Writing a Reflection Essay on a Movie

Many are times, people, or even friends seek our opinions on various aspects, ideas, or situations. Different encounters and experiences equip us with different views on nature, ideas, circumstances, movies, or documentaries. Such experiences give us the opportunity to write a comprehensive reflection paper without bias due to your open-mindedness. Also, the different genres of movies would push you into the world of thinking and creativity, and above all, reflection and critics. Several questions from production and cast selection in movies could be the foundation of your reflection essay on a movie. Writing a reflection essay on a movie provides you with the chance to compose your thoughts and ideas, and opinions in your true self and personality-free off bias.

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reflection essay on a movie

Reflection entails going into details of what you have seen, encountered, heard, or developed, looking in-depth to see its merits and demerits, and above all, trying to conceptualize the entire idea to get into an agreement or a conclusion. Writing a reflection essay on a movie can be a challenge, but worry not, Myhomeworkwriters.com has a team of professional writers who offer homework assignment help online. Therefore, My Homework Writers makes this a suitable article for getting to understand what a reflective essay entails and a good example to guide the entire process. Thus, here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, we provide you with these skills to equip you in writing a reflective essay.

Reflective Essay

What is a Reflection in Writing

A reflection is a work of literature written on the basis of personal encounter or perspective. When writing a comprehensive reflective essay, the writer ensures that they present their utmost expertise on a particular subject matter, or idea and how the encounter impacts their thinking and way of life.

A reflective essay provides a writer with a platform to express themselves and their encounter on a particular matter entirely. Giving detailed information on how those events impacted his or her life, the writer presents other learners with a writing aid or a different approach of viewing a matter, opening their minds, and readiness to accept diverse thoughts on the same matter. As a result, a reflection essay can provide a platform for the realization of a mutual lesson with others who have had such an encounter before.

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What Is a Reflection in an Essay?

In simple terms, a reflection is a little pause to revisit where you just come from to serve as a learning experience, or a source of motivation, or inspiration. A reflection is an essay is using the reflective writing style in literature to present varied views on a subject matter.

reflection essay on a movie

Purpose of Reflective Writing

In the modern era of technological advancement and civilization, a reflection of previous events might be considered ancient. However, despite the gradual and sometimes rapid changes, the literature aspect of refection essays still stands, and thus, it is vital to pause and look at how events transform and learn from them. The main purpose of a reflection essay, for instance, a reflection essay on a movie, is to create a platform where you can realize and get different perspectives based on a central view. By so doing, we are able to get different perspectives from a central point of view and use such information for improvements and correcting different aspects of the subject matter.

What Is the Best Definition of Reflection?

A reflection is taking the opportunity to explore an event, or an idea and draw the most diverse conclusions out of it, based on the impact on your life and way of thinking.

The following are the characteristics of good reflective writing:

  • Good reflective writing uses phrases and transition words between paragraphs.
  • Writers must ensure consistency and be precise when giving reflective information.
  • A reflective essay employs personal narration.
  • Writings based on reflective essays use personal encounters, lessons, and insight to grow and develop the reflective essay and the subject matter.
  • A reflective essay entails honesty and self-disclosure.
  • There is the use of vivid descriptions to build a scene.

Basic Elements of a Good Reflection Essay

Descriptive Language

Reflective essays employ the use of descriptive language to pass information. A comprehensive and well-organized reflective essay uses vivid descriptions to enhance the understanding of the reader better. Additionally, the use of expressive language helps the readers visualize the events or experiences.

Phrases and Transitional Words

Transitional words play a vital role in transiting from one paragraph to another and from one phase to another. Also, to ensure a smooth flow of ideas, you must use transitional words to help create better images for your readers. Furthermore, reflective essays entail narration of encounters or experiences. Thus, transitional words come handy.

Points of Realization

Points of realization are also known as turning points. The use of turning points provides the reader with a chance to identify the point of reflection, the exact point where you developed a different perspective, and developed a different perspective. Furthermore, a point of realization also enables you to change your direction and take a totally new direction towards your reflection.

First-Person Narration

The use of first-person narration or narration from the first-person point of view is essential when writing a reflective essay. The first-person point of view enables the readers to share the views and the emotions of the writer. Thus, the readers are better placed to share the sentiments of the writer.

Precise Passing of Information

Reflective essay writing involves a formulation and concise communication of point of view in a manner that will ease the understanding of the readers. Also, since the essay is based on experience or something they have seen or watched, there is a need for a well and articulate organization of views to reflect the true meaning of the situation or idea.

Reflection of True Emotions

Reflective writings are centered on individual emotions and experiences. Furthermore, the writers have to convey actual emotional and true impacts the situation triggered in them. Thus, there is the involvement of personal experience and emotions.

How Do I Write a Reflection Paper?

Before you embark on writing, it is essential to understand how to write a reflection paper on a documentary. Your reflection paper must have an appropriate sense of direction. Furthermore, it is advisable to note that the main objective of your reflection paper is to pass knowledge and probably lessons based on your personal encounters.

For instance, you can be asked to write a reflection paper about a movie. First, it is good to keep an open mind to the fact that different movies evoke different emotions. Therefore, it is appropriate to own your essay and use your own words and experience. For this reason, here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, we encourage your clients that, in as much as they would love to use a reflection paper template, it is better to try different approaches when handling different reflection essays. Furthermore, a good and comprehensive reflection paper outline is a fundamental necessity.

reflection essay on a movie

Additionally, here at My Homework Writers, we have our team of professional essay writers who provide you with comprehensive and timely submission of your assignments. Above all, we offer homework assignment help online, with a guarantee of satisfaction and improved grades with no damage to your pocket.

Here is the guide on how to write a reflection essay on a movie:

Select a Movie

Writing a reflection essay on a movie requires one to have an open mind and think deeply and pay attention to every little aspect of the movie. Select the events worth writing about. Also, bring out valuable and informative points that will trigger the reader’s mind.

Select a Significant Topic

From the movie you have selected, you will have to come up with a topic that best fits the events you are yet to talk about from the movie. Ensure that the topic you have selected is exciting and relevant. Furthermore, a captivating topic keeps the reader hooked and keep them wanting to read the entire work.

Introduce the Topic

The introduction of your essay is a vital section of the entire essay. The key objective of the introduction is to grab the attention of the reader in as much as it introduces the entire essay. Your introduction should evoke your readers’ emotions. Additionally, your introduction introduces the readers to the main point of discussion and prepares them for the body, or the rest of the essay.

Create Your Content in the Body

The body of your essay should have a systematic flow of ideas, the main ideas. When writing a reflection essay on a movie, for instance, you require three to four paragraphs to make the body of the essay. Provide a vivid narration of the episodes. The entire experience you get from the movie or the documentary should be carefully captured and explained. Also, start with your most significant points as you move forward.

The Conclusion of Your Essay

The conclusion also plays an important role in your reflection essay on how you conclude your essay matters a lot. Therefore, at the end of your essay, ensure that you provide a paragraph to summarize your entire essay. Furthermore, your conclusion should reflect the major points you have discussed in your essay in your paragraphs. Consequently, as a writer, you might decide to prove a recommendation on the subject matter.

reflection essay on a movie

How do you start a Reflection?

The major requirement of a reflection essay is to share your thoughts and experience on a particular subject. A reflection essay does not require you to convince the reader and, rather, provide you with the opportunity to air your views.

What Is a Reflective Essay Format?

A reflection essay has a format that makes your work easy to read and comprehend. The following are some of the tips you can acquire to write an outstanding reflection essay on a movie:

The Title

For a graduate course reflection paper, the chances that your professor will provide you with a topic is high. However, in case there is no topic at it is upon you to decide on a topic of reflection, ensure that the topic is relevant, and makes you feel excited to talk about it. Selecting a topic is the first step when writing a reflection essay on a movie. Be careful to select a movie topic that will keep you in an open-minded mood and ready to explore different ideas. Additionally, ensure your title is captivating enough to make someone interested in reading your entire essay.

Draft of the Essay

The entire process of essay writing begins with a well-formulated draft. You should have a draft to provide you with the guidance you need as you write your essay. In your draft, note down all the major points you want to discuss, put them in the order of importance. Also, writing the points helps you to remember the points as you continue watching the movie and draw conclusions and make judgments.

Develop a Structure For your Essay

Have enough time to brainstorm o your topic and have a comprehensive draft and outline.

Develop Reflection Questions

Having well-formulated reflection questions play a key role during vivid descriptions. Continuously ask yourself questions that will keep you interested in providing an elaborate picture in both your mind and the mind of the reader.

Provide Solutions to the Formulated Questions

Use the questions you formulated earlier to help you develop the content of the essay by providing answers to them. Comprehensively provide solutions giving elaborate examples that you support all your varied perspectives and judgments.

When writing a reflection essay on a movie, make as much use of your draft as possible. Note down all the points you would wish to talk about and in a systematic order. Develop a summary draft of the entire paper to assist in getting insight into what the final work would be like.

Questions to Consider When Selecting a Topic

  • What did you identify in the course of the movie?
  • How did you feel about the entire encounter?
  • Why did the whole experience make you feel the way you feel?
  • How have the events of the movie or the documentary changed you?
  • What is the uniqueness of those events?
  • What challenges did you encounter?
  • Similarities of the encounters.
  • What fascinated you?
  • How different was the experience compared to others?
  • What was your understanding of movies after the entire process?
  • How can your encounter be of significance or help to other people?
  • What different ideas or actions would you have taken to avert a situation?
  • Is the experience worth repeating?
  • What inspiration or motivation did you draw from the experience?

The Introduction of a Reflection Essay

Just like any essay, an introduction is one of the most integral sections. The effort you put in the introduction will determine how much interest one is likely to develop when they come across your essay. You must have a well-defined and powerful hook to keep your readers interested in knowing more.

As a result, here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, in as much as we provide homework assignment help online, we also provide suitable guides for our clients. Therefore, this section of the article provides a guide on how to write a compelling introduction for your reflection essay.

Grab the Attention of the Readers with the Hook

Introduce your essay using a catchy hook that will keep the readers glued. The main objective of an introduction is to catch the attention of your reader; therefore, you must employ creativity in this section. Consequently, you can start by mentioning a few aspects of movie production and genre that several people dispute over. Make sure you depict creativity and knowledge of what you are talking about. Avoid repetition and clichés in the introduction.

A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a closing statement in your introduction paragraph. It is at the thesis statement that the essay picks up your focal point. The thesis statement bears the major idea. Therefore, the thesis statement should be clear and concise. Lastly, your thesis statement helps the readers understand the direction of your paper without reading the entire essay but makes them want to know more by keeping then hooked to your essay.

Use First-Person Narration to Develop your Introduction

A reflective essay is subjective, and the explanations rely on the interpretation of the writer from their point of view. Hence, it is advisable to write your essay from the first-person point of view. Also, first-person narration helps in conveying your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in a way that is simple, and you can relate to it. Furthermore, the first-person narration style will help engage your readers better. The writer will always seem to own the story, which is a good perspective to the reader; they are able to step into the shoes of the writer.

Have a Brief and Concise Introduction

Always keep your introduction concise and straight to the point. Ensure your introduction contains 5 to 7 sentences that are compelling and comprehensive. Your introduction must pass a comprehensive and concise idea that makes the entire essay worth reading.

What Is an Example of Reflection?

There are several examples of reflection essays, such as a reflection essay on a movie, and a reflection essay on a video. Sometimes, one can opt to use a movie reflection template. However, it is not advisable since every experience inflicts different perspectives and feelings in us. Thus, it is prudent to write a totally new essay given different essays. One is likely to have diverse perspectives that might not be captured in the movie reflection template.

For a more critical reflection paper example, visit Myhomeworkwriters.com and meat, our team of professional essay writing to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Also, to hire a writer to help with your reflection essay on a movie, we offer the services at affordable and pocket-friendly prices at a guaranteed satisfaction and timely delivery.

reflection essay on a movie

Creating a Strong Reflective Essay Thesis

A thesis statement reveals the main objective of the essay. Thus, include the following information on your thesis statement:

  • A definite event or idea
  • Have a strong backing statement to bring out the bigger picture of the events or experience.

How to Write a Reflection

Writing a reflection essay, just like any essay, can be a challenging experience. However, proper planning and organizing of ideas before writing can be of great assistance. Therefore, y using the following guide, you can have a smoother ride when writing your reflection essay:

  • Avoid instances when you will have to overthink before writing. Have a well-prepared draft and note down all the major points you want to talk about.
  • Start your essay depicting that you know what you are writing on. Have a catchy introduction to keep the readers hooked and interested.
  • Include supporting statements in the course of your writing to back up all your claims and judgments.
  • Embrace the firs-person point of view in the course of writing. This style of writing provides you with the chance to won all the ideas and claims. Also, the first-person point of view narration enables the readers to step into your shoes as a writer and keep up with your perspective.

To conclude, a reflection essay on a movie helps one understand the different elements in movie production, the varied genres, and the different styles of passing information. Additionally, writing a reflection essay on a movie would provide you with a chance to share your varied opinion from the original story. Therefore, to have a more elaborate understanding of reflection essays, visit Myhomeworkwriters.com. We offer homework assignment help online, to help you when you have a tight schedule and have the desire to score high in your essays.

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