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Unit 8 db | Education homework help
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This final discussion board closes on Friday 11:59 PM.

The second NAEYC standard for the Preparation of Early Childhood Professionals is Building Family and Community Relationships. According to this standard, “Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs understand that successful early childhood education depends upon partnerships with children’s families and communities. They know about, understand and value the importance and complex characteristics of children’s families and communities. They use this understanding to create respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families, and to involve all families in their children’s development and learning.”

Read/watch all of the unit Readings and Resources as you prepare your initial response.  Make sure to reference at least one of the unit videos and NAEYC’s principles of effective family engagement in your post. In your discussion post, explain in your own words one of the following critical concepts presented in the unit: 

a. family protective factors, 

b. effective family engagement strategies,

c. families are children’s first teachers and advocates or

d. the importance of community-school relationships in support of children and families.

Your explanation should include an example that demonstrates the application of the concept based on the knowledge you have acquired regarding the concept and your professional and/or personal experience.

In your three responses to peers and/or instructor, expand upon one idea discussed and share examples from your own professional and/or personal experience about the concepts your classmates contributed in your instructor/peers’ posts.

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