Write a dissertation on candide de voltaire

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Write a dissertation on candide de voltaire
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Write a dissertation on Candide de Voltaire.

Length: 3-4 pages, double spaced, twelve point (12 point font), Times New

Novel preferably.

Deadline: Wednesday May 6

Instructions: Include a bibliography page. Even if you only used one book, it must prepare a list of references following MLA style.

Possible topics:

the following questions are to help you find a topic for your essay. He … not

is absolutely not an answer.

1) Discuss the two essential sentences for the understanding of Candide: “all is well in

the best of all possible worlds “and” we must cultivate our garden “.

2) What message did Voltaire pass on in his philosophical tale? How does he do it pass ? Study the content and the form.

3) Show how Voltaire juxtaposes Leibniz’s Optimism with the world delivered to evil for Discred it him.

4) From a passage that you consider exemplary, study the irony and the comic elements that compose it. Show how they are used in Candide and talk about satirical allusions to the news.

5) Show the influence of Pangloss and that of Martin in the evolution of Candide.

6) Another subject of your choice.

 Please do not forget to mention the thesis in the introductory.

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