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DATE PHYSIC02 MODEL QUESTIONS NAME Consider the following multi-stage graph of a rocket launch. Calculate the acceleration during the time intervals given below i. 0-1 second 1-4 second 4- 12 second + -Time 2. Describe the motion to right during the we interval A, B and C. Your answer must describe all of the following for each interval i Direction of motion ii. Speeding up or slowing down ill. Constant speed or constant acceleration Velocity tus, t-1.. -2. . 1969 3.

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Velocity Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Velocity of a ball of mass 10 kg thrown from the top of a hill is given in figure to the right. i. Calculate the acceleration for each time interval and describe the significance of this acceleration, ii. Using Newton’s law of motion and law of Gravitation derive an expression for acceleration due to gravity tas, VA 2 t- 4. Using mass and radius of planet Jupiter as 1.89 . 1027kg and 70000 km respectively: Calculate the acceleration due to gravity for an object of mass 1 kg on the surface of this planet. il. Using result from i. Calculate the period of swing for a pendulum of length 17 cm and mass 200 gm. ill. How will your result for il change if we replace with a 2000 gm pendulum? 5. Match the pairs i Newton’s Law of motion ii. Hooke’s Law iii. Law of gravitation iv. Kepler’s Law V. Impulse Momentum theorem T2 = KTP I = Ap F = -kx F = ma F = GMm

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