Week 8 discussion – interviewing for your first admin job

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Week 8 discussion – interviewing for your first admin job
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Week 8 Discussion – Interviewing For Your First Admin Job

After completing this week’s Readings and Resources, respond to the following questions. 

The Sacramento County Office of Education’s Leadership Institute provides fantastic administrators for local schools. In this video (link below), Joanie Cunningham, Mary Helen Fitch, Marc Nigel and Mark Rickabaugh explain the best practices for applying for and interviewing for your administration position. 

As you watch this video that sets forth best practice in interviewing for your first position, choose one of the ideas this panel discusses and tell why you believe it is the most important for you to follow as you interview for your first position as a school executive. Why did you choose this particular idea? Why do you believe it will stand out to the person or persons with whom you will interview? 

Your initial responses are due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday and should be between 200-250 words. The initial posting should be a statement of your point of view on the question, supported by the required readings


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