You need ms project 2010 or later to complete

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You need ms project 2010 or later to complete
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Deliverable includes MS Project file w/ work breakdown structure (WBS) that has at least 5 work packages & tasks

Your manager for your chosen company has asked you to create the project management plan in Project 2010. You determined the scope, work packages, and tasks for those work packages in the Discussion Board task this week. (See below) 

For your chosen project, create a file in Project 2010 that includes the work breakdown structure (WBS). Include the following:

The project deliverable at the highest level

At least 5 work packages, with at least 2 levels below the overall project deliverable

Major project tasks

Note: In Project, you may have to enter the tasks first. You can then use the WBS button to create a WBS.

Scope and Final Deliverables


            The key project goals include the development of an upgraded computer system in the business department, installing upgraded software in the computers, and ensuring that the beneficiaries can use the new computer systems efficiently. 125 computers will have to be upgraded, and this will entail the replacement of the current computers. The project will start by identifying the capabilities of the vendor to deliver the computers based on the available labor to conduct the software installation. This implies that the computers will be replaced in a systematic manner to minimize the disruption of normal activities in the business department. The most appropriate approach will be the replacement of computers in five stages, one for each classroom. The replacement process will be characterized by a work breakdown structure that will entail a definition of the specific goals and a plan to deliver the expected results. The processes that will be undertaken will be defined in the scope management process. The vendor will facilitate the required labor force to assemble the hardware and software elements of the computer system upgrade in the project. The training process will also be provided through the vendor.


Work Packages


            The work packages will be based on the sub-deliverables of the project. The first sub-deliverable of the project is the replacement of the current computer hardware. This will require a hardware assembling work group. The group will be charged with the responsibility of ensuring every computer unit is assembled and connected to power in readiness for the second sub-deliverable, which will be the installation of updated software. A work package comprising of individuals with the skill in installing and testing the compatibility of software with the hardware will be established. The hardware assembling and software installation and testing work packages will work alongside each other to ensure that the ultimate deliverables are achieved. The last work package will be the training and development team that will be charged with facilitating the users of the computers and their teachers with knowledge and skills in handling the new hardware components and the interaction with the software. It will be relatively easy to facilitate the training because the associated team will only have to provide additional information about the upgrades. Seeing that the students and their tutors have already been accustomed to the use of the current machines and software, it will be an easy task to train them on the upgraded system. However, there should be an evaluation process after delivering the goals to ensure that the intended efficiency is attained in the business department.


Activities and Tasks


            The main activities for the first work package will be dismantling the current computer systems in a safe manner and packaging them to be sold out or disposed. The next activity will be preparing the rooms for the new computers, especially by enhancing the quality of the power supply system. This will be followed by the installation of the computer systems through the assembling process and the installation of software. The second work package will be required to ensure that all the hardware components are compatible with the software. Testing the software will be a major step in the installation activity. The last activity will be conducted by the training team. A close focus will be placed on ensuring that the teachers in the department are acquainted with the skills in handling the upgraded system. A management process will be conducted throughout the project to ensure that everything runs without incurring any cost and time overruns. Since the vendor has already been identified, he will be instrumental in ensuring that every activity and task takes place as required.

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