The 5 Parts of an Essay Made Easy

The 5 Parts of an Essay Made Easy

Essay writing has been part of the writing world for the longest time possible. As such, essay writing skill is one of the most essential skills when it comes to writing. Essay writing provides a platform where you can learn how to present your arguments and ideas in an organized manner. Consequently, these writing skills become handy, even in the outside world. The crafting of organizational papers such as business letters, memos requires basic essay writing skills. The starting point of mastering the art of writing essays is learning the 5 parts of an essay. This article provides a step by step on how to develop the 5 parts of an essay.

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The 5 Parts of an Essay Made Easy
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The most basic essay outline contains the 5 parts of an essay. The 5 parts of an essay is an outline that forms the backbone of an essay. Each section of the five parts has different functions in the essay. These five parts ‘work’ together to develop the argument or the main ideas of the essay. In this article, Myhomeworkwriters.com
provides a guide on how to develop the 5 parts of an essay. This guide will equip you with the necessary writing skills that will guide in most essay writing tasks.

What are the Basic Parts of an Essay?

Whenever you are writing an essay, you should always structure your work into three main parts. The 3-part essay format gets further subdivisions to the 5 parts of an essay. The 3-part essay structure forms the backbone for the 5 parts of an essay.

Every academic essay should have the following elements of a good essay:


An introduction of an essay prepares the reader on the contents of the essay. The introduction of the essay is an opening of what is to come ahead. Here, the writer introduces the topic to the reader by giving background information and providing a thesis statement. Having mentioned the thesis statement in your introduction, the rest of the paper should help you support the claim.


The second part of any essay is the body of the essay. Typically, the body of the essay should contain a minimum of three paragraphs in support of the thesis statement made in the introductory paragraph. Each paragraph should relay an individual point or idea. Furthermore, you should always ensure that your paragraphs contain three parts: the topic sentence, supporting statement and the concluding paragraphs.


The conclusion of the essay should mark the end of your essay. Here, a writer is supposed to summarize the ideas made in the body and also restate the thesis statement.

What are the 5 Parts of an Essay?

Now that you are familiar with the three key parts of an essay, we can now divide the sections into the 5 parts of an essay. Before writing an essay, you should always ensure that you create an outline with the 5 parts of an essay to guide you through the writing process of an essay.

Your general essay outline should have the following 5 parts of an essay:

  • Part 1- The introduction
  • Part 2 – First paragraph of the body
  • Part 3 – Second paragraph of the body
  • Part 4 – Third paragraph of the body
  • Part 5 – Conclusion of the body

Developing your essay using these key 5 parts of an essay will help you craft a consistent essay. When you integrate the outline and relevant information, you will develop an essay that is precise, logical and relevant.

Part 1- The Introduction

Typically for any essay, the first part should introduce the topic of the essay. The first part of the essay forms the introductory paragraph. The introduction of the essay should also have three main parts. So, what are the three main parts of an essay introduction? Let’s find out.

How you develop your introduction will help a reader predetermine what is to follow. If you introduce your essay with a sloppy introduction, then the reader might lack the urge to continue with the reading process. Hence, you have to make your introduction as catchy as possible. The parts of an essay introduction include the following sections:

  • Topic sentence
  • Brief background information
  • Thesis statement

The topic statement of your essay should grab the attention of the ready. Make it catchy and interesting. This way, your reader(s) would anticipate continuing the reading the rest of the essay. A clever way of starting an essay is by using a topic sentence that relays a fact, some known statistics, an observation or a question. The middle part of the introductory paragraph should give background information on the topic of the essay. The thesis statement should end the introductory paragraph. Usually, the thesis statement gives the stand of the writer on the topic of discussion.

Part 2- Paragraph 1of the Body

The second section of the 5 parts of an essay should be the beginning of the body of your essay. In this section, ensure that you give a point or an idea that shows support to the thesis statement. While you are introducing your ideas in the body section, ensure that you start with a point that holds much weight. The second part of your essay (part 2) should relay the most important point of the essay. The first paragraph in the body section should have three parts:

The topic sentence: The topic sentence in a paragraph introduces the main idea in the paragraph. Consequently, the writer takes this opportunity to create awareness of the theme of the paragraph.

Supporting sentences: The supporting sentence of a paragraph should elaborate on the topic sentence. Here, a writer should give pieces of supporting evidence that backs up the claim made by the topic sentence. The pieces of supporting evidence could be in the form of examples, facts, statistics, known literature, or even personal experience. Typically, the supporting sentences should be sufficient to convince to agree with the point of view declared by the topic sentence. Three to five sentences are enough to provide supporting statements in the paragraph.

The concluding sentence: At the end of the paragraph, the writer should always include a concluding sentence to mark the end of the paragraph. The last sentence should always summarize the point put across by the topic sentence and the supporting statements. The concluding sentence should close the paragraph and prepare the reader for a new idea or thought that follows in the next paragraph.

Part 3 – Paragraph 2 of the Body

The third part of the 5 parts of an essay should be the second paragraph of your body. Here, the writer relays the second most important point or idea of the essay. Remember, the second paragraph of your essay had the strongest point. Therefore, to maintain the flow of your essay, ensure that you make the second most important point in the third paragraph. The opening sentence of this paragraph should relay your second point. As such, ensure that you use transitional words or phrases to connect the first point to the second one that you are introducing.

Just like the preceding paragraph, the second paragraph of the paragraph should have three parts:

  • The topic sentence
  • Supporting statements
  • Concluding statement

Ensure that you maintain the three-part flow of paragraph to put your points across in an orderly manner. Use a compelling argument as the topic sentence. Most importantly, always ensure that the topic sentence supports the thesis statement in the introductory part of your essay. After the opening sentence, proceed by adding supporting statements that back up the claim made by the topic sentence. The supporting statements could be in the form of examples, facts, statistics or results from personal investigations. In the end, include a sentence that summarizes the paragraph and marks the end of the paragraph.

Part 4- Paragraph 3 of the Body

The fourth part in the 5 parts of an essay marks the end of your essay body. At this point, introduce a point that is weaker than the two other points give in the second and third part of your essay. However, ensure that the point supports the thesis statement put at the end of the introductory part.

Even though the fourth paragraph relays the weakest point of all the other points, it is equally important. Ensure that you maintain the flow of paragraph just the same way that you developed the other paragraphs. The three parts of the paragraph remain the same, i.e. the topic sentence, supporting sentences and the concluding sentence. As you give the concluding sentence, ensure that you make it clear to the reader that the paragraph is the last one of your points. The best easy to make this obvious is by using a transitional phrase or word at the beginning of the paragraph.

Part 5 – The Conclusion of the Paragraph

The conclusion of your essay is the last part of the 5 parts of an essay. You must always ensure that you properly conclude your essay. How do you conclude properly? A good conclusion restates the thesis statement of the essay. Ensure that you connect the concluding paragraph and the introduction paragraph only that this time, you are making the final remarks. Always remember the following key points while concluding your sentence:

  • Concluding paragraph is equally important
  • The conclusion should restate the thesis statement, make sure that it does not sound the same as the introductory paragraph
  • It should also provide a summary of the key points in the body of the essay

The conclusion of the essay should give a summary of the whole essay. Provide statements that summarize the three main points indicated in the body of the essay. The last statement of your concluding paragraph should give a clear indication that the essay is ending. Make sure that you end it with a statement that will make the reader think of the essay even after completing it.

Tips on How to Write an Essay with the 5 Parts of an Essay

The task of writing a good essay might come across a stressful task. However, with proper guidelines, essay writing can be an easy as ABC. Even though there are different types of essays, most essays conform to the outline of the 5-part essay. The types or functions of essays might be different, but the basic essay format is quite the same. The difference comes on how you will develop the ideas and thoughts.

The following additional tips will help you develop an essay that is logical, consistent and relevant.

Choose an Interesting Topic

Choosing a topic for your essay is the first step towards writing a good essay. Sometimes, your instructor might provide a topic while other times, you might be asked to write a type of essay using your topic. When the latter occurs, it would be upon you to choose an interesting topic. Whenever you are choosing a topic for your essay, ensure that use an overall overview of the subject matter to narrow down to the main focus. Use a compelling topic to gain the interest of your readers. A shallow topic could create a misjudgement on the contents of the essay.

How Do You Structure an Essay?

Before starting the writing process of your essay, ensure that you create an outline that will guide you while writing the essay. Creating an outline for your essay is very important as it ensures that you include all the arguments correctly. Moreover, the outline ensures that you do not forget any point. Therefore, it would be advisable to draft an essay outline using an essay format. One may ask, what is an essay format? Well, an essay form, ensure that it contains the following significant parts:

Part 1- Introduction

  • The hook
  • Supporting sentences (summary of your essay)
  • The thesis statement

Part 2- First paragraph of the body

  • Topic sentence – your main idea or most important argument supporting the thesis statement
  • Provide examples or evidence that will elaborate on the topic sentence
  • Explain the significance of the pieces of evidence and the examples
  • Concluding sentence

Part 3- Second paragraph of the body

  • Topic sentence – second most important argument that will further support the thesis statement
  • Elaborate on the topic sentence by providing pieces of evidence or examples in the supporting sentences
  • Explain the significance of the examples and the evidence to the thesis statement
  • Concluding sentence

Part 4 – Third paragraph of the body

  • Topic sentence – third most important argument of the essay supporting the thesis statement
  • Elaborate your topic sentence using relevant examples and evidence
  • Explain the relevance of the examples to the thesis statement
  • Include a concluding sentence

Part 5 – Conclusion

  • Summary the three main ideas in the body
  • You could add recommendations if necessary.
  • Mark the end of the essay

Such an outline creates a good foundation for writing an essay since you can have an overview of how you would link and connect all your ideas or arguments.

Write Down the Thesis Statement

Once you have your topic in place and all the ideas that you could use to develop your essay, you have to create a thesis statement. The thesis statement indicates to the reader the main idea or point of view of the whole essay. A clever way of developing the thesis statement is by having a keen look at the outline of the essay. Creating a thesis statement after you have drafted the outline will help you determine the main point of focus.

The thesis statement has two main points of focus; the first section, which involves the topic sentence and the second section, which involves the key point of the essay. After creating the thesis statement, you can proceed to write the rest of the essay. So, how do you start an essay? Read to find out how to start and develop the rest of your essay.

Introduce Your Essay

With the thesis statement in place, you become in a better position to write the introduction of your essay. As mentioned earlier, the introduction of an essay should always be compelling. Always ensure that you make the introduction as appealing as possible. Typically, the introduction sets the mood of the reader and will determine whether the reader will continue to read the essay or not. For example, to catch the attention of the reader, you could choose to include a quote, a question, statement or fact as the topic sentence of your introductory paragraph.

Write the Body of Your Essay

According to the 5 parts of an essay, the body of the essay should have 3 paragraphs. The body of the essay put across all the ideas, arguments or points of view of the reader. The most appropriate way of presenting all your ideas within the body of the essay is by using individual paragraphs to relay each point independently. Each of the paragraphs within the body of the essay should be in the same structure. Usually, it is always advisable to begin with the most important idea or argument and then progress to the rest of the points. Ensure that all paragraphs support the thesis statement.

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion of your essay marks the end of the essay. The conclusion is always the last section in the 5 parts of an essay. Just as mentioned earlier, always ensure that you summarize all the points in the conclusion of the essay. The conclusion of your essay should give the final thought concerning the subject matter of the essay. Furthermore, the conclusion of your essay should also give a restatement of the thesis statement. This way, you create a link between the start of the essay and the end of the essay.

Edit and Proofread Your Essay

Once you complete the essay, you should always read through it to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors. Furthermore, you should ensure that the essay makes sense and brings out your arguments in a persuasive way. Ensure that your essay flows consistently using the correct transitional words and phrases. Ensure that you go through your essay several times before you finally decide that the essay is fit for submission.

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In conclusion, essay writing is one of the most important tasks in school since it builds a foundation on several skills that apply in the outside world. Skills such as creative thinking, organization and presentation of ideas are among the basic skills that are acquired through regular essay writing. For this reason, it is wise to begin your essay learning process with the 5 parts of an essay. Our parts of an essay worksheet will help your expertise your skills in essay writing.

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