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Exam #2 Review Sheet


Exam 2 for this course will be on material related to social inequality, covering Chapters 8-10 in the Henslin textbook, plus the films A Class Divided, Race: The Power of Illusion, The Naked Truth of Advertising, and the articles “The Importance of Being Beautiful,” “The Five Sexes,” “Manning Up,” and “Muslims in America.” It will be comprised of definitions and application questions, multiple choice, true/false, short answer questions, and possible an essay. You are responsible for all material drawn from the assigned readings in the textbook, lectures, slides, films/film clips, and class discussions. Below, I’ve provided most of the key concepts we have covered since Exam 1.You are responsible for knowing what they are, examples and applications of them (I’m big on application of concepts vs. strict memorization of them), and how the concepts are related to each other. Much of the exam will ask you to APPLY the concepts (that is, moving beyond definitions) to examples from the readings, class discussions, and hypothetical scenarios.


Social Stratification

Caste System

Class System, Social Class

Social Mobility

The Power Elite

Property, Power, and Prestige

Income v Wealth

Horatio Alger Myth

Contradictory class location

Status Consistency, Inconsistency

Social mobility


Race, Ethnicity

Minority Group

Prejudice, Discrimination

Individual Discrimination

Institutional Discrimination







Halo/Horns Effect



·         Identify the principles of inequality. How do we see these principles at work in A Class Divided?

·         What are the various standards of equality discussed in your textbook?

·         What is the essentialist perspective on race and gender – What are the core tenets of this perspective? What evidence supports it and/or contradicts it?

·         What is the social constructionist perspective on race and gender – What are the core tenets of this perspective? What evidence supports it/contradicts it?

·         What is the process of gender construction?

·         What is gender stratification? What evidence is there in our course materials?

·         To what extent are gender inequality and the media connected (think about Assignment 2)?

·         According to the slides, what are some of the outcomes of the feminist movements?

·         What are concrete, empirical examples of racial inequality?

·         What determines social class according to Marx, Erik Olin Wright, Weber?

·         What does the evidence show us about the distributions of income and wealth in the US?

·         Why is social stratification universal according to a functionalist and a conflict perspective?

·         Be able to discuss the consequences of one’s class position. How does social class determine health (physical and mental), education, family, employment, crime, and politics?

·         How is the Horatio Alger myth functional for society?

·         What is social mobility? What did the Monopoly games show us about the role of luck, skills, and one’s social location in achieving social mobility?

·         What are the myths v realities of race in the textbook and in the film clip, Race: The Power of Illusion?

·         Broadly speaking, be familiar with the experiences of various race/ethnic groups as presented in the textbook in Chapters 9 and 13. Remember that White is a racial category.

·         Describe the research findings in the article “Muslims in America.”

·         Why are people prejudiced? What is the difference between individual and institutional discrimination?



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