Who are our english language learners? responds follow the guided

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Who are our english language learners? responds follow the guided
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Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers. Share additional insights gained from the readings and evaluate your classmate’s response in overcoming some of the negative implications of each dimension. Provide additional solutions to these issues. Please dont make the two responds long.






Melba Bledsoe 


How do dimensions of language, culture and status, and immigration contribute to the diversity of English language studies? The students differ in performance level and learning rate. They differ in ethnicity, culture and home language. By the time a child enters school they have absorbed many aspects of culture in which they were raised, such as language and beliefs. We can learn a lot from others whose experiences are different from ours. The ell population is not only culturally and linquistically diverse but also socialencomially diverse. Some students come from high levels of income and schooling and some from proverty and have little schooling. It is very hard and confusing not to be able to do the same as other classmates. Assessments are needed. Some of the negatives is the amount of time is real teaching time can be given and the other is the resourses needed in order to allow the teaching time to run well.


One of the activities that would help at the beginning to get to know each other is know about me. Teacher passes out clue cards with thing about each other.   Ask Me About


This activity gets a bit more on the personal level in that the conversation that comes out of the discussion amongst students is often deeper. In this activity, the teacher gives out cue cards to everyone. On the cards the students write 2-3 topics that they’re okay with discussing with their classmates. For example, ask me about: blogging, watching movies, and cooking Thai food. 


The conversations that come out of this activity are basic enough for ELL to understand and take part in, but they’re also deep enough to start forming their own relationships with other classmates. Working to build positive student-student relationships is also very important to foster in the classroom with ELLs, as these relationships impact their oral communication and social and interpersonal skills.






















The dimensions of culture, socioeconomic status, immigration, and language plays a significant role in English language learners. However, understanding the difference between all of the language learners can be extremely difficult at times. Culture are considered characteristic traits. Socioeconomic status is the academic and social experiences of students. Immigration has become a big issue in the United States for some time now. However, some immigrants are here legally and some are not. As educators we have to take necessary precautions to help students in this barrier of education.Language comes from communication. For the most part some students struggle with language barriers and social skills. English Language Learner indicates a person who is in the process of acquiring the English language. With all of the standards and testing that teachers have to conduct in the classroom, it’s important that we ensure a fair assessment for Language learners. When we assess this population, we must remember to separate language skills from content skills Duverger (2005). However, Students are not challenged enough in the classroom when it comes to engaging critically through oral or written work (Callahan, 2003; 2005). The importance of the issues goes beyond the sheer number of ELLs, however. It has been shown in numerous national studies and surveys that, on average, ELLs under achieve in comparison to their English-speaking peers in academic domains and that the achievement gap tends to increase the higher the grade level (e.g., Fry, 2007; Rumberger, 2007; McNeil et al., 2008).


Children comes from all way of life. The strategy I plan to welcome them with open arms. Most importantly, let them know I’m here to educate them and learn from them. Besides entering the classroom is not all about lesson planning and rules. I feel we as educators should make our children feel welcome.






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