Video.. question && paragraph assignment. read directions carefully!

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Video.. question && paragraph assignment. read directions carefully!
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Professor is very Analytical




a) Copy and paste the four quiz questions AND the reaction paragraph prompt onto a Word document (.doc or .docx).   

           Then answer each question underneath the question and type in the paragraph underneath its prompt.  Save your  

           document as Video # ___   and then attach it to the submission site.  Do not copy and paste it into the text box.  


           b) Heading – to be placed in the upper left hand corner of your document



                  Video Quiz/Reaction Paragraph  # ____ (1, 2, 3, or 4, etc. through 11)  

                  Name of Video selected


           c) Font: Use Arial, Calibri, or Comic Sans – do NOT use Times New Roman


           d) Spacing – You can single space your short answers, but DOUBLE SPACE THE REACTION PARAGRAPH to allow space for  

               your instructor’s comments.




Video #7

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdB1_KFOhnU (Links to an external site.)“Obama Breaks Down Why We Need Separation of Church and State”

Quiz Questions:  

1) Although the U.S. is still primarily a Christian nation, it is true that we are not entirely a Christian nation.  In light of this, what is one of Obama’s two major arguments for  reinforcing the separation between church and state?

2) What is Obama’s other major argument for reinforcing the separation between church and state?  

3)  What are the strengths of Obama’s points?  

4) Choose just one of the following questions to answer:

    a) Do you think there are any flaws in Obama’s perception of what separating church and state requires? 

    b) What do you think Obama may have meant by “misuses of faith”?

Paragraph Topic:

5) What are your own views on the separation of church and state?







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