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The McDonald Observatory 36″ telescope, shown, has an aperture of 0.92 m. What is the light-gathering power (LGP) of this telescope, compared to the human eye (diameter 0.50 cm)? LGP = What is the theoretical resolution (R) octhis telescope at 555 nm?

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Theoretical Resolution Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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McDonald Observatory 36″ Telescope R = arcsec 44) – Spring20 – TAYLOR> Activities and Due Dates > Quiz 13- Chapter 3 KX C Give Up? O Hint Check Answer O Resources 96.7% Assignment Score: Attempt 54 – Question 25 of 30> Label the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum with the effect that energy at each wavelength may have on atoms or molecules. Multiple answers may be possible for some types of radiation. 700nm 400nm molecular bond core electron valence electron excitations core electron-nuclear bond vibrations rotation excitations excitations excitations Radio waves Visible light Microwaves Infrared Ultraviolet X-гаys Gamma

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