Week 4 Discussion Assignments | Online Homework Help

Before starting the discussion you must read the following  Required Supplemental  Reading Material posted in Blackboard Lectures.

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Week 4 Discussion Assignments | Online Homework Help
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Week 4.a:  Social Media then and now


Week 4.b: Delivering Bad News

Delivering Bad News Communicating Well Under Pressure …https://www.svdpusa.org › Portals › Delivering Bad News

When you have read the above articles, you must :

Discuss (talk about) the reading material with your fellow students.  You can talk about what you learned from the articles; what you liked; what you did not like;  what the authors missed in their article; how the articles relate to your experience and so on. When I read your discussions I want to see evidence that you have actually read the material and that you truly understand what you read and how it applied to the real-world business environment.

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