Teachable moments for promoting healthy social/emotional development

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Teachable moments for promoting healthy social/emotional development
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Young children’s social/emotional development is fascinating, complex, and sometimes challenging. Consider the situations below and think about issues of identity and development which may be present. Also think about responses that adults could offer to these situations, which would help foster positive social/emotional development:

  • Ryan refuses to play in the kitchen area, saying loudly that the kitchen is for girls.
  • A child stands crying near the door after her father drops her off.
  • Jaylene and Chris tell Timur he can’t play with them in the block area.
  • Tameron tells Christina, an African-American child, that she cannot pretend to be Cinderella because Cinderella has blonde hair.


In preparation for this Discussion, consider what you have learned with regard to the following:

  • The influence of classroom practices and interactions on the development of children’s social skills and on their developing gender, cultural, and racial identity
  • The role of adults in fostering healthy social/emotional and identity development
  • The role of guidance in healthy social/emotional development


By Day 3

Choose one of the scenarios above and Post how you would respond to the situation, keeping in mind that you want to model respectful interactions as well as foster children’s healthy social and emotional development. Using this week’s Learning Resources, support your statement as you write about the following:

  • The development of identity and/or social skills in preschool children
  • Strategies that a teacher can use to support the development of social skills and identity

Please have it done in 12 hours please

all orginal work 

APA format 

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