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Taxation accounting | Business & Finance homework help
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Please read the following:

Taxation is considered as the principal source of Government earnings. Revenue is considered as the fuel of Government machineries. In other word it could be said that, Government earns through taxation and spend it to provide multidimensional services like security, social safety, health care, road, bridges, transport, education etc. In modern system of Governance, tax system is important because it provides governments with reliable and sustainable

means of revenue collection; reduces dependency on foreign aid, increase financial autonomy; enables Government to provide various cash support to deserving citizens; encourages Good Governance, Accountability, and

Transparency; helps formalize the economy and promote economic growth etc.


a) Explain the Current tax system operating in Sultanate of Oman. (5 Marks)

b) Do you think that the current tax system will contribute to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of

the tax administration to support the economy growth? Justify clearly in your own words how the tax

system in Oman is supporting for the economic development of the country. (5 Marks)

Assignment should be your original work.

Answer for theoretical concept questions should be minimum 300 words.

Typography instructions:

i) Font style : Times New Roman

ii) Font Size : 12

iii) Line spacing : 1.5

iv) Paper Size : A4

I need it in 10 Hrs.

Thank you 

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