Undercover with terrorist organization | Law homework help

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Undercover with terrorist organization | Law homework help
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Directions: Read the prompts below and formulate a response of at least one page in length for each question. 


1.      In terrorism investigation there are three kinds of undercover projects: (1) limited contact, (2) semi-deep undercover, and (3) deep cover operations. Give your understanding on these three methods and when each is appropriately utilized.


2.      What are the many roles of the handling officer in deep undercover?


3.      As you have learned in this module, technical investigative techniques (tapes, films, videos, photographs, pen register, wiretaps, etc.) invade the personal and private lives of suspects and are only used when other techniques have been used and failed. Give your opinion on this.


4.      Name and expand on the ways in which an undercover operation would be different than most approaches that are routinely used to solve crimes. Why must it be a totally different kind of investigation?


5.      The primary reason for using the investigative review technique in a criminal case is to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. Terrorism investigations are different from routine criminal matters. In a short essay, cover the following concepts:

a.   define “normal” criminal violations. Compare “normal” criminal violations to “terrorist” criminal violations.

b.   “If the case was initially approached from a criminal perspective, it is possible that terrorist suspects were never considered as perpetrators. Why or why not?

c.   “How would you handle witnesses in a terrorist investigation that might have been interviewed 18 months or so previously?





Directions: Explain why the investigation of terrorism most benefits from undercover operatives and techniques that are not as successful in “normal” investigations.


Your paper should be 1 page in length, citations, references, formatting should be in accordance with APA guidelines. 

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