The Ideal Descriptive Essay on Democracy | Online Assignments Websites

The Ideal Descriptive Essay on Democracy | Online Assignments Websites

Over recent years, there have been a lot of emerging issues especially when people are nominating or electing their leaders. This has resulted in either unfair elections or the rejection of the results. In rare cases, it has led to severe chaos thus causing the death of many citizens. Democracy is thus a form of government which enables equal and fair participation of ideal citizens during the voting process. So for you to write an outstanding descriptive essay on democracy, you have to cover and understand this concept. Similarly, you can order a descriptive essay by My Homework Writers through our online assignments websites.

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The Ideal Descriptive Essay on Democracy | Online Assignments Websites
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descriptive essay on democracy

The Structure of a Descriptive Essay

The key to writing a good essay is to understand its structure. The structure of an essay usually contains a few sections which you should include when writing. Therefore, as a writer, it is essential to understand the structure of an essay before you begin drafting one. It should thus include the following;

The Introduction

The introduction gives you a chance to make the first vital impression in order to impress the readers. So it is significant for you to set off on an accurate path. On the other hand, the introduction is the part where you shape your essay. Shaping helps to impress the readers and make them read the essay further or scare them. Whenever you have such a chance, try to create the best out of it as you deliver your best. The best way to accomplish this is by building the essay from the start. Also, try making it easy for the readers to comprehend the information. The introduction enables the reader to decide whether to keep on reading the essay or not. This is why you need to make it interesting and attractive enough. Consider the following when writing an introduction;

  • Include a hook in the introduction. The purpose of this is to capture the attention of the readers with a captivating sentence. You can either use phrases or fun facts.
  • Be concise and direct in the introduction. When sharing information in the introduction, try to be brief and direct. However, include sufficient information to entice readers so as to read the whole essay.
  • Add the thesis statement. Don’t forget to include the main argument in the introduction and ensure the readers can understand it.

Writing the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of any essay should contain your main idea or argument which is prominent in the whole essay. Its purpose is to make readers understand the aim of the essay and to reveal the subject’s scope you are discussing. So when writing a thesis statement, take the following into consideration;

  • Define the scope of the subject and narrow it
  • Do not use any cliché
  • Make your thesis statement more fascinating

descriptive essay on democracy

The Body Paragraphs

Writing a descriptive essay is not usually a difficult task. However, most students tend to struggle a lot when supporting the thesis statement. In every essay, the body should give support to the thesis statement. Therefore, you need to express your points in a manner that builds up the introduction.  Some of the tips to consider when writing the body paragraph include;

  • The use of the topic sentence. After the introduction, add the key argument on the first sentence of the paragraph.
  • The use of transitional words such as in addition, firstly, consequently, secondly, and many others. These transition words enable the reader to systematically follow the essay.
  • The number of paragraphs to write always differs depending on the instructions of the paper. However, the paragraph length should be about five or six sentences.

The Conclusion

The descriptive essay conclusion gives you the last chance to impress your readers. So make sure that it leaves your readers with a long-lasting impression. This definitely affects their way of thinking. Consider the following in order to write an excellent conclusion;

  • Give a summary of the main points and arguments of the essay
  • Restate the thesis statement of the essay
  • Leave your readers with an intriguing statement. Ensure that they are thinking about your work beyond an assignment.

Tips on How to Write a Descriptive Essay

The key to drafting a good descriptive essay is creating a picture in the mind of the readers. You can achieve this by engaging the five senses. By correctly doing this, then your descriptive essay can be successful. Therefore, the following are some of the helpful tips on how to write a descriptive essay;

descriptive essay on democracy

  • Choose an appropriate topic by comparing various topics on the descriptive essay. You can find something interesting such as a place, a memorable experience, or a person. Do not use any vague language in your essay; instead, use powerful words while describing something.
  • Find the relevant sources regarding the essay topic
  • Always remember about sufficiency. The essay should have enough number of clichés, idioms, and metaphors, among others.
  • Try to move from being generic to being specific
  • The most powerful accent should be put on the observation and the description of the topic.

In order to draft an outstanding essay, try to follow all these guidelines. Keep in mind that examples and facts are not important like your ability to create a clear image. Make the reader imagine or feel as you try your best to provide a complete perception. Let your readers create a full image in the back of their minds.

descriptive essay on democracy

The Sample of a Descriptive Essay on Democracy


Democracy is a government system practiced in almost every country in the world. It is whereby the will of the citizens is the greatest power. The major aim of introducing democracy was to the ordinary citizens the chance to participate in determining their leaders. For many years, most countries continue to follow the democracy foot. Their aim is improving their connection with the democratic nations. It a practice which most of the international firms highly recommends. Although it has a great impact in many nations, there are a few challenges amounting from democracy. This has thus resulted in writing a descriptive essay on democracy.

1st Body Paragraph

Democracy rejects the privileges of a certain group of people. For instance, in a democratic environment, the people who are responsible for becoming leaders are only the ones with a right to vote. Each voter in every country is capable of leading others. But in the democratic state, there is no limitation of a few people being leaders. It thus gives every ordinary citizen to elect their leaders and can as well serve as the leaders. With democracy, we can ensure that every individual is equal to the other. So in general, democracy helps in upholding the values of both liberty and equality.

2nd Body Paragraph

In addition, democracy makes sure that everyone is equal before the law. For instance, for a democratic nation, ordinary citizens enact rules via their legislative representatives. These laws consider the welfare of every citizen and not those belonging to a certain class. The interests, freedoms and the rights of all the individuals in the democratic nation are equally and highly safeguarded. In such nations, there is an equal and fair distribution of resources since democracy emphasis on equality. Therefore, we can say the law applies to every citizen regardless of their impacts towards the society.

3rd Body Paragraph

Finally, the major issue about democracy is that only some exceptional majorities can operate it. Just like I said before, democracy gives the ordinary citizens the power to elect the leaders. The people who become leaders are the ones who the majority of the people choose. However, in other countries, the high ratio population usually includes both the ignorant and the illiterate people. These people don’t actually care about the way in which the government runs. They thus end up voting blindly and choosing leaders who are not well qualified for the positions. Another major issue about democracy is that it leads to corruption. Once the elected individuals assume their positions, they begin to create new alliances and political parties. They also forget all the promises and values they promised the citizens. Due to this, I think democracy can be beneficial and at the same time, it can be a major problem. So the only way to ensure that every country practices it accordingly is by enacting strict rules. With this, we can restore peace and remain equal before the law.


Democracy grants citizens the power to able to govern themselves. With democracy, there is equality as the rule of law controls. However, it can also give the ignorant and the illiterate people the power to become leaders. This leads to inefficiency in the government and encourages corruption. Therefore, only the right use of democracy is beneficial to the citizen and the entire country.

The Significance of Democracy across the World

Before begin drafting a descriptive essay on democracy, it is good to know the importance of democracy in the world. This is because it helps in creating a sense of gravity and urgency while writing the descriptive essay on democracy. Therefore, the significance of democracy is ensuring that every citizen in any country across the world gets basic human rights. For instance, every person has a right to visit or live in any democratic country in the world. This means that no one is prone to either physical torture or slavery. Democracy is thus vital to every nation worldwide since it aids in creating a more responsible government.

descriptive essay on democracy

As a result, the citizens can keep the reigning government on their toes. They can easily accomplish this by frequently inspecting and comparing the government work and the manifesto. In return, it helps promote rapid development and various responsibilities. Another significance of democracy in a country is the fact that it helps in molding individuals to better citizens. These citizens thus get the freedom to speech, become free from oppression, and enjoy peace and equality. In the end, they tend to become more productive unlike those who lack freedom and democratic rights. The only way to achieve this successfully is by enhancing the democracy in every nation in the world.

Factors Influencing Democracy in the World

When writing an essay, you may want to add only the advantages in the descriptive essay on democracy. Nevertheless, it is important to know the factors influencing democracy across the world. Knowing them can greatly help you in creating the thesis statement of the essay, relevant arguments, or even counter-arguments.

Therefore, one major factor influencing democracy in every country is corruption. Saying that power certainly corrupts is very true, however, absolute power can completely corrupt. Many leaders change their rules regarding leadership so as to give them a long term of serving. Such corrupt leaders are greatly influencing the democracy in that particular country. On the other hand, changes in technology have imparted to lack harmony and freedom in various nations. This is because advancement in technology comes with false news, non-factual reality, hacking issues, and relativism.

Descriptive Essay on Democracy Introduction

The most important thing when writing a descriptive essay on democracy is to write a brief introduction. The aim of this is to enable the readers to get familiar with a particular theme you plan to discuss. Most of the people may be familiar with the term democracy. However, they may not have the knowledge of its definition. In addition, some people might not understand the need for that particular essay.

descriptive essay on democracy

A good introduction should, therefore, inform the reader of the meaning of democracy and why the subject is of great interest. It can be because of various threats in terms of justice. Therefore, state why this particular essay is important and worth the attention and time of the readers. While doing so, don’t forget to employ an amusing hook as well as the thesis statement. Doing this enables you to successfully attract the reader and even engage them throughout the essay.

Challenges of Descriptive Essay on Democracy

It is true that everything that has an advantage also has some challenges. Apart from writing the descriptive essay on democracy, you may also consider including some of the challenges about democracy. It is absolutely simple since it only requires you be more knowledgeable regarding the concept of democracy. One secret when it comes to writing such an essay is not stating the disadvantage. Instead, you should consider discussing them in more details. In addition, you can provide a solution to every problem you state.

Features of the Descriptive Essay on Democracy

To write a good descriptive essay on democracy, it is important to learn all the features of the essay. One feature of a descriptive essay is that good work captures the attention of readers. You can always achieve this with the use of a hook. Similarly, you can grab the attention of the readers giving an explanation in relation to the topic. An excellent descriptive essay often shows more unlike informing. This, therefore, means that the content should enable the reader to visualize the message you intend to pass. Usually, an article stimulates five different senses, it includes taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. Alternatively, a good essay usually takes a single stand. The descriptive essay can either be subjective or objective. If you decide to make a personal or personal approach, you ought to be very transparent right from the start.

Words to Employ When Writing a Descriptive Essay on Democracy

When writing a descriptive essay on democracy, there are several words you have to employ in the theme. The main reason for this is to create an image or visualizing aspect to the reader while reading the essay. Most of the words you can always opt for in a descriptive essay are the adjectives. These adjectives make it possible for the reader to paint a clear image of a particular object you are describing. For instance, as you describe how democracy in a country is, you can say that the liberal republic democracy was under a serious inspection due to its immoral policies. In general, the adjectives help in bringing a visual feature on how the nation’s system is.

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descriptive essay on democracy

In conclusion, democracy is a system which most of the nation’s practice. It involves giving every citizen equal rights and freedom. However, democracy has both advantages and disadvantages hence the descriptive essay on democracy. So when writing such an essay, understanding the scope of democracy is important. Also, you can visit the online assignments websites to get help from My Homework Writers.

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