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Most of us have probably heard or come across the term phrase western civilization. But what does western civilization exactly means? It refers to a number of cultures sharing some common cultural practices, cultural beliefs, philosophical foundations, and ideas.

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Basically, all the cultures usually have one common and unique heritage that is significant in the development of every culture. Being a popular subject, western civilization is one of the topics taught in history classes.

Learning how to write a western civilization essay is very important when it comes to history classes. You can as well choose to seek academic essay writing help to simplify your assignments. With My Homework Writers, you can always find any kind of help you need.

The Key Influence on Western Civilization

One essential thing to know about western civilization is the definition of concept sharing heritage and culture foundations. Therefore, what are the key foundations of western civilization? There are some key influences forming western civilization basis, it includes;

The Roman and Greek Influence

The first key influence on western civilization was the Romans and the Greeks. A few decades ago, the Greeks were the first to construct the urban center in the entire history of Europe. The Greeks also dedicated their whole lives to learning, philosophy, and art. At the same time, the Romans decided to join and help in codifying the urban center into a particular system. This system was later spread across the world.

The influence of Roman and Greek is evident in western civilization. Furthermore, western philosophy only focuses majorly on individuals, especially on personal power, reasoning, and logic. The Greeks first define such concepts believing that everything can be proven via empirical information and rational logic. Also, the mindset created a western civilization’s desire to prove and the trend to believe things which is the legitimate and true basis on the government and science prove.

Western Civilization and Renaissance

This all began when some of the Italian nations decided to distance and separate themselves from other northern nations. So the only possible way of achieving this was developing a history that was relatively separate from northern countries.

In the end, they came up with a history which commonly referred to as the Renaissance. This type of history created was achieved by borrowing various ideas from the Romans as well as the Greeks. Some of these ideals include mathematics, art, technology, and inventions.

This renaissance brought about a sense of the western civilization which was created out of the Romans and Greeks ideals. Also, it incorporated various ideas from Catholicism which was ruled by the pope in Italy. The ideas which they adopted aided in the separation of the civilization from the ideals. It involved worshipping other gods instead of the Catholic faith.

Western Civilization Essay Topics

The western civilization essay is a very wide subject. It also involves a number of innovative and interesting essay topics. So in order to write an outstanding western civilization essay, you need to consider wide the history involved is. Also, consider the ways that the relationship between various cultures across the world has changed everything we know today. Therefore, the following are some of the ideas topics to consider when writing an innovative western civilization essay;

  • The ways in which western civilization could be different if modern technologies had developed in the past century
  • The three current wars about the western civilization have beg effects on both social and political life
  • The elements of the ancient Roman and ancient Greece that we still witness today in most countries. Is it right to consider Roman and Greek the co-founders of today’s culture?
  • How western civilization is going to be viewed in the next century. Whether the bigger scope of western civilization can still form the main factor which determines its place across the universe
  • How the military and political history shapes the manner in which the universe perceives western civilization. Whether there can be an improvement in relations through policy change as well as the type of changes required

Negative Effects of Western Civilization in Africa


In Africa, there are so many different languages that people often speak. However, most of these native languages are slowly fading away. Usually, for one to secure a job, he/she should be able to speak in English and other additional languages. Today, most individuals focus on such western languages hence forgetting their own native language. This, in the end, makes their culture and religion of less significance.

Dressing Code

Western civilization is slowly destroying the mode of traditional dressing. For instance, in Africa, the traditional mode of dressing was shukas, animal skin, and kurta. But today, everything is completely different. This is because people are now wearing western clothing like t-shirts and jeans.

On the other hand, girls wear tops, short skirts, and other modern clothing. In Africa, nearly 30% of people are now wearing western clothing. Such changes in Africa result in a reduction in the significance of the culture among the individuals.

Food Consumption

The African traditions are continuously fading away. People have instead welcome openly the western types of food such as pizza, snacks, and burgers. Such foods are becoming common among the people such that they no longer have the interest to consume traditional food.

One major issue about these foods is that it contains a lot of fat which can cause obesity. There are some foods that either African culture or religions do not allow individuals to consume. But since the introduction of western foods, most Africans are losing respect for their culture and religion.

They are now eating forbidden food. This thus decreases the value of religion and culture as well as changing the lifestyle of the people. To make it worse, various western restaurants have been established in most of the countries in Africa.

Festival Activities

Western civilization is influencing the African festival activities in a number of ways. African practice a lot of traditions hence they celebrate festivals frequently. It can be initiation, marriage, and birth.

Due to western civilization, most Africans are no longer practicing their cultural festivals. Instead, they are now celebrating some of the western activities such as Christmas, New Year, and Halloween.

The People and their Lifestyles

Western civilization has brought a lot of changes in the lifestyle of many people. Apart from the traditional way of living, there is no other specific lifestyle among the Africans. However, since the introduction of western civilization, there have been a lot of changes in terms of lifestyle.

The respect between elders and young people, clothing, marriage rites, festival activities, family importance, and languages. Also, people are trying very hard to look like western people by undergoing plastic surgery. The African people are doing everything they can in order to be like the western.

On the other hand, western civilization is reducing lifestyle equality among Africans. In the past, one had to wear the right outfit when visiting the elders, attending various activities, and when going to the church.

Today people dress the way they want. For instance, you can find teenagers wearing modern clothing (t-shirts, jeans, and short skirts) when approaching the elders and even when in church. Also, the young people had a lot of respect towards the elders. But since the arrival of western culture, there is no more respect and the behaviors of individuals have changed completely.

How to Write a Western Civilization Essay

Writing an essay involving history is usually a task that requires both writing skills and academic knowledge. So if you intend to write a western civilization essay, you need to have a clear understanding of civilization history.

You should know the definition of the civilization essay you intend to write about. For example, it can be a series of events and the individuals who may have contributed to western civilization. It can either be in a negative or positive manner.

To make such type of an essay successful requires a lot of practice and preparation together with hard work. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from academic essay writing help. With such help, you can analyze the historical primary sources and structuring the essay with historical civilization included.

Website Sources

Usually, there are some websites offering guidance when it comes to writing a western civilization essay. Academic essay writing help is one of these websites. Here, you can find a number of materials with relevant information regarding western civilization.

You can also find the main and important points about the western civilization essay. With such points, therefore, you get an idea of what to include and how to write your essay. You can as well check the structure to use in relation to your topic.

Apart from the website help, you can seek guidance from your knowledgeable tutor who is capable of helping you. He/she can guide you on the relevant sources and the content to use when writing the western civilization essay.

Writing Skills and Knowledge

Your essay should base on the development course of western civilization. Similarly, it can just be an overview of western civilization together with your major view in mind. This is thus capable of persuading the readers about your skills and knowledge in both the essay and its topic.

On the contrary, you can discuss the contribution of various civilizations which led to the formulation and development of western civilization. For instance, tracing back the emergence of western civilization leads to ancient Egypt.

The knowledge and skills in mathematics by the people from Egypt brought about western civilization with scientific advancement. Therefore, the distinctive fields are a result of various sources, progressive steps, and the adoption of some traits and knowledge.

Lastly, you should understand the history behind western civilization. How it developed, its main roots, distinct philosophies, civilization, and the knowledgeable fields affecting the emergency. In general, western civilization is a relatively wide topic to deal with.

You should ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge before you begin writing the western civilization essay. Failure to present a clear understanding and knowledge in a more skillful manner cannot yield a successful western civilization essay.

Ways of Improving Writing Skills in Academic Essays

An academic essay or paper writing is a style that every student can learn to write. Once you understand the basics of drafting an essay, it becomes generally easy. An academic essay ought to have a solid thesis statement.

It should also have support with the relevant evidence. It can be the sources from your research or other types of sources. When it comes to research, there are some guidelines you need to follow. So by adhering to the academic essay writing principles, you can be able to write a successful and valuable essay.

Alternatively, you can seek academic essay writing help on how to write a western civilization essay. Therefore, the following are some of the ways of improving writing skills when it comes to academic essay writing;

Create an Outline

An outline enables you to know exactly what to include in the western civilization essay before you begin writing. One easy way of narrowing the thesis statement and developing an argument is by creating a basic structure. The basic outline of the western civilization essay contains a different element. It includes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Understand the Basic Style, Grammar, and Punctuation of the Essay

The style, grammar, and punctuation are very vital when writing an essay. Therefore, make sure that understand well the basic grammar and the right use of punctuations. Also, be very cautious when it comes to essay styling.

The Right Vocabulary Use

The manner in which you use your language in academic essay writing is very essential. Therefore, make sure that the vocabulary you are using is correct and relevant rather than big words with irrelevant meaning.

Know the Arguments and Analyze Well the Evidence

When writing the essay, you need to have the key argument at your fingertips. Sticking to the main arguments makes your essay understandable and less concise. In addition, all the points you write should have a connection between the argument and the topic.

Write a Good Conclusion to Support the Research

One area which most writers overlook is the concluding paragraph. This is because it links the entire research with the thesis statement. It should outline the main argument, evidence, as well as thesis statement.

Western Civilization Essay

western civilization essay



Today, speaking about equality among all the countries is very fashionable. Also, speaking about civilization and various methods of development or western civilization inferiority regarding different cultures is very common. The opinion depends on insufficient knowledge on the subject or different types of intellectual sadism that westerners were displaying.

The Body

Western civilization is a result of different features which exist in a particular culture for a very long time. Every time this culture was inherited by another civilization, it tends to become more different in terms of expression. First, it defined the emergence of the civilians of Greece.

Later, it was moved to the Romans who then transferred this manner of thinking to the current European territory. Incredibly, most of the countries took it and even carried it on. It characterized most of the nations of the mid-century and the European Renaissance, particularly in England. Lastly, it was transferred to the USA which is the need to make it one of the prominent and significant heirs.

The basis of the spirituality of the western civilization depends on individualism which assumes that the individual is far essential, unlike the crowd. It also depends on the progressive ideas and beliefs in the practical way of existence. The fact is that history has both the beginning as well as the end. Therefore, humanity is not just a piece of paper that drifts down by the flow of life. In fact, it is about an individual who has the ability to change his/her personality including everything around.


By taking a look at different forms of development in various cultures, we discover that sooner or later, they all ended their progress. They won’t even transfer until it stops, gets destroyed or other civilians alter with it.

Western civilization is completely different in a number of ways. For instance, its progress and development over time instill its spirit in various nations and spread on. Generally, western civilization is not all about connecting with the European nation but with every country which accepts its ideas.

In conclusion, western civilization essay is quite a wide term. It describes the culture, customs, social norms, values, and beliefs. Each and every culture has a common heritage which is essential in the development of a particular culture.

Therefore, writing a western civilization is very important especially in a history class. Since it tends to be one complex task for most students, you can always seek academic essay writing help. My Homework Writers offer such help to students stuck with their assignments. Make your order today!

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