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401(k) Contribution 6% 20% Fed Tax State Tax 5% 2% Local Tax 6.20% OASDI 1.45% Medicare $100 Health Insurance Payroll Register Withholdings Total Hours Rate ROSS PAY Withhold Deductions al Reg. Potal O.T. Pabursements Rate ROSS PAY Use the attached Excel spreadsheet to complete the payroll register for all employees.

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Total Gross Pay Assignment | Top Universities
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1) Adjust the width of each column so that the column heading shows. 2) Add formulas to calculate the following information for each employee: Total Regular Pay (column R) Total OT Pay (column S) Gross Pay (column V) 401(k) Contribution (column W) FED Tax (column X) STATE Tax (column Y) Local Tax (column Z) OASDI (column AA) Medicare (column AB) Health Insurance (column AC) Net Pay (column AD) the sum of all hours except OT hours x the pay rate Total Regular Pay Total OT Pay (overtime) =OT hours x pay rate x 1.5 Gross pay Total Regular Pay + Total OT Pay gross pay x 401(k) contribution % found in cell AH4 401(k) Contribution FED Tax= gross pay x Fed Tax % found in cell AH5 STATE Tax = gross pay x State Tax % found in cell AH6 Local Tax = gross pay x Local Tax % found in cell AH7 OASDI gross pay x OASDI % found in cell AH8 Medicare = gross pay x Medicare % found in cell AH9 the amount found in cell AH10 (use a formula to put this amount in column A Health Insurance each employee) Net Pay = Gross pay-the sum of all the deducted amounts In cell U16 type the word Totals. 3) In cells V16 through AD16, enter formulas to calculate the total amounts in each column 4) total gross pay, total 401(k) contributions, etc.) Get Accounting Homework Help Today

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