Week 1 discussion exploring different types of assessments | EDU 645 Learning & Assessment for the 21st Century | Ashford University

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Week 1 discussion exploring different types of assessments | EDU 645 Learning & Assessment for the 21st Century | Ashford University
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Prior to beginning work on this discussion,

  • Read      Chapter 1.2: Purposes and Types of Assessment
  • Read      Chapter 5: Placement, Diagnostic, and Formative Assessment
  • Read      Chapter 6: Summative Assessment
  • Choose      one of the following websites or use Microsoft Word to create your      infographic for this discussion: 


As you read Chapters 1.2, 5, and 6 in your text, take notes that helps you identify the following:

  • What      are the four types of assessments?
  • What      are the purposes for each type of assessment? When are they typically used      in teaching?
  • What      are some specific examples of each type of assessment?

Write (Post Initial Response by Thursday, Day 3)

Complete the following:

  • Create      an infographic using one of the links provided in the “Prepare” section of      the discussion prompt. In your infographic, include the following (be sure      this is all in your own words, you are paraphrasing what you have read): 
    • A       description of each type of assessment: Placement, Diagnostic, Formative, and Summative
    • The       purposes for each type of assessment and when it is used within instruction
    • Two       to three examples of each type of assessment
  • Share your infographic by providing a link in the discussion thread or attaching  your Microsoft Word document. Double-check that your link accesses your  infographic.
  • Provide a reflection based on the following question: 
    • Which type of assessment (placement, diagnostic, formative, or summative) do you think is most important with regards to student learning? Provide specific reasoning for your choice by making reference to your readings.

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