Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays | Free Essay Samples

Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays | Free Essay Samples

Any student seeking to win scholarships are perhaps aware of the fact that most of them require application essays. For this reason, students can use tips for writing scholarship essays. Students that aspire to win scholarships for whatever reason should know how to write application essays that persuade their respective selection boards. An application essay should convince the selection board that you are the most suitable candidate for receiving the funds available.

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Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays | Free Essay Samples
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When done right, scholarship essays are an effective window for students to welcome selection boards into their unique worlds. A well-written scholarship application essay gives the readers a sense of the applicant as a dimensional person, i.e. factors beyond what good test scores can reflect. Tips for writing scholarship essays come in handy as they help students showcase their unique voice, tones and overall personality.

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Besides these services and much more, students can also take advantage of the well-curated scholarship essay checklist. This checklist should help you write articulate essays that drastically enhance your chances of winning more college funding.

How Do You Write a Good Scholarship Essay?

It should come as no surprise that most students seeking to write successful scholarship application essays conduct plenty of research on tips for writing scholarship essays. If done well, scholarship essays present excellent chances for students to express who they are beyond good GPA scores. Scholarship committees use scholarship essays to determine which applicant deserves to win the money the most.

Considering that the average scholarship committee goes through thousands of essays during any given application period, it helps to make your application stand out. Below are some basic tips for writing scholarship essays:

  • Plan your application in advance
  • Know your audience
  • Answer the prompt according to the instructions
  • Choose a topic you are genuinely interested in
  • Write a captivating introduction
  • Adopt a good structure
  • Use a positive, inspirational tone and real-life examples
  • Proofread

How Do You Start a Scholarship Essay?

Many students that search for tips for writing scholarship essays also happen to be curious about how to start a scholarship essay introduction. One useful tip for students that struggle with starting their scholarship application essays is that they should consider including statements or quotes that relate to their target course. By including a statement or quote, they can, later on, link it to the main body of the application letter.

Whenever students express a broad aptitude and knowledge in their target subjects, they greatly enhance their chances of convincing the scholarship committee that they are the best candidate for receiving the college funding.

How Long Should Scholarship Essays Be?

In most instances and according to most tips for writing scholarship essays, a scholarship essay should be 500 words or less. A scholarship application essay within this range of words makes it a lot easier for scholarship evaluation committees to review thousands of submissions. This range also ensures that applicants remain within their relative topics.

Why You Deserve a Scholarship Essay Examples

Among the most popular scholarship essay questions that scholarship institutions ask applicants is “why do you deserve this scholarship?” For most students, answering this question can be an uphill task because they are cautious about coming across as too greedy or needy. In this regard, students should strive to make their application essays stand out from their competitors while remaining appreciative and humble. At My Homework Writers, you can access a scholarship essay sample about “why I deserve the scholarship” and scholarship essay examples about yourself.

Below, we provide tips and a sample essay on “why I deserve the scholarship.”

Tips for Writing a “Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?” Essay

Explain How the Scholarship Money Would Influence Your Long Term Goals

A scholarship application is essentially a request by an applicant to a scholarship committee to invest in his/her future. Naturally, scholarship committees want to make sure their investment goes towards a worthwhile cause. Therefore, as an applicant always illustrate how your education will influence your career and long-term goals post-graduation.

Emphasize the Purpose of the Scholarship

During the entire essay writing process, always bear in mind what you want the scholarship for and where the scholarship money comes from. Tailor your essay to the nuances of the scholarship to make it resonate with the scholarship committee.

Never Shy Away from Promoting Yourself

This could be your only shot at telling the scholarship committee about who you are and why you deserve the funding. Illustrating all your past successes will make them confident in you, your abilities and your likelihood to succeed in future.

When Mentioning the Obstacles in Your Life, Emphasize How You Overcame Them

Coming across as an effective problem solver could greatly enhance your chances of winning the scholarship. This aspect reveals your ability to persevere through any difficulties that come your way. Therefore, mention any noteworthy difficulties you experienced in the past, but place even greater emphasis on the actions you took to overcome them.

Sample “Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?” Essay

I believe I deserve the scholarship your institution offers because of my record of accomplishments as an effective problem solver. Over the past two years in my capacity as student council president, I assisted my school’s library to reorganize itself to better suit the needs of today’s students. Together with the school’s library staff, I was able to categorize books in ways that reflect current school subjects. I intend to implement a similar leadership mindset to earn my business degree with a focus on project management.

Ultimately, I aspire to work in construction management. I believe this career option will enable me to enhance efficiency in low-income housing development. Using my needs-based grants and this scholarship, I believe I can pursue a business degree and solve problems in my community and beyond after graduation.

How Do You Write a Winning Essay?

All the useful tips for writing scholarship essays greatly intertwined with information on how to write a Winning Essay. Read on to discover how you can write your very own Winning Essay.

  1. Read and understand all the prerequisite instructions for writing your respective scholarship essay.
  2. Define and understand the audience of your scholarship essay.
  3. Before you begin the writing process, brainstorm to gather all plausible ideas.
  4. Choose an appropriate topic to write about.
  5. Structure your essay as follows:
  • Introduction – Begin your essay with a captivating introduction. Make sure you introduce the essay with an attention-grabbing first sentence. Follow this sentence with a brief explanation of what you intend to discuss in the essay and a thesis statement that addresses the essay prompt directly.
  • Body – Ideally, you should adopt a three-paragraph body. However, you can include a fourth paragraph if necessary. Each of your body paragraphs should discuss a single point that links to your topic. If possible, you can choose to illustrate Such points using Examples or mini-stories.
  • Transitions – Having articulate content is utterly useless without transitions. Using quality transitions between all paragraphs will help enhance the flow of your entire essay.
  • Conclusion – Ideally, the conclusion should be your final paragraph. In your conclusion, wrap the entire essay up by re-emphasizing how you addressed the essay prompt while discussing important lessons and the core values of your audience.

How Do You End a Scholarship Essay?

In the tips for writing scholarship essays at My Homework Writers, there are several ways students can end their scholarship essays. Some of them include:

Ending the Conclusion with a Dialogue

The most common forms of dialogues for ending scholarship essays are words of admiration from characters in the story, e.g. teachers, parents or mentors.

Ending The Essay With Action

Depending on your essay, you can choose to leave it open-ended, to create room for the reader to think about you.

Ending the Essay with a Description

This is a self-explanatory way of ending an essay. In this option, provide a vivid description of whatever phenomenon you were discussing in your essay.

tips for writing scholarship essays

How Will This Scholarship Help You?

Most scholarship applicants have to write essays on how the scholarship they apply for will help them realize their goals. Such essays help scholarship committees understand how the scholarship will help each applicant. Some common ways students can approach this question include:

  • Addressing their short-term and long-term goals
  • Explaining the inspirations behind their goals
  • Adequately discussing their goals

Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays

It can be quite confusing for students searching for tips for writing scholarship essays on the Internet. This confusion is mostly due to the sheer volume of material and tips for writing scholarship essays from numerous sources. However, to make work easier for everyone, below we provide you with some consolidated tips for writing scholarship essays.

Adhere to the Basic Principles of Essay Writing

Similar to other essays you may have written in school before, your scholarship essay should have an excellent structure. A scholarship essay with good structure allows readers to follow through the entire essay without any room for ambiguity. In a nutshell, your essay should have a good flow.

Regardless of the context of your essay, here are some tips you can adopt for effective essay writing:

  1. Use a strong opening sentence or hook. Using an attention-grabbing sentence or hook to begin your essay is essential for piquing the interest of your readers. However, always make sure you remain true to your authentic tone and voice at all times. In a scholarship essay, for instance, you may begin everything with a snapshot of where you think you will be in 10 years after pursuing the degree of your dreams.
  2. Stick to the conventional essay writing structure. Avoid anything fancy and stick to the usual introduction, body, and conclusion essay structure. Regardless of how relatively loose your essay prompt may seem, always include a clear beginning, middle, and end in your essay.
  3. Present new ideas in new paragraphs. For reading purposes, it pays to have short, concise paragraphs instead of lengthy paragraphs that are difficult to read.
  4. Always conclude your essay. A common mistake many students make is leaving the essays hanging. You should always wrap up your essay in a neat, concise manner. For instance, you can end your essay by declaring why you wish to pursue a specific academic path. While you may not always have the luxury of writing a conclusion paragraph, a quick ‘bow’ at the end of your essay should be a nice touch.

tips for writing scholarship essays

Familiarize Yourself with the Essay Prompt and Adhere to It

Among the most crucial tips for writing scholarship essays is that students read the entire essay prompt several times and clearly understand what it is asking. Most scholarship essays have more or less the same themes, e.g. how more financial freedom will impact an applicant’s life. If an essay prompt does not seem to have a direct question, then it is recommendable that applicants reframe the prompt to make it a question.

As obvious as it may sound, avoid deviating from the essay prompt. Part of what scholarship committees assess is how applicants can address highly specific topics. It can be tempting for students to deviate from the essay prompt. However, we recommend that you stick to it from the beginning to the end.

Select a Topic You Genuinely Enjoy

While it is very crucial to stick to the essay prompt, you may have the freedom to select your topic in some scholarship applications. In such instances, always write about values, events or subjects that mean a lot to you at a personal level. This way, you will enhance your chances of producing better work and come across as authentic to the readers as possible. Writing from an authentic point of view greatly improves the quality of your scholarship essay without requiring too much hard work on your part.

On that note, do not choose instances simply because you think it is what the essay readers want to hear. Instead, focus on topics that genuinely interest you.

Do plenty of research

Before you begin anything, do a little background check on who the organization or company giving the scholarship is. A good place to begin is their website’s homepage. Familiarize yourself with the organization’s mission and motivation behind offering college scholarships. Conducting such research should provide you with meaningful information about who the readers are and what they expect from applicants. This way, you can better tailor your essay to address what they require.

Most organizations that provide scholarships feature past scholarship winners on their website. Usually, they also provide an essay or excerpt from a winning essay. Make use of such essays or excerpts to become conversant with what you should do. When conducting research, plan your time accordingly to avoid any last-minute rushes.

Sample Essay

Prompt: Explain an event that had a huge impact on your life.

“It is useless if you can’t live off of it.” My parents were saying this in reference to my passion, ice-skating. My general stating began years ago in Spain, admiring how the sport intertwined difficulty and grace, forming beautiful programs. Nobody imagined that I would be ice-skating seven years and one country later. The thought that ice-skating would become among the most useful things in my life was even more unimaginable.

Originally from Mexico, me and my parents moved to Spain when I was six, before eventually moving to California right before my 13th birthday. Each change brought forth countless challenges; however, no challenge came close to learning English. Colour-coded, laminated index cards full of English vocabulary quickly became a daily part of my life. As an individual that loves engaging others in conversations, it was difficult feeling as though my tongue was cut off. Only the called embrace of the ice rink made me feel like myself. I did not mind mispronouncing “axel” as “aksal”. Rather, all I needed was to glide and deliver spectacular jumps.

From its culture of perseverance and hard work to the bruise-counting competitions, ice-skating to me was the nurturing environment that made all other challenges worthwhile. I cherished every moment I spent skating, knowing that each second I spent on ice was an additional financial burden on my family. Often, this implied waking up at 4 AM every morning to practise everything I had learned from a few minutes of coaching. It implied helping in group lessons to earn precious skating time, and physically conditioning myself of ice by joining the high school varsity running team. Even as I gradually made friends and shed off my fear of speaking, the ice rink was my only sanctuary. Eventually, the only way to afford skating was paying it myself. So, I began tutoring Spanish.

tips for writing scholarship essays

At this point, I was supporting my biggest passion for my most natural ability. Currently, I work with 15 students every week, each with different ways of learning and different needs. Drawing on my background as a figure skater and a second language learner, I make jokes and assign interactive exercises to ensure the mindset of my students stays positive. When I was new to axel jump, my coach told me that I would fall at least 500 times before I finally land it. Likewise, I prefer my students to embrace all the details of a mistake until they can identify new errors before they occur.

While I agree I will probably never make a living ice-skating, the skills and education I have gained from it are truly eye-opening. Ice-skating has positively influenced my work ethic, resilience and inspiration to grow as an English speaker and Spanish teacher. By improving my health and teaching me routine and rhythm, it has improved my academic performance. It also teaches me that our passions need not make any money for us to value them immensely. For instance, painting teaches me how to stay patient while remaining adventurous in how I express myself. I do not know what I will eventually live off of as a mature; however, the skills I have acquired through my passions are irreplaceable and lifelong.

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