homework Writers offers a wide range of services for students seeking academic assistance for their schoolwork assignments. Our team covers services including:

Custom Writing Services

Our homework services include writing customized papers from scratch using the instructions and requirements of the student. Students need to provide instructions provided by the instructor(s) and any supporting materials so that our writers can develop the paper. For every paper crafted by our professional academic writers, we will include well-researched citations and references as extra services. In addition to this, our writing services include formatting using the technique or style requested by the student.

Editing and Proofreading

Our homework writing services are not limited to, writing custom papers from scratch. We also offer academic assistance in editing and proofreading. Of you have completed a paper and need professional opinions on the paper, then our editorial will come in handy. We will assign a writer who will go through your work and provide the necessary amendments. In some instances, students might need a third eye to pick out mistakes on their completed papers that they cannot identify by themselves. Our editorial team will ensure that they go through all competed papers to eliminate any mistakes. Mistakes might arise from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuations, numbering, and formatting mistakes.


In case you have started a paper that is not developing as you had planned, we are can help you rewrite the papers. You might have completed your assignment in some instances, but you feel like it lacks some element in it or some sort of strength. If you are facing such scenarios, then you need not worry. Our professional homework writers will help you rewrite the paper and turn it into a top-quality paper.

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My Homework Writers provides homework writing services for all types of assignments, including:

Assignment help

Students can always access quality assignment help for our highly-qualified homework writers. We provide the right guidance to all those quizzes you are given to handle after class. Additionally, the assignment help from our professional academic writers cuts across all disciplines.

Any kind of essay

Myhomeworkwriters.com provides homework writing services for any kind of school essay. The type of essay, simplicity, and complexity of the topic does not affect the delivery of our homework writing services. Our professional homework writers are well-versed with the format, outlines, and characteristics of any type of essay.

Research proposals

Myhomeworkwriters.com will help you craft a strong and relevant research proposal. From writing the outline to the comprehensive paper, we’ve got you covered. We will ensure that we provide relevant research proposals for you.

Capstone projects

Capstone projects are among the most important school work. Usually, capstone projects are done towards the end of your course. Our professional academic writers will guide you in the writing process of your capstone project, from the start to the end.

Research papers

My Homework Writers has gained popularity for providing exemplary homework writing services on research papers. With the research topic, our homework writers will focus on conducting intensive research using available resources to craft relevant and logical research papers.

Admissions essays

Myhomeworkwriters.com will help you get into that school you are eyeing. Myhomeworkwriters.com understands that admission essays should be written with keenness and to near perfection. Do not stress yourself with writing admissions essays when you can get help from My Homework Writers.


Preparing a speech is never an easy task. You might have all the points you need to develop the speech but lack the special skills of writing a good speech. With My Homework Writers, you can always prepare for the delivery of exceptional speeches.

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PowerPoint presentations

Myhomeworkwriters.com guides the organization and planning of PowerPoint presentations. We will also offer additional notes that will guide you in the delivery of your presentation.

Reviews i.e., movie reviews, books, or magazines

Our homework writers will help you review any material. We always ensure that we fully understand the contents of the material before providing the reviews.

Case studies

Our professional writers will help you analyze all kinds of case studies. Most importantly, we help students relate the case studies with theoretical material provided in class.

Literature reviews

At My Homework Writers, we always love good literature reviews. If you are struggling with yours, you should contact My Homework Writers to guide you through the review process.


Developing biographies requires you to be precise and articulate with the information you provide in the biography. Your writing skills must also be of high quality so that every bit of information integrates us within the biography. Hiring our writers for all your biography needs will save you a lot of time and money.

Dissertations and theses

You might have completed your research but do not know where to start with that thesis. Myhomeworkwriters.com will help you develop an outstanding thesis that will satisfy you and your supervisor.

Analysis of any kind

All your analysis assignments are safe in the hands of My Homework Writers writers. We will guide through the analysis process and also give the effects or the implication of the analysis using real-life examples.

Why Choose Us?

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10 + years of experience

Myhomeworkwriters.com has been providing homework writing services for more than ten years. Starting a small company, we have progressed into a website that provides the best homework writing services to students. Having been in the industry for several students, we are in a better position to understand students’ needs and demands across all disciplines.

Professionally written papers

At My Homework Writers, we do not compromise on the quality of our homework writing services. We have a team of professionals who have different MA and Ph.D. degree qualifications. Our company does not just hire any writer. We are usually very keen on the hiring process to maintain our reputation for providing quality homework writing services. As such, Myhomeworkwriters.com always provides high-quality homework writing services.


Myhomeworkwriters.com ensures that we provide reliable and quality homework writing services at affordable prices. We understand that most students need to save as much as they can for living expenses and other utilities. Therefore, we do not intend to dig up your pockets. Our transparent pricing system ensures that we price every paper fairly at pocket-friendly prices.

24/7 academic assistance

Myhomeworkwriters.com guarantees all students of around the clock academic assistance. We are always available, regardless of the time to attend to your academic needs. Our live chat system is always online, so students can place new orders and submit their queries anytime. We ensure that we are constantly available from the time you fill your order to the time we deliver your paper. Therefore, students can always be in constant communication with the writers to track their papers’ progress.

Quality of papers

When your papers are done by academic gurus, you can be sure that the paper’s quality would be at the top. Our professional homework writers combine theory writing skills with logical reasoning on every paper to ensure that they craft high-quality papers. Contact us today to get high-quality help with homework at affordable prices.

100% originality

All papers by professional homework writers are written from scratch using the students’ instructions and directions. Therefore, we always aim at providing customized papers for all our students. We never develop papers from previously submitted work. Furthermore, to eliminate any chances of plagiarism or similarities, we always use anti-plagiarism software on completed paper before their delivery. Our company maintains a zero-tolerance to plagiarism policy at all times.

Timely delivery of papers

Our professional homework writers do not compromise on time. We always ensure that we deliver all completed paper on time as per the requirements on the order form. We give students time to go through the papers and understand them before the official submission date. With Myhomeworkwriters.com, you will never have to worry about late submissions.

100% confidentiality

Information shared with us by our customers is handled with the utmost confidentiality. We do not share any personal information of our customers with third parties. Every piece of information shared with My Homework Writers is safe and secure. We also provide security systems for all communications and transactions to avoid possible online attacks from outsiders.

Unlimited Revisions

As a courtesy service to all our students, we guarantee all students of unlimited revision. Students can request for revisions in case our writer fails to understand the instructions on the order form. In the rare instances of dissatisfaction, our professional academic writers are always available to receive revision request from students. All you need to do is to communicate your dissatisfaction by writing through an email or to the live chat system.

Money-back guarantee

We also guarantee our students of money-backs to ascertain the quality of our services. Money-backs are given to students who have canceled their orders before we complete it or when students are totally dissatisfied with the outcome of our homework writing services. Students can always request for full or partial money-back in these two instances.

Evidence from satisfied customers

Our student review section reveals that most students are satisfied with our homework writing services. The high rates of positive reviews from students indicate that we deliver every promise in the delivery of quality homework writing services. Join us today and receive the best homework writing services at affordable prices.

Student Reviews

Ashton B.

I am very pleased with the writer who has been handling all my papers. From the time I receive my first order, I knew I wanted to maintain the writer. Luckily, for me, this is possible with a reliable website like My Homework Writers. I have had all my assignment assistance by one writer. I am truly grateful.

Greg M.

Hey guys! Thank you for the great service. I have been using My Homework Writers for all my assignment for a year now, and everything has been amazing. I never knew I could access quality service at fair prices, but now I know it’s possible. Thank you so much, guys. PS. Happy student

Customer 397457

I highly recommend this website for anyone looking for a convenient place to have their assignments done. I did not trust in their reliability at first due to the low prices. However, I have gained trust in My Homework Writers after my first paper. I’ve also been amazed at the quality of their services. I am not looking any further…

Jacqueline Kentish

I just received my paper a while ago, and I had to rush here. That was an excellent job, guys. The writer did everything according to the requirements and delivered the paper on time. I am very impressed. Thank you!

Lindsey K.

I really love how you guys are quick to respond to inquiries. I usually lose my patience easily, but with you guys, everything has been peaceful. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is My Homework Writers legal/legit?

My Homework Writers homework writing service is 100% legitimate. We provide a platform where students can get the best academic guidance for all their homework needs. This way, it becomes easier for most students to elevate their grades. Getting homework writing service from us is as valid as hiring a tutor since both provide academic guidance. Students can use our services as tools of practice so that they can improve on their writing skills.

How do I make an order?

Placing an order is quite simple. Click on the “order now” to initiate the order process. Clicking on the ORDER NOW prompt will direct you to an order form. You are expected to give all vital information on the order form so that our writers can develop customized papers. Submit the order form to receive a quotation for your paper. Similarly, an invoice will be automatically generated. Proceed to make payments and wait for the delivery of the completed homework paper.

Is My Homework Writers a reliable service?

My Homework Writers is a safe, convenient, and reliable service. Writers are highly-qualified with further training to provide quality homework writing service. We are always keen on the hiring process to ensure that we only hire competent writers.

Is my personal information confidential?

With Myhomeworkwriters.com, we handle any information shared with confidentiality. No third parties shall have access to students’ information, nor shall we share the information with them. We also conduct all transactions through secure connections for our students’ security.

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Quality Papers

At Myhomeworkwriters.com, we always aim at 100% customer satisfaction. As such, we never compromise o the quality of our homework services. Our homework helpers ensure that they craft each paper carefully to match the requirements of the instruction form.

Professional Academic Writers

With Myhomeworkwriters.com, every student is guaranteed high-quality, professionally written papers. We ensure that we hire individuals with high academic qualifications who can maintain our quality policy. These writers undergo further training to sharpen their writing skills, making them more competent in writing academic papers.

Affordable Prices

Our company maintains a fair pricing system for all academic writing services to ensure affordability. Our pricing system generates quotations based on the properties of individual papers.

On-Time delivery

My Homework Writers guarantees all students of swift delivery of papers. We understand that time is an essential factor in the academic world. Therefore, we ensure that we deliver the paper on or before the agreed date to give students ample time for reviewing.

100% Originality

Myhomeworkwriters.com maintains a zero-plagiarism policy in all papers. As such, My Homework Writers professional academic writers ensure that they use the students’ instructions to deliver plagiarism-free papers. We are very keen on avoiding any chance of similarities with previous papers.

Customer Support 24/7

Our customer support works around the clock to provide students with assistance or guidance at any time of the day. Students can always communicate with us through our live chat system or our email and receive instant responses. Feel free to contact us via the Chat window or support email: support@myhomeworkwriters.com.

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Our Homework Writing Services

My Homework Writers holds a reputation for being a platform that provides high-quality homework writing services. All you need to do is provide us with all the necessary requirements of the paper and wait for quality results.


Essay Writing Services

At My Homework Writers, we have highly qualified academic gurus who will offer great assistance towards completing your essays. Our homework writing service providers are well-versed with all the aspects of developing high-quality and relevant essays.


Admission and Business Papers

With Myhomeworkwriters.com, we will help you secure a position at your desired institution. Our essay writing services include the crafting of admissions papers. We will still help you climb your career ladder by helping you write the official papers that will help you secure a job. We will guide you on how to write an outstanding portfolio or resume.


Editing and Proofreading

Myhomeworkwriters.com has a professional editorial team that will help you organize your paper, paraphrase it, and eliminate any possible mistakes. Also, we will help you check on plagiarism to ensure that your final paper posses quality and originality.


Technical papers

My Homework Writers harbors professional academic writers from diverse academic disciplines. As such, we can develop homework writing services in all academic areas. The simplicity or complexity of the paper does not affect the quality of homework writing services.