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Week3 end | Law homework help
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While it will ultimately be up to the attorney to draft these documents, you should begin now by getting a feeling for what is involved. You will draft a proper will by using your state’s statutes, and it will include the stated requirements for a personal representative in your state. One thing you never want to do is become dependent on computer programs; as two people are not similar, two estate plans are not exactly the same. When and how a software program would help should be addressed.

Using your textbook and the requirements for a proper will in your state, draft a simple will for Mary Hunt. Do not use a computerized/software program to prepare the will. Draft it from scratch, although you may use the information in the textbook or in Lexis Advance forms as a guideline. Additionally, include only the statutory personal representative powers found in your state’s statutes. You may locate these at Lexis or the www.findlaw.com Web site. Here is the information you will need to draft the will:

Mary has two children:

David Hunt, 15 years old

Susan Hunt, 16 years old

Her sister, Caroline Fuqua will be the personal representative.

She wants to divide all the property she owns at the time of her death equally between her two children.

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