Week 5 police writing assignment

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Week 5 police writing assignment
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Please separate each question with their numbers 1, 2. Each question should be 350 words each and 1 peer reviewed reference each.


Article that can be used:

Bad cops: A study of career-ending misconduct among New York City police officers

By Robert Kane and Michael White. 2009 American Society of Criminology. Criminology & Public Policy • Volume 8 • Issue 4


Question 1

Consider the following hypothetical situation: an officer observes a 14-year-old kid put three video games ($60 worth of merchandise) in their bag and walk out of a BestBuy. What should the officer do? Would your decision change if the officer observed a 14-year-old kid steal ~$60 worth of food? Why are these appropriate uses of officer discretion?



Question 2



In a hypothetical large, metropolitan city, an officer is caught stealing money from evidence after a large drug bust.  He informs IA that he and a group of officers on the drug squad have been routinely skimming money off their busts.  Discuss at least two influences on officer behavior that might have informed his decision to engage in this act. Discuss internal and external oversight mechanisms that might have failed to prevent the action, and how those mechanisms could be improved to prevent future corruption.  

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