Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays | Free Essay Samples

Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays | Free Essay Samples

Most lucrative scholarship programs require scholarship applicants to write essays that are worth the scholarship opportunity. However, few scholarship programs are strictly based on academic performance, such as academic transcripts. Additionally, most scholarship committees prefer essays since they provide a better picture of who you are. For this reason, it is essential to write an outstanding essay to keep the committee interested. Thus, Myhomeworkwriters.com offers the following tips for writing scholarship essays. Furthermore, we provide free essay samples for better understanding.

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Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays | Free Essay Samples
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Scholarship applications would be simpler had it not been for the requirement of scholarship essays. Scholarship essays require self-reflection, planning, and proper analysis of information. Given open chances, scholarship applicants would take their time to defend why they require the scholarship. However, for uniformity and leveling of the ground for applications, there are rules and guidelines on how the scholarship essays are presented. Therefore, this article aims at enriching you with the various tips for writing scholarship essays, and additionally, free essay samples.

How Do You Write a Winning Essay?

Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays

In as much as writing scholarship essays can be challenging, always remember that it is an essential part of the entire scholarship application. Worry not, the following tips for writing scholarship essays are to make the whole process simpler than ever.

The process of writing a scholarship essay can be segmented into three major sections:

Planning phase

Planning is vital for the success of every venture. You should uphold your scholarship essay high. Also, we must ensure that you have enough time and resources required to qualify and win the scholarship.

Prior Planning

Never wait for the last-minute rush, since the equality of your essay is likely to suffer. Have comprehensive information on deadlines, and any other requirement for every scholarship you are applying for. Ensure you have ample time to gather critical information, brainstorm, research, and proofread the essay before submitting it.

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tips for writing scholarship essays

Understand and Know your Audience

The only way to keep a scholarship committee interested is by giving them what they are looking for. First, to make this successful, carry out research to know the organization offering the scholarship better. Secondly, find out who their ideal candidate is by going through their desired qualifications, and lastly, do not force yourself to fit in the box. Instead, consider all your weaknesses and make them your talking points by spinning them to become a suitable candidate.


In case the topic is not provided but required, ensure that you select a topic that interests you and you are passionate about.

Writing Phase

After proper planning, it is now time to put everything down in writing. Furthermore, you must follow all the instructions and take heed of the prompts. It is vital that you answer all the questions comprehensively and properly.

Strong and Compelling Introduction

The introduction is essential as it plays a role in capturing the attention of the scholarship committee. Therefore, the introduction should be the strongest section of your essay.

Editing Phase

It is advisable to go through your essay once you are done writing. Cross-check if you have answered all the questions and that you have applied the right spacing, font size, and font style.

The following are a few more tips for writing scholarship essays:

  • Follow and use the narrative structure.
  • Make sure you personalize your essay as much as possible.
  • Create a comprehensive scholarship essay outline before you begin writing
  • Ensure you qualify to apply for every scholarship before you start the application process
  • Refrain from using clichés
  • Market and promote yourself
  • Adhere to all the prompts and instructions provided
  • Use real-life illustrations to support your claims and arguments.
  • Make your essay short and precise.
  • To have eloquent writing, use transitional words between paragraphs.
  • Proofread and carefully edit your essay before you submit.

How Long Should Scholarship Essays Be?

A scholarship essay should have an average of 400-500 words. Also, you must ensure that you know what questions you are addressing in your essay. Furthermore, proper planning helps you know how to answer a scholarship essay question with ease.

Now that you know how long a scholarship essay should be, it is vital to know how to format your essay unless you are provided with the formatting instructions.

In as much as there are these essential tips for writing scholarship essays, below are the standard formatting instructions:

  • Times New Roman font style
  • 12 font size
  • One-inch top, bottom, and side margins and
  • Double spacing
  • 400 to 500 words

Scholarship Essay Format

To have an exceptional scholarship essay outline, it is essential to comprehend your scholarship essay format. With this information, you will be in a position to clearly organize and put down your ideas. The format of the essay helps us address the question, “what should a scholarship essay look like?”

The scholarship essay format is a vital element in considering the tips for writing scholarship essays.

A scholarship essay outline has the following three basic sections.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion


The introduction is very important as it determines whether one will continue reading your essay or not. Therefore, you should use a hook that ultimately grabs the attention of the reader. Lastly, include a thesis statement, to give a brief explanation of why you deserve the scholarship.

Ensure that you are as natural as possible and avoid using quotes and clichés in the introduction, or anywhere in your essay. Remember, this is your essay; therefore, own the essay by using your own words.


It is in the body that you will give all the required information as you give evidence of why you deserve a scholarship. You will have to address the following:

  • What are the significant challenges in your life?
  • How did you overcome the challenges?
  • What are your long-term career goals?
  • State your current academic goals.
  • Reasons why you selected the particular university or college?
  • Why you want that specific field of study?
  • Elaborate on how the scholarship will help you attain your academic goals?
  • What plans do you have after achieving your degree?
  • Explain how the scholarship will help you attain your long-term career goals?
  • Specific and actual real-life encounters to support your claims.
  • How will this scholarship help you?

Always be keen and particular, ensure every paragraph discusses and has comprehensive information on one central argument.


In conclusion, include a brief summary of your major points. Above all, create more emphasis by restating your thesis statement, stating how the scholarship will help you attain and achieve your short-term and long-term academic and career objectives.

tips for writing scholarship essays

Also, there are different types of scholarships giving scholarship applicants different requirements and prompts. The different samples available on Myhomeworkwriters.com beside the tips for writing scholarship essays include MBA scholarship essay sample, scholarship essay examples about yourself, high school scholarship essay examples, scholarship essay examples, financial need, and nursing scholarship essay examples.

For learning purposes, we use the sample below—a nursing scholarship essay example.

In the current era of the global pandemic, the massive and destructive effects of COVID-19, most medical personal are at their beck and call to save humanity. All medics have an obligation to ensure they offer their services for the benefit of humanity. Saving lives and giving hope has always been my calling and passion since time immemorial. I have been involved in several sensitization campaigns by educating the masses on how they should go on with their day to day life. This has been a good experience for my career and for personal fulfillment. However, my experience as a nursing graduate student and a volunteer from Moldova, and supporting myself since I was 13, has provided me with a whole lot of experience in handling hardships and stepping into other people’s shoes. I have seen my guardians enslave themselves to put bread on the table.

My guardian’s daily struggles provided me with the motivation I needed to strive harder to attain my objectives and the urge to give back to society. Additionally, I am looking forward to being the first lady to attain a graduate degree in my location to be a role model. I come from a community where men are given priority over women with regard to education. The situation has improved over the years, but the majority of the graduates are usually men, and the few women come from well-off families.

With motivation and encouragement from my guardians, I graduated from XXX University with a major in nursing. During my four years at XXX University, I was in Honor’s List three times consecutively. I was also privileged to take part in the nursing and relief feeding program, which aimed to help the poor, rural, urban, and underserved communities gain insight into nutrition and healthy living. The program allowed us to mentor and provided guidance and counseling to youths and young adults. This program opened my eyes to the problems faced by other people and increased my hunger to help them. Also, the local women had a chance to attend workshops on women’s health and family planning education. During my four-year course, I was regarded as the most passionate student by my lecturers. In my final year, I was unanimously selected as the one to represent our institution in inter-school competition. The knowledge I had acquired as a kid and during the competition enabled me to be the stand out one.

Masters’ education is expensive and demanding, as well. Continuing with my graduate work will be very challenging without a good source of income for the following academic year. This scholarship will provide me with the best opportunity and peace of mind to manage my utilities, such as transport, rent, and academic materials such as books. Additionally, this scholarship will help me attain my GPA target and take part in more relevant programs and activities. I strongly believe that the committee will give me the chance to get the support I require at this point to continue with my studies.

How Do You Write a Good Scholarship Essay?

First, the tips for writing scholarship essays also give a guide into how to write a scholarship essay. It is good to ensure that your essay is the best by knowing exactly how to answer scholarship essay questions. Therefore, you should always use the following formatting for your essays unless specified:

  • The font style – Times New Roman
  • Double spacing
  • Font size – 12
  • One-inch bottom, top, and side margins

Also, the following are tips for writing scholarship essays:

  • Carefully and thoroughly read the prompts and ensure you understand before writing.
  • Think and organize your scholarship essay outline.
  • Write your essay as you elaborate on every point on your scholarship essay outline.
  • Use precise and simple language in the entire essay.
  • After writing, read the question again, and go through your essay one more time to make sure you are addressing all the points required.

How to Write a Scholarship Letter

A motivational letter must entail the following information, which will guide you on how to write a scholarship letter.

  1. Your name and contact details.
  2. The name of the university to which you are applying and its address.
  3. Date
  4. Salutation, dear sir/madam
  5. Paragraphs or the body
  6. Signature

There two different structures of presenting your scholarship letter. However, irrespective of the structure you select, there are three major steps to prioritize and direct your letter. However, ensure you understand how to write a scholarship letter.

tips for writing scholarship essays

Step 1: Ensure you beat the Selection Criteria.

Before you even think of sending an application, first confirm if you meet the criteria. Scholarships are highly competitive, and many applicants from all walks of life eye the same position. Secondly, if you beat the cut, ensure that you prove to the recruiters that you qualify for the opportunity they are offering.

Conduct research on the organization offering the scholarship and familiarize yourself with their beliefs, goals, and objectives. You should be able to grab the attention of the admission staff as soon as possible and keep them interested in you too.

Step 2: Give Solution

Despite the challenges you are facing, always maintain that you deserve the chance. Additionally, provide comprehensive information about why you should be awarded the scholarship. Also, elaborate on what impact the scholarship is going to have in your life, your goals, and career and academic objectives.

Highlight all the necessary arguments, from your education, personal skills, achievements, and ensure that for every claim, there is a supporting document to sink in the information.

Step 3: Showcase Confidence

After illustration your skills and motivation, you should finish your letter of motivation in confidence. You can finish with words like “granting me with this scholarship will be of great help to the society and the university itself.” Furthermore, the first step of success is to believe in yourself.

tips for writing scholarship essays

How Do You Start a Scholarship Essay?

First, the introduction is the initial section of your essay. However, the entire process of receiving a scholarship ought to begin before you put down your introduction. As part of the preparation to write an outstanding scholarship essay, allocate enough time, develop a scholarship essay outline, and ensure you keep track of the deadlines.

How to Start a Scholarship Essay Introduction
Ensure that you are as natural as possible and avoid using quotes and clichés in the introduction, or anywhere in your essay. Remember, this is your essay; therefore, own the essay by using your own words.

How Do You End a Scholarship Essay?

The end of the conclusion is also an essential section of the scholarship essay as it needs to stick on the minds on the committee and stand out. Therefore, you must have a powerful conclusion.

Are you still wondering where to get a scholarship essay template, how to convince the scholarship committee why you deserve a scholarship essay examples, how to get free scholarship essays, and scholarship essay sample about why I deserve the scholarship? Worry not, visit Myhomeworkwriters.com for all the information inclusive of tips for writing scholarship essays.

To conclude, writing scholarship essays can be challenging. However, using the tips for writing scholarship essays by My Homework Writers makes the entire process of application fun and easier. Getting comprehensive and informative guides from our team of professional writers here at Myhomeworkwriters.com is essential. Additionally, it is good to always remember that the whole scholarship application process relies heavily on your scholarship essay. A good essay provides a good chance to wining a scholarship opportunity.

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