Wk 3 05/04/19 | Human Resource Management homework help

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Wk 3 05/04/19 | Human Resource Management homework help
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Continue with the scenario that you are the athletic director at Champ University, which is considering making the jump from Division II to Division I of the NCAA. As the athletic director, you will spearhead this momentous passage. Before you take your proposal to the University President and the Board of Regents, you realize you must do your homework and prepare your argument from all sides.

For this week’s assignment, conduct a SWOT analysis of Champ University’s athletic department and the possibility of moving from Division II to Division I.

Review the literature and example regarding how to conduct a SWOT analysis, what aspects are necessary to include in a SWOT analysis, and how this SWOT analysis will assist you in moving forward with your decision of moving divisions.

Remember that a SWOT analysis contains four elements: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Each element is just as important as the others. Be sure to highlight and develop multiple components within each category. It should be noted that when identifying and classifying relevant factors, the focus is not just on internal matters, but also external components that could influence the success of the athletic department and the university as a whole.

As always, you should discuss Champ’s mission, vision, values, and goals, and then reflect these in the university’s current or future plans. Be sure to explain why Champ University has been a successful athletic program and why it has the capacity to reposition itself as a Division I institution. Then, justify the strategies for advancement and expansion, and ways that a change of divisions could benefit the university and your athletic program. Be sure to also address any possible drawbacks of transitioning to Division I. Remember that bigger is not always better!

Research the requirements of a NCAA Division I institution and explain whether you think that Champ University has the ability to meet these standards.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Minimum of three to five scholarly resources

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