Week i(5) | Education homework help

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Week i(5) | Education homework help
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This homework assignment will consist of two parts: developing your curriculum vitae (CV) and writing a reflective paper. A CV is an expanded and more detailed version of a resume and is often the preferred document for fire investigators. If you are not familiar with the construction of a CV, you may want to research online or within your own workplace environment to find examples. If you have a current resume, that will be your starting point of reference from which you will create your CV. If you do not have a current resume, click here to access an example that can be used as a guideline in compiling the information for your own CV. After completing your CV, you are to write a one-page reflection that addresses the areas below. 1. Identify professional development opportunities you can pursue that will augment your CV and help you progress toward the job performance standards identified in this unit’s textbook reading (NFPA 1033 Matrix). 2. Include your analysis of how various professional fire organizations can assist in your development and training. 3. Reflect on how increased professional development will affect your role in future fire investigations, especially those involving death and injury. Your homework assignment will include your CV and your one-page reflection; however, both sections should be submitted as a single document with a title page.

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