Week 6 economic summary report

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Week 6 economic summary report
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Write a five- to six-page economic summary report (not including the title page) that presents the economic viability of the Lemonade Stand Business. As part of your report include an Income & Expense report and Balance Sheet. Also include all appropriate ratios.

Your paper must be formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Focus of the Summary Project

The report should focus on the interpretation of the accounting information (see Week Two), financial analysis (see Week Four), or economic opportunities (see Week Six).  Each report should include an updated income statement and balance sheet (plus other financial statements as appropriate).  The financial statements should be prepared in Excel and copied and pasted either into the main text of the report or into an appendix.  Your financial reports should be in the same format as the sample reports.   

Run the game yourself.  You are required to use your own results from playing the game.  The game is accessed through item 3 under Summary Projects.

A working knowledge of Excel is essential to your success in this class.  If you do not have experience with Excel it is suggested that you begin working through Excel tutorials so that you are ready for the week 2 assignments. 

In week two, four and six, you will post your income statement, balance sheet, and financial ratios (week four and six only) in the discussion forum but not your full written report.  Also, this is a way for you to test your opinion about your numbers with your fellow students and to get ideas on what numbers may be worth commenting on.  You will find it useful in your report to compare your numbers to those of your classmates or the sample data provided.  Assets must always balance with liabilities plus equity.  The Lemonade stand will always have liabilities because they carry a balance with the store.

Lemonade Game

Season Three Sample

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