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Questions on the movie Spies Like Us
1. What is the overall message of the movie Spies Like Us? Without summarizing the plot, write about what is mainly taking place in the movie.
2. How does the theme of the movie reflect the backdrop of the time it was released, (the 1980s) and the era of the Cold War? Briefly describe what the Cold War was about.
3. What was the President Reagan plan for the Strategic Defensive Initiative (SDI), and why was it referred to by some as “star wars?”
4. Based on what was reflected in the movie, do you think director John Landis thought SDI was a good idea or a ridiculous idea?
5. Why were many American people in the 1980s fearful of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union?
6. What did you think about the overall movie in terms of its storyline, acting, production, and message?
7. Did director John Landis find a creative and effective way of getting his message across to people who watch this movie?
8. Overall good or bad? Would you recommend this movie as an entertaining way to examine what American people in the 1980s thought about the Cold War?

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The Movie Spies Like Us Assignment | Buy Homework Help
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