Theories of poverty | Education homework help

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Theories of poverty | Education homework help
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A. Theories of Poverty

This assignment involves theories of poverty and the central question of why are the poor poor.

1)         Use your own words and cite the sources of the information used to support your statements

(including lecture and class discussion) to articulate your view of why the poor are poor.

2)         Interview someone who works with the poor to determine their definition of poverty and how it influences program operations.  Address the difficulties they encounter in their work and what

they think is needed to make a serious difference in reducing problems of poverty.  OR

Construct a short attitude survey based on myths and stereotypes about poverty and welfare programs.  Interview a minimum of six individuals and summarize the general trends seen in the data.

 3)        Summarize your view (1) and your survey or interview (2) in a 5-7-page paper. Focus on how the survey or interview illuminates one or more of the approaches to defining poverty in the readings, class discussions, and your view. You should discuss at least 2 of the readings.

 I have attached the video link, and you can pick 1 to 2 videos and use the examples in the paper. Also, I have pasted the requirements, and you have to make up a survey or interview as have shown in the 3rd instruction. 

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