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BHR 4680-17K-4A19-S1, Training and Development
Unit VII
Unit VII Study Guide
Click the link above to open the unit study guide, which contains this unit’s lesson and reading assignment(s).
This information is necessary in order to complete this course.
Unit VII Discussion Board
Weight: 2% of course grade
Grading Rubric
Comment Due: Saturday, 03/09/2019 11:59 PM (CST)
Response Due: Tuesday, 03/12/2019 11:59 PM (CST)

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Unit VII Homework
Weight: 6% of course grade
Grading Rubric
Due: Tuesday, 03/12/2019 11:59 PM (CST)
In column 1, identify three different types of PAs that can be offered.
In column 2, analyze how the PA can be applied to a training effort.
In column 3, identify one type of training and one assessment tool for each PA that could be used
to identify training success.

In this homework assignment, you will develop a table on performance appraisals (PA) and how they
are applied to training.
Use bullet points in the table. APA is not required for this homework assignment.
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Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Weight: 8% of course grade
Grading Rubric
Due: Tuesday, 03/12/2019 11:59 PM (CST)

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Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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1. State the goal, which should identify what training content will be used and how it will be used.
a. The goal for this action plan is to assist managers with identifying how performance
appraisals are used to demonstrate the success of training efforts.
2. Include the strategies for reaching the goal including what the trainee must do, what resources
will be needed, and the type of support from managers and peers that will be necessary.
3. Include the strategies for receiving the feedback, which will be used to demonstrate the success
of the training efforts.
4. Define the expected assessment results and how the results can be used to improve training.
Design your presentation with the back of the room in mind. It is important that everyone can
easily see and read the content.
Select a professional-looking slide design appropriate for the presentation and audience.
White text on a dark background is the easiest for the audience to see.
Use a large font size.
Use color and graphics when appropriate. Illustrations should relate to the content being
discussed. Be creative.
Follow the 6 x 6 rule (i.e., use no more than six lines per slide and no more than six words per
Utilize the speaker notes function to add your talking points.
Bullet points work best on the slides.
Add slide transitions to enhance the audience’s experience.
CSU Online Library Research Guide
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Management Action Plan
An action plan is a written strategy used to achieve outlined goals. For the purposes of this
assignment, the action plan will be created using PowerPoint. An action plan includes the
components listed below, and you may refer to pages 229-230 in the textbook for additional
After the title slide, begin your action plan by stating the goal. Next, identify at least three strategies
for reaching the goal. Briefly explain your chosen strategies with supporting data in the speaker notes
section of the PowerPoint presentation. For the third part of the action plan, develop a 10-question
survey that could be used to demonstrate the success of the plan. Conclude your action plan with a
summary of the expected results and how the manager could use them to improve training.
This action plan should contain at least 12 slides. You must use at least two sources with one being
the textbook and the other being academic in nature from any database within the CSU Online
Library. Be sure to cite and reference sources using proper APA style.
Here are some general guidelines to follow when preparing your PowerPoint presentation.
Additionally, you may click here to view a tutorial created by the Writing Center, which provides tips
on developing good PowerPoint presentations.
Click here to view the transcript of the tutorial.
The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.

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BHR 4680, Training and Development 1
Course Learning Outcomes for Unit VII
Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to:
4. Examine performance appraisal information in order to obtain individual analysis data.
4.1 Analyze how performance appraisals are applied to training efforts.
6. Determine the type of evidence needed to demonstrate training program success.
6.1 Identify how performance appraisals are used to demonstrate the success of training efforts.
6.2 Examine how assessment results are used to improve training.
Learning Outcomes
Learning Activity
Unit VII Lesson
Chapter 10
Unit VII Homework
Unit VII Lesson
Chapter 10
Unit VII Homework
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Unit VII Lesson
Chapter 10
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Reading Assignment
Chapter 10: Social Responsibility: Legal Issues, Managing Diversity, and Career Challenges, pp. 442-481
Unit Lesson
When training needs are considered, there are a number of places where material can be obtained such as
performance appraisals (PAs), surveys, comment cards, question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions, production
data, and observations. Training demands can be due to soft skill or hard skill demands and mandatory or
non-mandatory requirements. In Chapter 10 of the textbook, the legal aspects of training are discussed,
including federal requirements and verification of training demands made by laws such as Title VII, the Age
Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These are considered hard skills and mandatory
requirements. Here is a brief summary of federally required training laws:
 Title VII covers race, color, gender, religion, nationality, and national origin discrimination;
 ADEA covers age discrimination;
 ADA covers disabilities; and
 HIPAA covers industry compliance with specific demands, health records information, financial and
banking data (Noe, 2017).
Note that training assistance can be provided by the federal government for the requirements made by the
laws above. Refer to the training partnerships section of the textbook on page 445 for more information.
According to Noe (2017), organizations are required by these laws and regulations to show that employees
have completed training and are actively applying it in day-to-day activities.
Careers and Career Management
BHR 4680, Training and Development 2
PAs are one of the known methods in assessing strengths and weaknesses within the day-to-day work ethics
of the employees (Noe, 2017). The documented results of the appraisals are used to further develop and
manage talent within the organization.
In the development process, the feedback from the PA can be used to formulate a plan of improvement. It can
also assist the employee and employer in building the needed skills to reach the next level of progress from
the organizational, personal, and task perspectives.
The information obtained from the PA is derived from the responses to various questions based around the
goals and objectives of the organization. In the PA, you will have Q&A options available for selection. The
answer options are usually in the form of raters, as listed below.
1. = Unsatisfactory
2. = Does not meet expectations
3. = Successful/Meets expectations
4. = Exceeds expectations
5. = Outstanding
A PA can consist of structured or open-ended questions or both. Of the two, structured questioning is the best
option for consistency and accuracy in addressing the needed areas of focus. Some key question areas to
focus on are listed below:
1. attendance and punctuality (e.g., time management),
2. communication skills,
3. job knowledge,
4. planning and organization,
5. problem-solving,
6. productivity,
7. quality, and
8. core values/diversity and inclusion (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2017).
A sample line of questioning is shown below.
 What areas need improvement, training, and development?
 What type of future training efforts would you like to see offered?
 Can you specify areas of improvement for the organization?
By being as specific as possible in the development of a PA, it allows the results to be used in identifying and
developing needed training efforts for enhanced organizational improvement and more involved employee
talent management.
Training and development is the avenue used to improve organizational effectiveness and to train employees
to meet current and future demands. As previously discussed in other units, training can be conducted by
internal representatives, such as a human resources (HR) manager, director, or department, and external
representatives, such as private subject-matter expert (SME) consultants or federal government
Why Evaluate Training?
According to the Kirkpatrick Partners (2016), training is evaluated to identify the effectiveness of the training
program. In the process of evaluating, you want to consider some specifics such as the gained improvements
and enhancements, training department needs and allotted budget, and whether to continue or terminate the
training effort. Training evaluation is important to determine the need and success of the training.
BHR 4680, Training and Development 3
Regardless of who conducts the training, the training efforts must be effectively identified, developed,
implemented, and assessed for the best end results. Just as the PA is used to identify needed training, the
training itself must be properly assessed to determine the success of the training provided. Training can be
assessed by conducting a survey or through improved work performance updates, checklists, and
assessments such as pre- and post-tests. When pre- and post-testing is used, you are able to immediately
identify the change in knowledge that resulted from the training; therefore, effectiveness of a training session
can be determined for future changes and enhancements to the training.
An assessment is one of the methods used to determine the success of a training session. The assessment
can be in the form of fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, true or false, or short-answer questions. In most cases,
you will see a combination of the four used within an assessment. It is recommended to incorporate
structured questioning and open-ended options as well. In addition, be sure to include a comment section to
collect more data that may not have been addressed by the structured line of questions or the open-ended
option. You can also use a rating method for determining the success of training. A rating method is where
certain questions are presented that evaluate training elements such as training relevance, style of delivery,
quality of the material, and overall effectiveness. The raters are listed below.
Example 1:
1 = Unsatisfactory
2 = Does not meet expectations
3 = Successful/Meets expectations
4 = Exceeds expectations
5 = Outstanding
Example 2:
Low High
1 2 3 4 5
Example 3:
1 2 3 4 5
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Agree Strongly Agree
Nor Disagree
Example 4:
Yes No Maybe
Note that you should be sure to explain the rating scale to the participants.
Below, you will find sample questions that can be used in the evaluation (Kirkpatrick Partners, 2016).
1. Did the subject matter meet your needs or interest?
2. Did you understand the objectives?
3. Were the objectives properly identified?
4. Was the course material well organized?
5. Did the style of delivery meet the demands of training (e.g., ratio of lecture to discussion)?
6. Was the material easy to navigate?
7. Would this material be used in your everyday work duties and responsibilities?
8. Did the facilitator demonstrate a clear understanding of the material?
9. What would have made the training session more effective?
10. Was the lighting and was the temperature adequate?
Keep in mind that the line of questions should be trainer- and learner-specific, which can be grouped together
according to assessment categories (i.e., trainer, training delivery, facility, and subject matter). The results of
BHR 4680, Training and Development 4
the evaluation can be used to assess the training success. You will find that organizations will opt to use
electronic testing or surveying for effectiveness in the assessment process for easier assessment
development and faster calculations of the results. By using an in-house survey option, you are opting to gain
more control and freedom in administering and reporting the results. It is more cost-effective compared to
using an external source with no organizational control.
Training is a collaborative group effort, where benefits are provided by the stakeholders, SMEs, and
participants to be successful in the process (Kirkpatrick Partners, 2016). The training success evidence can
be identified using a number of methods. The methods can depend on the organization and what specific
data are desired.
Kirkpatrick Partners. (2016, October 27). How do I get started with evaluation? [Video file]. Retrieved from

Noe, R. A. (2017). Employee training and development (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.
Suggested Reading
In order to access the following resources, click the links below.
These articles discuss the legal issues associated with training and identify the career challenges with a
multigenerational workforce.
Dear Workforce how do we measure the effectiveness of training consultants? (2007, September). Workforce
Magazine. Retrieved from http://www.workforce.com/2007/09/13/dear-workforce-how-do-wemeasure-the-effectiveness-of-training-consultants/
When HR and legal worlds collide. (2013, January). Workforce Magazine. Retrieved from
Federal assistance is available for certain training requirements. The following is a resource for inquiring
about and requesting federal training assistance. This service is at no cost to the employers; however, it is on
a limited basis and is offered with other community organizations and other members of the general public.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (n.d.). Outreach, education, & technical assistance.
Retrieved from https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/outreach/index.cfm
Learning Activities (Nongraded)
Nongraded Learning Activities are provided to aid students in their course of study. You do not have to submit
them. If you have questions, contact your instructor for further guidance and information.
The learning activities below create the opportunity to apply your knowledge. Each of the activities introduces
topic material from Unit VII. You may complete one or all of the assignments below, which can be found in
your textbook.
1. Application Assignment #2, page 483
2. Application Assignment #5, page 483
3. Application Assignment #6, page 483

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