The sum of the interior angles of a convex quadrilateral

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The sum of the interior angles of a convex quadrilateral
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1. The sum of the interior angles of a convex quadrilateral is


A. 180 degrees. B. 360 degrees. C. 540 degrees D. 720 degrees.


2. It’s possible to tessellate a plane with


A. squares and regular hexagons.B. squares and regular pentagons.


C. squares and regular octagons.D. regular octagons and pentagons.


No number 3.


4. A point on a 12-inch ruler that divides the ruler into a Golden Ratio would be a point


A. exactly 6 inches from either end.B. exactly 7 inches from either end.


C.approximately 7.21 inches from either endD.approximately 7.42 inches from either end.


5. Consider the following:


Statement A: If I trust you, your job is secure. Statement B: If your job isn’t secure, I don’t trust you.


A. Statement B is the inverse of statement A.B. Statement B is the converse of statement A.


C. Statement B is the negation of statement A.D. Statement B is the contrapositive of statement A.


6. If a postcard 6 inches on the longer side is in the shape of a golden rectangle, what is the


length of the shorter side?


A. Approximately 4.11 inches B. Approximately 3.71 inches C. Exactly 3 inches D. Exactly 4 inches


7. You drop a few playing cards flat on a small table and take a photograph of the result. The


type of perspective that best describes the result would be


A. overlapping shapes. B. diminishing sizes C. atmospheric perspective. . D. one-point perspective.


8. Use a truth table to determine the truth values for A and B which make ~ (A → B) logically


true. The values are


A. A true and B false. B. A true and B true. C. A false and B false. D. A false and B true.


Use the flowchart to answer Q 9 and10


start, open mailbox, is it empty? if yes, close mailbox, and stop.


start, open mailbox, is it empty? if no, remove one item from box and return to is it empty, if yes, then close mailbox and stop.


9. According to the flowchart, if there are two pieces of mail in the mailbox, the following


actions that occur are


A. open mailbox, remove two pieces of mail at once, close mailbox.


B. open mailbox, remove two pieces of mail one at a time, close mailbox.


C. open mailbox, remove one piece of mail, close mailbox, open mailbox, remove one piece of mail, close mailbox.


D. open mailbox, close mailbox.


10. According to the flowchart, if there’s nothing in the mailbox, the actions that occur are


A. open mailbox, remove mailbox. B. open mailbox, close mailbox C. open mailbox. . D. close mailbox.


11. “If it has four legs and is lying in mud, it must be a pig.” If L = has four legs, M = is lying in


mud, and P = is a pig, the correct symbolic version of that statement is


A. P → L / M. B. L / M → P. C. P / L → M. D. L / M → P.


12. The Von Koch snowflake is constructed by starting with the line segments forming a/an


A. rectangle. B. equilateral triangle. C. square. D. area boundary.


13. Let U = {all books} B = {all books in your local library}W = {all books that have a red cover}


In a Venn diagram of these sets, what would the region within both B and W represent?


A. Books in your local library that have red covers


B. Books in your local library with covers that aren’t red


C. Books not in your local library that have covers that aren’t red


D. Books not in your local library that have red covers


14. “If you speed in this town, you’ll get a ticket.You didn’t get a ticket, so you didn’t speed in this town.”


The statement is which of the following?


A. A correct argument C. An inductive premise


B. A hypothetical syllogism D. A deductive logical


15. If A ⊂ B and B ⊂ C, then


A. A = C. C. C ∈ A.


B. C ⊂ A. D. A ⊂ C.


16. If A = {all books in your library} and B = {all books}, then which of the following is true?


A. A ∈ B B. B ∈ A C. A ⊂ B D. B ⊂ A




17. Suppose that in a group of 100 college students, 60 drink, 25 smoke, and 20 neither drink


nor smoke. How many students both drink and smoke?


A. B. 85 C. 80 D. 20


18. A line of equally spaced 20-foot light poles are to be part of a one-point perspective drawing.


If in your drawing the first pole is 3 inches high, 8 inches from the vanishing point, and


2 inches from the second pole, how high is the second pole?


A. .75 inches B. 1.25 inches C. 2 inches D. 2.25 inches


19. “Hawaii temperatures have never reached 100 degrees. During your vacation in Hawaii


next week you should expect the temperature to stay below 100 degrees.” The statement


is an example of


A. deductive reasoning. B. inductive reasoning. C. logical reasoning. D. symbolic reasoning.


20. If A = {1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 13} and B = {0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10}, then A ∩ B =


A. {0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13} B. {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13} C. {1, 3, 6, 7} D. {1, 3, 6}


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