Research Paper on Gambling Addiction | Help with Research Writing

Research Paper on Gambling Addiction | Help with Research Writing

How can someone be so addicted to gambling their entire money yet they are broke? These are some of the questions most people ask. It is common to find most people gambling their insurance covers, title deeds, their life savings, their wills, and other important things in their life. The question that most people ask is how addictive gambling is.

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Research Paper on Gambling Addiction | Help with Research Writing
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Well, in order to identify this, most instructors tend to give students such assignments. Therefore, if you are given a research paper on gambling addiction to tackle, do not freak out. This is one of the ways instructors are using to create awareness to people on the rampant gambling addiction in most countries. It is essential for a student to search for help with research writing before they tackle their research paper on gambling addiction. Help with research writing will help them conduct an in-depth investigation.

Definition of Gambling

research paper on gambling addiction

‘What is gambling?’ It is very easy to stumble upon this question in the internet today. Students often want to know the definition of gambling before they start researching for their paper on gambling addiction.  Gambling refers to the act of participating in a game where you risk losing money or a valuable object in order to win money. In most western countries, gambling shops are available at every corner of the street. This is be4cause gambling is seen as a no-harmful event. Thus, it no supervises to find adolescents and teenagers gambling some of their money. Even more shocking is the fact that the elderly also participate in gambling. You will find old people aged sixty and above participating in gambling activities such as bingos and lotteries.

Types of Gambling

When given a research paper on gambling addiction, it is first important to identify the type of gambling you will research on.  Although it is important to research on all types, it is always advisable to focus on one type. Focusing on one type of gambling will help you draw comprehensive details about that type of gambling. There are very many types of gambling. The most common one is the casino-style card games. These are very common even in movies and films. Other types of gambling include betting on sports events such as football and hockey, bingos, raffle tickets, internet gambling, dice games, and games of personal skills such as basketball and baseball.

Electronic games such as online poker and keno can also be considered as gambling if they are played with the intention of acquiring money. These types of gambling will guide you in your research paper about gambling addiction.

Why Do People Engage in Gambling?

‘Why do people engage in gambling?’ This is yet another question most people ask in the internet. Given the high rates of people being addicted in gambling, it is significant to identify hwy they gamble in the first place. First and foremost, people indulge in gambling due to financial problems. People often believe that gambling can make them turn the little they have into thousands or millions. Therefore, when they get the chance to gamble, they tend to go with it. Research has also shown that people do not also gamble just for money. For some, the act of gambling is purely for fun and excitement. This is especially the case among adolescents. Additionally, some also engage in gambling as a means of escaping various problems in their life. Such problems could be marital problems, suicidal thoughts, bullying, among many more.

The Prevalence of Gambling

Gambling is very common in most western countries. In fact, gambling is just a normal business like opening a bar and restaurant in most western countries. With this information in mind, one can now begin to speculate the prevalence of gambling. Gambling is very high in western countries compared to African countries. Research on gambling indicates that there is no valid criterion that can be used to determine the rate of gambling. However, factors such as the profits gained in the casinos can be one way to determine the prevalence of gambling in the country. In addition to that, the number of gambling stores can also be used to indicate the prevalence of gambling in a specific country.

Factors Contributing to the Prevalence and Incidence of Gambling Addiction

research paper on gambling addiction

There are various factors contributing to the prevalence and incidence of gambling in most countries. Understanding these factors will help a student gather adequate data for their research paper on gambling addiction. One of the factors contributing to these high rates is the easy access of gambling stores. The availability of casinos, gambling games online, and activities encouraging games such as bingo is one reason the rate of gambling is so high in most countries. Another factor causing the high rate of gambling is peer pressure.

Peer pressure, especially from people who have won lump sums of money, is also making people to be gambling addicts. Thus, in your research paper on gambling addiction, if you give the statistics for the rate of addiction, ensure you explain the reason behind those figures. For more help with research writing, My Homework Writers is here to help you out.

What Causes Gambling Addiction?

Since your research paper focuses on gambling addiction, it is essential to acquire help with research writing on the concept of gambling addiction. We have all heard about the term addiction especially where drugs are involved. Contrary to the opinions of most individuals, one can also be an addict of gambling. This is the case where one cannot do without gambling. Therefore, when they catch a penny, the first thing that comes to mind is gambling. Addiction is, therefore, the act of not doing without a certain object or activity. In most cases, addiction is confused with slavery. Some articles refer to addiction as slavery. Although this may not be far from the truth, there is however a slight distinction in these two terms. In case you are writing a research paper on gambling addiction, ensure you focus on addiction and not slavery.

Goals of Conducting a Research Paper on Gambling Addiction

When issued a research paper on gambling addiction, it is very essential to first have objectives. Objectives will guide you on how to approach the research paper on gambling addiction. According to My Homework Writers, here are some of the goals you can use in your research paper about gambling addiction:

  • To identify the international prevalence rates of gambling addiction
  • To discover the factors that encourage individuals to indulge in gambling
  • To know the factors influencing the high incidence and prevalence rates of gambling addiction
  • To determine the social, economic, and global impacts of gambling addiction
  • To identify the implications of gambling addiction to social life
  • To identify the relation of gambling addiction and lifestyle choices
  • To determine the relationship between gambling addiction and certain social-demographic factors

How to Conduct Research for Your Research Paper on Gambling Addiction

research paper on gambling addictionResearch is very essential in order to acquire information for your literature review. Although it may sound easy to conduct research, it is actually very daunting. The research process is very daunting thereby making most students to seek help with research writing from well know writing companies. In order to ensure you conduct in-depth research for your research paper on gambling addiction, it is first essential to determine the sources you will use to gather your data from.

Always use peer-reviewed articles where you are certain to acquire accurate information. Examples of peer-reviewed articles from where to acquire information for your research paper on gambling addiction can be Journal of Gambling Issues, International Gambling Studies, Or the Journal of Gambling Studies. Whichever source you choose to use, ensure it is valid and can provide in-depth knowledge on gambling addiction.

Features of a Good Research Paper on Gambling Addiction

Writing a research paper on gambling addiction is no easy task. In most cases, students have been known to lack direction and passion in their writing. For others, there is a lack of problem-solving skills which makes them to give weak recommendations in their research paper on gambling addiction. Due to this particular reason, My Homework Writer is giving the features of a good research paper on gambling addiction. They include:

Clear and Well-Defined Objectives

Objectives are very important in a research paper. This is because they help the reader understand what problem you are trying to address. Objectives in a research paper must be SMART. This means they should be very specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and be time bound. Setting objectives is the most common problem students’ face.

A Precise Abstract

An abstract is a summary that gives a reader an overview of what your research paper is discussing. More so, it also includes the methodology used to collect data, the data collection tools, data analysis and the interpretation of the finding. In our case, the abstract should direct the reader on the discussion on gambling addiction. Most writing websites argue that an abstract should be between 150 and 250 words. Therefore, do not beat around the bush when providing information in the abstract. Instead, be precise and only include the main highlights of each section in your research paper on gambling addiction. For help with research writing, contact my homework writers. We will guide you on how to provide a precise yet comprehensive abstract on your research paper on gambling addiction.

A Table Of Contents

A table of content helps in showing the reader where each section in your research paper is located. Hence in order to come up with a good table of content, a student must properly number their research paper on gambling addiction. Most students are tempted to write the table of content prior to providing all the details of their research. Consequently, they provide an inaccurate table of content. Although a table of contents appears first in your research paper, it should be written last. However, it is important to note that a student can automatically insert a table of content. An inserted table of content tends to be more organized and uniform rather than the one that is manually written. Therefore, insert your table 0of content instead of writing it manually.

A Well Structured Body

research paper on gambling addictionIn a research paper, the body is usually divided into chapters. The first chapter looks at the introduction at the topic of interest. In our case for example, chapter one could have included background information on gambling addiction. The second chapter entails the literature review. A literature review is a work done by other authors in the same field that you’re trying to research on. Literature review helps in validating the point you give concerning your topic. Chapter three discusses the methodology you use in data collection. Thus exhaustively discuss the data collection methods and tools you used to acquire data on gambling addiction. The fourth chapter discusses the finding and analyzes it for interpretation, therefore, chapter five looks at the conclusion and recommendation concerning gambling addiction.

Well Formatted References

A reference list refers to the bibliographic information containing sources you used to acquire data for your research paper. It is mandatory for a student to have a reference list in their research paper. Although research papers have been known to look easy to develop, problems always arise when students start creating their reference list. Thus, it’s common to bump into students online who are seeking for help with research writing, especially with the references. References are very easy to develop. More so, nowadays, students can even automatically generate citations and references from citation generators. Thus, a student has no excuse of not having a reference list in their research paper. Besides that, it’s very important to adhere to the writing style guidelines when one is developing the reference list. Hence, if you do not know how to write a reference list in different writing styles, seek online help immediately.

Clear Appendices

Appendices appear after the reference list of an individual. They include things like maps, images, or questionnaires that a student used to gather data for their research. In case one has appendices, it is crucial to label them correctly. Additionally, the labeling should be in a way that is straightforward to avoid confusing the reader. Appendices are very important in research papers because they help in validating the fact that one conducted research. Moreover, an appendix such as a questionnaire shows the audience the data collection tool one used in their research. Attaching the questionnaire also helps the reader to go through your questions and determine if the specific questions were relevant in collecting data on the subject of interest. For help with research writing and also how to insert appendices, do not hesitate to contact My Homework Writers.

Well Used Visual Elements and Diagrams

Research paper writing is not just about providing text. A student or researcher is also should use diagrams to support the statistics that they use. Uses of visual elements help the audience to easily compare and contrast some of the statistics that you could be providing. However, it is very essential to use relevant diagrams. Not all charts of graphs are effective in representing the figures you want. For example, in your research paper on gambling addiction, when giving information on the prevalence rate changes over the years, the best figure to use is a bar chart rather a pie chart. A pie chart is best for comparison and not effective in showing the trends. Thus, choose whatever visual elements you decide to use wisely. If you want online help with research writing, My Homework Writers is the best choice for you. We assure you quality online help.

Use of Accurate and Reliable Information

Since most research papers are used to give insight for either determining competent policies or strategies or identifying a course of action, it is important for the information to be accurate. To achieve this, a student is advised to use peer-reviewed sources of information to research for their work. Peer-reviewed sources eliminate any chances of the students passing on inaccurate information to their audience. Besides that, try and avoid the work of known controversial authors who use claims as arguments. Claims without proper support of evidence only make your work unreliable. In addition to that, to ensure the information you give is reliable, it is important to use accurate citations. Properly used citations do not promote plagiarism. Instead, they tend to support your points and arguments. This makes the readers to believe in your points more since they are well supported.

Are you looking for help with research writing on your research paper on gambling addiction? Well, My Homework Writers has good news for you. We are a writing service who have written multiple and original research papers on a daily basis. Among them, is the research paper on gambling addiction. Therefore, come acquire help with research writing from our professional research paper writers. We assure you high grades in your research paper on gambling addiction.

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