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Writting | Education homework help
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Fall, 2016

TWO 

   ! ”#$%&

# ’

()*+!+! 

! +!,

-(./#0#1% !2&!!

  


Answer TWO of the following.  Be sure to incorporate class notes, discussions, and videos. (20)


1.     Using specific examples from the film, explain why the experiment in “In the White Man’s Image” was unsuccessful.



2.     Explain the differences between equality and equity, giving concrete examples to explain each and one is necessary to promote quality education for all.


3.     Explain how NATIVISM has in some ways changed since the 1920’s and in other ways has stayed the same.  Be specific and use examples. 



4.     Discuss how subcultures and labels can have a positive effect on individuals and yet can also create inequality.



Give the numbers of the items you are answering.


in the white mans image video: 

   ! ”#$%&

# ’




ESSAY:  Choose one of the following questions to answer.  Be sure to include examples and to analyze what it means in society today! (20)



1.     From your readings and the Power Points, how would you describe Culture? Be concrete, citing examples from the readings and discussions. 


2.     Explain why Multicultural Education is a) equally important for students from both dominant and non-dominant/minority groups and b) ultimately for our society?  


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