The 10 Types of Essays | Essay Writing Tips

Students tend to get lost from all the numerous and diverse types of essay assignments. It is because they are yet to understand the various types of essays and useful essay writing tips.

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The 10 Types of Essays | Essay Writing Tips
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Whether a student is in high school, college, or university, they will have to deal with essay writing for the better part of their assignments. The tasks themselves are pretty easy to nail. However, since most students lack knowledge of the most popular types of essays and helpful essay writing tips, these tasks become problematic. Throughout your education journey, you are likely to encounter various types of essays. In this guide, we will help you recognize the ten most popular types of essays to help write them in a better fashion. They all test different skills and knowledge, which we will discuss. When you understand what they are, and the secret essay writing tips to adopt, it will be much easier to write them.

The Ten Most Popular Types of Essays

Over time, students have suffered from writing numerous and a variety of essays. Despite the huge exposure to essay writing, you will still find students struggling to understand what piece they wrote and which type it is. We would want to believe it is because they forget or merely they have learned various types of essays. However, in the real sense, students confuse these pieces because they overlook the concept of the diverse types of essays. Thus, you will find them confusing persuasive papers with argumentative ones, or process essays with the definition pieces. Let us put an end to all this confusion by looking at the ten most popular types of essays. Here they are:

Descriptive Essays

As the name suggests, descriptive essays require writers to describe a specific event, person, or object. It means that in such writing, a writer will have to paint a clear word picture about what they are describing. Descriptive essays do not limit writers to facts only. Instead, students can express their experiences. However, it has to relate to what they are describing and be written in the same way you experienced it. Descriptive essays aim at showcasing the features of an event, object, individual, or subject. It is possible if a student is thorough in their writing and leave no stone unturned. So, give as many details as possible about what you are describing. Nonetheless, ensure that you are not vague and write numerous redundant sentences.

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Tips on How to Write Descriptive Essays

People tend to underestimate the tricky aspect of descriptive essays. There is more to these tasks than a mere description of an experience. You still have to remember it is an essay and have to meet the purpose of an essay in this writing. Here are a few tips to help you write these pieces:

· Understand the prompt before you start telling the reader about your experience. You have to ensure that you comprehend what the question requires of you to avoid giving an experience contradicting the prompt.

· Play with the human senses in your writing. These are the sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. They will help bring your concept to life.

· Use descriptive terms such as lavish, tenacious, courageous, and so on to spice up your writing.

Definition Essays

Again, as the name suggests, definition essays require students to define the subject in question or tell the reader what something is. Definition essays are tasks that are mainly assigned to students needed to develop content from philosophical or abstract themes. When we look at a definition of a term, for example, it tends to be brief. Students have used this reasoning to justify that definition essays, too, have to be short. However, this is false. These pieces tend to discuss more complex subjects or concepts, meaning that the details are numerous. Thus, you cannot limit such writing to a few lines. A writer must draw content from the entire concept of the subject is and stick to it.

Tips on How to Ace Definition Essays

If you want to get a good grade when writing a definition essay, then here is what you need to do:

  • Work with a draft. It is crucial to work with an outline during definition writing because these tasks tend to follow a specific format. There are few chances of you messing up if you use such an overview.
  • Make your arguments clear. Only stick to providing relevant material and in a straightforward manner. If not, you fall victim to being repetitive, redundant, and vague.
  • Remember to use the typical 5-paragraph format. However, you can switch up this structure if you have more arguments or if your instructor asks you so.
  • Remember to mention the advantages and disadvantages of what you are defining in your writing.

types of essays

Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays are quite different from the defined descriptive or definition pieces. When a student is assigned a compare and contrast essay, they are given two similar-seeming yet different subjects to evaluate. The trick in these pieces is determining how these two subjects are similar and how they differ. In most instances, most writers end up submitting this task without identifying the differences between the two despite them being present. When writing these pieces, there are specific things a student needs to do. One is to understand the subject or topic. The second aspect is to see the connection and the differences in the two cases, events, places, objects, or individuals. Once you discover these two elements, then the writing phase becomes pretty straightforward.

Writing Tips when Tackling a Compare and Contrast Essay

It can take students ages to compile excellent and accurate content for a compare and contrast piece. However, it can take a shorter period if you implement the following tips:

  • Choose two subjects that you can easily compare and contrast. You do not have to have tackled them before. However, they do have to share some similarities and depict differences.
  • Research widely to gather content. You have to dig deeper into various academic resources to attain more than the apparent similarities and differences.
  • Let your work have a point of discussion. You cannot list the similarities and differences of something without a goal. Always have a reason for why you are comparing and contrasting the subjects.

Cause and Effect Essays

Although the definition of cause and effect essays may seem self-explanatory, it is quite a challenge to most students. Students, especially those who have never tackled such pieces before term these assignments as quite complicated. However, after understanding what they are, they quickly change their assumption. Cause and effect essays are types of writing that focus on two elements. One is the cause or the root of the outcome, and two is the effect or the results. It, therefore, means that in such writing, a student will have to discuss these two concepts.

Similarly, an individual will have to show how the cause is resulting in the effect. A single cause can have several effects. Thus, exhaust your research to identify all the effects of your cause.

Key Essay Writing Tips to Adopt in Cause and Effect Essay Writing

When you are writing your cause and effect essay, you must keep the following in mind:

  • Have a purpose. You need first to determine why you are writing the cause and effect essay. Your goal might be to inform or persuade.
  • Focus on discussing the direct or immediate effects and causes. If you were to dig further into a subject, you might identify other indirect causes and effects. Choosing the indirect causes can make you shift further away from the prompt.
  • Always support your content with concrete evidence. You can use facts and statistics, or any other type of evidence that justifies your points.
  • Be specific in your writing by using brief and precise statements.

Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are on the list of some of the most popular types of essays that students have written over time. However, simply because they have written such pieces does not mean that they are straightforward tasks to most of them. A significant number of students still struggle with narrative essay writing. The hardest part is being imaginary and creative in writing. It may seem pretty easy, like telling a story, which in the real sense it is. When writing narrative essays, try and pick an interesting topic that broadens your creative capacity. On the other hand, if the case has been assigned, try and approach it from either an imaginary or real angle that makes it worth reading.

Useful Tips on How to Write a Killer Narrative Essay

If you like creative writing, then it means that you have to ace narrative essays. Here is some advice that can help improve your narrative writing process:

  • Choose an enticing topic. There are many essay writing topics that you can choose from. Go for the one that you are passionate about and can comfortably tackle.
  • Do not use the second-person narrative. The very best narrative essays tend to be written in the first person.
  • Keep your ideas and language clear. The more complex your ideas and terms are, the more challenging it is for the reader to get your message.
  • Use active voice. However, ensure you do not sound too clinical to the point that you start generating passive statements.

Process Essays

By looking at the name of this task, you can get a brief idea of what these tasks entail. Process essays are pieces that have a step by step explanation of how something works, occurs or is done. The trick with this type of assignment is not on the topic but instead the steps. A student has to give a detailed and accurate order of how that thing operates. If not, they miss out on the entire concept of writing the process essay. Since most individuals struggle with this task, essay writing services have been established to help them out. My Homework Writers is an essay writing service that you can trust to provide you with an accurate well crafted, and organized process essay

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Essay Writing Tips under Process Essays

Here are a few tips you can consider the next time you are writing a process essay:

  • Always start with research. Research your topic as well as your intended audience.
  • Choose a topic that involves a process or instruction.
  • Create an outline before the actual writing. Working with an overview in such a task will help you stick to the process and define it accurately.
  • Divide the process essay content into simple steps.
  • Discuss each step in detail and with examples. It will make your process more practical and useful.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are perhaps some of the challenging essay assignments ever assigned to students. However, they are excellent tasks if at all one understands their argumentative topic. An argumentative essay tends to explain a writer’s opinions on a specific point of view. These opinions are accompanied by justifications of why they believe they are right or their viewpoint is more significant. It can be one of the most excellent types of informative essays, if at all, one uses the platform adequately to inform their audience. Most students are scared off by the seemingly daunting and unsolvable topics of this task. It makes the homework more stressful and daunting. Trust with these assignments and get authentic, quality, and plagiarism-free argumentative essays.

Useful Advice When it comes to Argumentative Essay Writing

Here are some pointers you should look at before you start tackling your argumentative essay assignment:

  • Research your topic. You have to attain content that solidifies your stand and can sway your audience to take your stand.
  • Also, include and rebut possible counter-arguments. You can look at excellent essay writing examples under argumentative writing to understand how to frame and rebut these counter-arguments.
  • Use only accurate and relevant evidence to support your arguments. Falsified information used as justifications can reduce your argument’s credibility.
  • Work with a draft. It will help you prioritize your arguments. Similarly, it will help in crafting your points in chronological order. It will also ensure that you support each idea with valuable and adequate proof.

Critical Essays

When students are assigned critical essay assignments, their initial reaction is to criticize the subject in question to the core. However, criticizing the issue does not mean that is what should be done in a critical essay. Critical essays merely require students to evaluate the subject in question critically. Although unknowingly, most students have evaluated various subject sin their lives critically. For example, they may have critically analyzed their favorite movie and can give a detailed account of it. The same critical evaluation you used in your film is what is required in a critical essay. The only thing that changes is the topic. However, you can be lucky enough to be assigned a critical essay with a movie theme.

Critical Essay Writing Tips

You no longer have to worry about writing excellent critical essays. All you have to do is take note of the following advice:

  • Have a clear argument and ensure that you accurately present it in the introduction.
  • Avoid using statements that are entirely made up of a quote. Try to be imaginary and bring in an interpretive element in all your sentences.
  • Avoid repeating apparent details. For example, if it is the case of a movie, avoid reminding your audience about the plot. Your goal is to interpret the movie details and not summarize it.
  • Use transition words in your content. Examples of transition words include more so, nonetheless, similarly, first and foremost, and the likes.

Expository Essay

Expository essays are other types of essay writing tasks that are quite popular in most institutions. They merely require students or writers to gather up facts about the topic in question and later interpret them. It is not easy to do, especially if you have never diagnosed content before. At times, the task can leave you evaluating everything you know about essay writing. It can even leave you asking yourself, ‘what is essay?’ Such doubt is okay. However, it should not consume you. Therefore, research your expository essay topic and first understand what it entails. Ensure you are using credible sources to draw your facts. After that, analyze each point and then interpret the findings.

types of essays

Expository Essay Writing Tips

Expository essay writing can be flawless and smooth if you take heed to this advice:

  • Research widely. Make sure you are using peer-reviewed and verified sources. These include materials like journal articles, online databases, books, eBooks, and so on.
  • Come up with a thesis statement. The thesis statement shows the main argument relating to the topic of your essay.
  • Ensure the content in each paragraph provides evidence that aligns with your thesis statement.
  • Discuss each idea in its paragraph. Mixing ideas in one section will only bring confusion to your work.
  • Use correct citations in your work. The references must be in the instructed formatting style.

Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays are, in most cases, confused with argumentative essays. In a way, the two are similar, but not quite the same. An argumentative essay focuses on providing people with facts. However, a persuasive piece has a softer appeal since it focuses on emotions and trying to persuade people to believe your stand. Writing a persuasive essay is more or less being in the feet of a lawyer presenting a case before a jury. Your goal is to persuade or convince them to believe your stance based on the information you are providing them with. A writer can choose either a “for” or “against” stand in their persuasive essay. Whatever stand they take, they must ensure that they strive to convince the reader to accept their point of view.

Tips on How to Write Brilliant Persuasive Essays

The following tips can help you ace your persuasive essay assignment:

  • Research and come up with irrefutable proof of why your point of view is correct. Your persuasion power in writing is acquired from providing real and concrete evidence.
  • Research your audience and understand their perspective. Try and determine if the reader is undecided or inclined to favor one side over the other.
  • Tell the reader why your point of view or opinion is correct and also why the opposing view is incorrect.
  • Pick a stand and let your readers know from the word go what your point of view is.
  • Have a clear thesis statement in your introductory paragraph.
  • Start your opening paragraph with a hook sentence.

Universal Essay Writing Tips

‘How can I improve my essay writing skills?’ ‘How can I practice essay writing?’ ‘How do you write a good essay?’ These are questions you have possibly seen numerous times online. Well, here are a few universal essay writing tips you can adopt in any essay. We have classified them into various segments. They will help you learn how to write better essays, how to write a university essay, and even essay writing tips for interview you can adopt.

The Introduction

Most people wonder how to write an essay introduction quickly and without any difficulties. Here are some tips to make this a reality:

  • Study different types of hooks for essays and use one relating to the piece you are writing.
  • Be clear on what your main argument is. The clarity is brought about by using the thesis statement.
  • Use appealing yet straightforward language to captivate the reader’s attention. You can try and look up exciting synonyms, phrases, and idioms to give your opening that it factor.

The Body

  • Have a specific structure and ensure that each paragraph discusses one point.
  • After writing a paragraph, read it once more to ensure it makes sense.
  • Use short, simple, and varied intonation sentences.

The Conclusion

  • Restate the thesis statement.
  • Do not introduce any new ideas.

Do you need help learning the various types of essays and essay writing tips that can make these tasks easier? If so, then contact My Homework Writers to view different types of essays worksheets. We are one call away from putting an end to your essay writing problems.

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