Five Parts of an Essay Made Easy

The five parts of an essay are made easy or simplified here. With a simplified view of the major parts of an essay, it is easy for you to understand essay writing and consequently, you will be able to write the best essay papers. Myhomeworkwriters has taken a look into the parts of an essay and we came up with what an essay entails. 

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The 5 parts of an essay, however, form the backbone of the major parts of an informative essay. Each section of an essay has different functions. The different parts work together to develop the argument or the main ideas of the essay.

The basic parts of an essay

The essay must contain several essential elements and flow logically for the reader to be persuaded or adequately informed. The three key parts of an essay are the introduction, body, and conclusion.

This framework will help you in your essay composition. Flexibility, on the other hand, is critical. Allow the topic and specific task to influence the writing structure while keeping this basic essay style.

  • Introduction

The introduction of an essay prepares the reader psychologically for what to meet in the body of the essay. An introduction is an opening of what is to come ahead. Here, the writer introduces the topic to the reader by giving background information and a thesis statement. Once you mention the thesis statement in your introduction, the rest of the paper should help you support the claim.

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  • Body

The body of an essay should contain a minimum of three paragraphs to support the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Each paragraph should relay an individual point or idea. You should always ensure that your paragraphs contain three parts; the topic sentence, the supporting statement, and the concluding statement.

  • Conclusion

This being the final part of the essay, the writer is supposed to summarize the ideas stated in the body and restate the thesis statement.

The foundational parts of an essay

A typical essay comprises various types of material, which are usually organized into separate parts. The opening and ending have set locations, while the rest of the text does not. For instance, a counterpoint might occur within a paragraph, as a free-standing segment, as part of the introduction, or just before the conclusion.

Background information is found between the opening and the first analytical part. Consider the various essay sections as answers to a sequence of queries your reader could have when confronted with your thesis.5 parts of an essay

“What?”  The reader’s initial query will be, “What evidence proves that the phenomena stated in your thesis are true?” To explain, you must analyze your evidence and show that your claim is valid.

This “what” portion of the essay usually occurs just after the opening.  Remember that it shouldn’t take up more than a third of your essay. If this is the case, the essay will be unbalanced and read like a summary.

“How?”  A reader will want to examine if the thesis’ statements are accurate in all circumstances. “How” is the related question: How does the thesis fare when confronted with a counterpoint?

At least one “how” part is usually included in an essay. This part typically follows the “what,”. Remember, based on the duration of the essay, this may complicate the reasoning numerous times, and a counterpoint may occur anywhere in the essay.

“Why?”  Your reader will want to understand what’s at risk in your argument: why should anyone else care about your understanding of an occurrence?

This question explores the ramifications of your theory on a bigger scale. It also enables your audience to comprehend your writing from a bigger perspective.

Your writing explains its relevance by explaining “why.” While you may make a passing reference to this subject in your introduction, the comprehensive response to it is towards your essay’s conclusion. If you omit it, your writing will come out as incomplete to your readers.

This concludes the basic elements of an essay. For in-depth understanding, you can seek help from reliable assignment help websites.

What are the 5 parts of an essay?

The general essay outline should have the following 5 parts of an essay:

  • Part 1- The introduction
  • Part 2 – First paragraph of the body
  • Part 3 – Second paragraph of the body
  • Part 4 – Third paragraph of the body
  • Part 5 – Conclusion

Developing a precise, logical, and relevant essay that is consistent requires the writer to divide his work into five parts as outlined above.

When writing a paper, you should adhere to a specific format. Learn how to use the parts of an essay outline to your advantage to help you elevate your essay from ‘good’ to ‘excellent.’ This raises the question of how many paragraphs an essay should have.

Introduction paragraph of an essay

It is standard practice in academic writing for students to begin each article with an opening. The author’s arguments in the main body are set in motion by the introduction, which follows a five-part pattern. Students must ensure that they address three points:

  • They’ve captured the attention of the audience
  • They’ve contextualized their message
  • They’ve made the text’s aim very apparent

The parts of an essay introduction consist of a hook, basic information about the issue, and a thesis statement, in that order.

Parts of an essay introduction

  • Hook

Students should begin the introductory section of an essay with bait to pique readers’ interest. Ideally, this should be a robust and eye-catching remark. Essentially, if researchers know how to create a hook, they know who they’re writing for.

  • Background data

The most excellent approach to making the audience interested in what the writers say in their work is to provide background information. Don’t commence this section with assertations and arguments without familiarizing the reader with the topic. This is not a great part of writing as many scholars would affirm.

Students should write around the issue, covering both pro and con arguments while authors should avoid spending too much time on background material.

  • Thesis proposition

Parts of an essay thesis declare that authors remark at the end of their essay’s introductory section. Essentially, the purpose of this remark is to demonstrate the writer’s central point throughout the text.

Examples of an essay introduction

  • Introduction to an argumentative essay

The internet’s widespread use has had far-reaching consequences, not least in the field of education. The internet’s usage in academic settings is rising, and its function in learning is a contentious topic.

The impact of technology on many instructors who did not grow up with it is disturbing and perhaps dangerous to those who did. While this fear is natural, it is misplaced.

The disadvantages of using the internet are offset by its significant benefits for students and educators, like providing a unique and accessible knowledge source, a method of exposure to and interaction with various viewpoints, and a highly flexible learning environment.

  • Introduction to an expository essay

The development of the printing press heralded the end of the Middle Ages in many ways. In Europe, the Middle Ages are typically regarded as a period of intellectual and political stagnation.

The typical individual had restricted access to books and could not be educated before the Reformation. The newspaper press, which was invented in the 15th century, enabled much more open information diffusion in Europe, paving the way for the Protestant Reformation.

  • Introduction to a literary analysis essay

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is frequently seen as a primitive cautionary tale. Its story can be taken as a warning about the perils of scientific development uncontrolled by ethical considerations. Victor Frankenstein reflects the callous, arrogant desire of contemporary science in his view and popular culture depictions of the figure as a “mad scientist.”

Shelley, on the other hand, utilizes shifting narrative perspectives to progressively alter our picture of Frankenstein, showing him in a more unfavorable light as the novel progresses rather than creating a solid image of the character. While he appears to be a naive but compassionate idealist at first, Frankenstein starts to resemble-even in his saying – mindlessly evil character, the creature depicts him following the creature’s tail.

What are Parts of an essay example?

The article has offered examples of essay beginnings above, but what are the components of a good essay example included in the samples?

  • A hook in the first paragraph to pique the reader’s interest
  • The backstory that the reader should be aware of
  • A statement that summarizes your primary point or argument

Each section’s duration is determined by the length and intricacy of your essay.

What is the purpose of the introduction in an essay?

The primary aim of an introduction is to:

  • Attract the attention of your reader
  • Give some background information about your subject
  • State your thesis, which is the main point of your paper

Elements of a body paragraph of an essay

  • The first paragraph of the main body

To start with the 5 parts of an essay, the first paragraph should convey your most important and persuasive statement. Make sure to state your main point at the start of the paragraph. Ensure a more detailed explanation follows it.

Giving examples is a great approach to ensure that your readers fully get your message. Give instances that support your thesis, not ones that undermine your argument’s credibility.

You may go on to the following point after your initial argument is clearly understood. The last sentence in your paragraph should serve as a bridge between your first and second points.

  • The second paragraph of the main body

This paragraph should include your second argument backing your thesis in the second paragraph of the body. The initial statement should flow naturally from the last one you typed. Make sure your point is well-supported.

Make your argument compelling so that the readers can’t get enough of it. Include specific instances to better describe your point.

  • The third paragraph of the main body

This paragraph contains the third point that will help you defend your argument. Compose it in such a manner that your reader will completely understand what you’re communicating

In the case of an argumentative essay, you can also give a counterargument. A great counterargument should offer a point of view that criticizes the thesis statement but in a favorable light.

Most individuals make the mistake of seeming rushed in the final paragraph. Others try to make up for what they didn’t include in the prior paragraphs. All that you’ve labored on so far gets ruined as a result of this.

You should write this paragraph in the most natural manner possible. Also, state that this is the essay’s final key point.

The concluding paragraph

This is the final section of a 5-part essay. It’s critical to reiterate the thesis statement from the introduction. Rephrase it in a way that isn’t too apparent.

This is also the section where you summarize your central ideas. While the beginning is critical for keeping readers interested in your essay, the conclusion should be compelling enough to leave them with something to consider.

Make it clear that this is the concluding section of your essay. Your ending should not be uninspiring. It should Pique the reader’s attention.

The Secret to Writing an Excellent Essay

Courses related to literature and linguistics in the College of Arts and Humanities, require you to write many essays. It’s problematic to perfect the art of writing since it requires both creativity and rational preparation. Nevertheless, the discussed parts are a perfect guide for writing a stupendous essay that will earn you an ivy league recognition.

Comprehend the essay prompt

How do you begin essay writing? Regardless of the type of essay, the first stage is to comprehend the essay question or task. This gives you a clear objective for the essay’s main body, responding to or addressing the questions.

Remember that even if you write effectively, ignore the purpose, or wander off-topic, you may receive a low mark. You might, therefore, find it helpful to divide the question into sections.

  • What is the direct question posed by the prompt?
  • What is the subject of your essay?
  • What is the maximum length of the essay?
  • What type of prior research and knowledge do you need to comprehend the topic altogether?
  • What is the question that the prompt is implying?
  • Is the question requesting my opinion, the opinion of trustworthy scholarly sources, or facts?
  • How can You connect the topic of your essay to what you have learned in class?

Begin thinking about your paper once you’ve picked the question. Come up with several great ideas. Ascertain that they are entirely focused on the work at hand.

Make sure you’re familiar with the various formats, word counts, deadlines, and style guidelines. Below are some of the most significant essay themes and ideas to get you started.

Tips on How to Write an Essay with the 5 Parts of an Essay

Essay writing can sometimes be stressful. However, essay writing can be as easy as ABC with proper guidelines. Even though there are different types of essays, most essays conform to the outline of a 5 part essay. For instance, even parts of an argumentative essay will be similar to that of other types of essays. The types of essays might be different, but the basic essay format is quite the same.


The following additional tips will help you develop an essay that is logical, consistent, and relevant.

Formulate an essay structure

Before you begin writing your essay, create sections of an essay to help you plan out the first draft. Plan out how you want your work to develop and what material you want to include, starting with your thesis statement.

This might also make the final draft of your essay much better to write. Any piece of writing should ideally have a beginning, middle, and end.

Make your thesis statement

Start your paper with a thesis that will lead your whole paper and catch the reader’s interest. A concise thesis is a single statement that connects the main idea or purpose. It summarizes your issue and expresses your point of view.

You should align your thesis statement to the request. Do that right away in the first sentence.

Write the Body of Your Essay

In 5 parts of an essay, the body of the essay should have 3 paragraphs. The body of the essay puts across all the ideas, arguments, or points of view of the reader. The most appropriate way to present all your ideas within the body of the essay is by using individual paragraphs to relay each point independently.

Each of the paragraphs within the body of the essay should be in the same structure. Begin with the most important idea or argument and progress to the rest of the points. Ensure that all paragraphs support the thesis statement.

Don’t try to make it up

Make sure you don’t write an essay that doesn’t appropriately respond to the question. If you don’t grasp the essay prompt completely, you should avoid fluff.

Instead, make sure that each sentence contributes to the overall quality of your work. Remove anything that isn’t required. Many professors prefer informative essays that fall short of the length limit to a paper that fulfills the length requirement but is 80% junk.

Use trusted references

There are two primary reasons for relying on reliable sources. First, you must ensure that you do not plagiarize. When you duplicate anything without mentioning the source, this is known as plagiarism. It’s a major no-no that might result in an “F” or other negative consequences.

Second, in an argumentative essay, you should always be prepared to back up your claims. Quotes and contextual information are crucial for establishing credibility and bolstering your argument.

End your essay with a conclusion

Constantly start your ending by restating your thesis. This way, you create a link between the start of the essay and the end of the essay. This is your time to bring everything together and go out on a high note. A firm conclusion will briefly cover the key points of each body paragraph and ultimately support your thesis statement.

5 parts of an essay

The conclusion of your essay marks the end of the essay. The conclusion is always the last section in the 5 parts of an essay. Always ensure that you summarize all the points in the conclusion of the essay. At this point, you give the final thought concerning the subject matter of the essay.

Edit and Proofread Your Essay

Extensive research is what makes an essay good. Some professors will not even read essays if they are not grammatically correct or include numerous spelling problems. Here are some suggestions for making your essay or research paper more intellectually respectable and perform better.

  • Remove all conjunctions (such as aren’t, don’t, and couldn’t)
  • Print your document, read it, and make notes on it. When studying it this way rather than on a computer screen, you will spot more mistakes
  • Read it aloud to yourself. This will aid in the correction of grammatical errors. If something doesn’t sound right, it probably is

Best college essay topics and ideas

Topics for cause and effect essays

  • How does optimism affect your immune function?
  • Is it true that college graduates are more successful?
  • Mistrust and long-distance relationships

Topics for argumentative essays

  • Must all women be able to use birth control and plan their families?
  • Is it true that our tax system benefits everyone equally?
  • Is e-cigarette vaping as dangerous as smoking cigarettes?
  • Is consumerism a significant problem for the globe?
  • Is social media invading our personal space?
  • Is it necessary for everyone to get vaccinated?

Topics for narrative essays

  • Your most cherished childhood memory
  • Most recent travel adventures
  • The death of a pet who had a significant impact on your life
  • How you meet your best buddy

Topics for research papers

  • Animal rights in modern society and how they are abused
  • Ages at which it is legal to drink in different parts of the world
  • In diverse cultures, what does it entail to be nationalistic?
  • Working-place sexual assault
  • The repercussions of doctor carelessness

Parting Shot

You cannot write an essay only based on its introduction. A superb essay combination requires all 5 parts of an essay. With the components of an essay in hand, you can try your hand at writing whatever sort of essay you choose.

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