Topic: preferred type of grant management

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Topic: preferred type of grant management
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 Topic: Preferred Type of Grant Management

Read the entire resource document Managing Grants by Dr. Gary Crum, including Appendices One, Two, and Three (Appendix Four is optional, though highly recommended). Follow any Internet links suggested and review the first page that appears at the link. If a link is out-of-date or otherwise not viewable, move to the next one since the links are not part of the required activities. Then, answer the following question in 450–500 words:

Which grant would I rather manage (from a grant manager’s standpoint, not your personal desire to be a school teacher or a Texan, for instance), and why:

A. A Coca-Cola local plant’s foundation grant for $20,000 to start a class at a local high school on health career selection. The school is already on board, a teacher is available, and you have a year to plan the class. Students will be required to take the class. An extensive evaluation process will need to be developed to make sure the class is having some effect. You would have a staff helping you composed of one secretary, plus the teacher. Or . . .

B. A federal grant to develop a highway for Eastern Louisiana. The highway would be two lanes and stretch for 150 miles through a swampy land. It would cost $100,000,000 and take ten years. You would have a staff of two hundred people, including highway engineers, experienced federal grant experts, etc., plus construction subcontractors with many staff and much equipment.

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