How to Write SWOT Analysis for Students

How to Write SWOT Analysis for Students

When learning how to write a SWOT analysis for students, one needs to focus on the key elements—strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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How to Write SWOT Analysis for Students
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If you are to describe college in a few words, it would be an oasis of different sorts. College is the place where many people build a foundation for their careers and make friendships that last a lifetime. However, that does not happen for all. To some students, college seems to be hard. College becomes the place where they get lost in life. As a result, marketing to college tasks can be such an uphill task. When you think of college students and the system in college, you would think there is a way to organize the system in terms of the interests of a student. This is where SWOT analysis comes to play.

how to write swot analysis for students

A SWOT analysis is applicable to an industry, company, or a person. It does not matter what you want to market to college students; you can use a SWOT analysis to market to students. Many businesses and programs use SWOT analysis for a large audience due to its simplicity. You can consider college business, and one can use the values and students’ input to perform a SWOT analysis that is useful to improve the system. When using a SWOT model for college students, you can picture it as a set of blueprints. You can then compartmentalize the information you get. A SWOT analysis for school students is more like that of a marketing strategy except that it is on an individualized scale.

How to Write a SWOT Analysis for Students

A SWOT analysis of a student of MBA can serve the following reasons:

Improving On Strengths

A student can use an analysis tool to identify the different areas they are strong. Often, the areas are significant and complex, and the identification of the same will give a student a competitive edge over other students. One must further learn how to build and use the areas that they are strong in for better academic performance.

Reducing Weaknesses

The weakness of an individual can stand in their way of accomplishing their goals. A SWOT analysis will help an individual detect the characteristics that are a weakness to them before they can be a problem for them. One must be realistic when uncovering their weaknesses if they want to address the weaknesses adequately.

Seizing Opportunities

A business thrives because of profits. A business owner should identify the available opportunities they can grab so they can make profits in the business. Opportunities can arise due to changes in the market or fluctuation of market trends. A SWOT analysis is helpful in opening one’s eyes to the availability of such opportunities. For a student, new opportunities might prove useful in the way they approach their academic life.

Facing Threats

Students can experience problems with their studies due to external factors. For example, some of the threats for students in SWOT analysis include the invent of new technologies, developments in the education system, and school policies can affect the way a student studies. Students need to identify threats to their academic performance and then face them. How one faces the various threats that come their way depends on their particular strengths and weaknesses.

Personal SWOT Analysis Examples

Although SWOT analysis is famous as a strategic tool to help with business planning and strategic business management, one can use SWOT analysis for other life applications. A good example is you can use SWOT analysis for a personality study. SWOT analysis uses a universal method of approach, thus making it applicable in different life circumstances. An individual can utilize the findings from the SWOT analysis to understand themselves better and also use the knowledge to further their career.


Gauging your strengths will depend on different factors that are beyond your subjective opinion. You need to consider the ways that other people view you and what they see in you. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when trying to find out your strengths:

  • What are the areas that you perform better than others?
  • Do you have any advantages over other individuals?
  • What virtues do many people who know you say you have?
  • Are there achievements that you are proud of?

If you notice that you do not have many areas as strengths as per your analysis, you can commit yourself to develop new strengths. For instance, you can take up new courses or attend different workshops to learn skills that can prove to be your strengths. Also, you can use certain games that are helpful in training one’s cognitive skills which can later prove to be a strength.

how to write swot analysis for students


It is important to identify your weaknesses as you get to know the cases that you can take up and when to ask for help. There is no person who has strengths and lacks weaknesses. Just as you need to learn your strengths, the knowledge of your weaknesses is equally important. In a similar manner, there are weaknesses that other people can identify in you while you cannot see any of it. Here are a few questions to guide you in identifying your weaknesses:

  • What areas do you feel doubt about yourself?
  • What tasks do you mostly try to avoid?
  • Are there weaknesses that the people around you see?
  • What are your negative traits?
  • What character features can you consider as shortcomings?


There are always opportunities at one’s disposal that one can grab and take hold of. However, you need to step out and identify these opportunities. Here are questions to guide your process of identifying opportunities that you can grab:

  • What innovative technologies do you know of?
  • What helpful data can you get from the internet?
  • Do you know people that can lend you a hand?
  • What are some of the benefits you can get from people who can help you?
  • How do you see the future?

When evaluating your strengths, do so in the light of the opportunities that are accessible due to your strengths. Fortunately, you can develop new strengths that can further open other opportunities for you.


A SWOT analysis would be incomplete without assessing the threats that you may face. The threats also put into consideration the risks you face as an individual. Threats act more like limitation and will often stand in your way of meeting your goals. You can only eliminate or deal with threats if you know what they are. Helpful questions in the identification of threats include:

  • What challenges do you experience at work?
  • Are there competitors?
  • What are the requirements for your work to change?
  • Do you encounter problems due to progress in technology?
  • Are your weaknesses in your way of success?

A detailed personal SWOT analysis will be helpful before you take a job. That is because you will be assessing your professional capabilities and knowledge when analyzing. The analysis will also help you know the factors that you need to pay attention to, and the ones to ignore altogether. Lastly, you can tackle interview questions better when you have undertaken a SWOT analysis as you have ready answers.

how to write swot analysis for students

Personal SWOT Analysis Example for an Employee

A SWOT analysis for an employee entails a self-evaluation of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Equally, the employee should evaluate the opportunities available at the workplace and the threats experienced. Usually, the strengths and weaknesses of an employee are internal factors, while opportunities and threats are external factors. An employee has control over internal factors and not much control over external factors. However, a SWOT analysis will help an employee deal better with external factors.


The first step of SWOT analysis is to analyze one’s strengths. In this stage, the employee should write down all their strengths either on paper or on software. Such software is available online. Some of the strengths an employee can highlight are strong oral and written skills and lots of experience. An employee can evaluate their strengths by comparing themselves with other employees at the same level.


Besides highlighting their strengths, an employee should evaluate their weaknesses as well. An employee’s weaknesses include lack of enough experience, inadequate work resources, lack of technical skills. The weaknesses of an employee can hinder them from performing certain work tasks.


The third stage of the SWOT analysis for an employee is to look for available opportunities in the job position. For instance, when an employee finds out that the company is expanding, the employee should conduct enough research about the new department. Therefore, an employee can see the things that they may be required to do to seize that opportunity. New opportunities may require an employee to get extra training and skills so that they can fit the new job position.


An employee’s SWOT analysis is incomplete without checking the threats they face in their workplace. Some of the threats one can face include fluctuation in a company’s sales and profits, potential takeover, increased workload, and competition. When a company is facing an external threat, the career of the employee is facing a threat as well.

Next Way Forward

The primary goal for an employee to conduct a SWOT analysis is to look for ways they can sure their position in the company. Also, an employee improves their chance of being promoted. That is because a SWOT analysis helps them improve on their performance s an employee. Matching both internal and external factors by conducting a SWOT analysis will help an employee achieve the primary goal of undertaking a SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis for Students Presentation

After doing a SWOT analysis for students, one can consider making a SWOT presentation. The presentation of your SWOT analysis will help present your analysis results to an audience. Below is a guide on how to create an ideal presentation of your SWOT analysis.

Use Analysis Diagrams

You need to include both text and graphics in your presentation to grab the attention of your audience. However, you need to get a balance between the text and graphics. For instance, you can replace the bullets with diagrams for data visualization. Diagrams will help the audience understand the logic of your analysis presentation. You do not need advanced graphic design skills to be able to include diagrams in your presentation. There are templates you can get and customize to your specific requirements.

Use Different Colors

When highlighting the four elements of your SWOT analysis for students; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your presentation, use different colors for each element. Not only will the colors help you point out your elements, but also they will make your presentation eye-catching and bright. Colors have a special role in data visualization. When choosing your colors, ensure that the color shades match well with each other.

Good Choice of Font And Background

Many people prefer to use the color white as their background for their presentation. However, you can use another color for your background if you want your presentation to appear stylish. Some of the background colors that look good for SWOT analysis presentations are black, grey, and blue. After choosing a background, the other choice you need to make is that of your font size. The font you use in your presentation should be readable. Usually, font size 18 is ideal for presentations. Lastly, choose a font shade that has good contrast with the background. Failure to have a good contrast of the font and background will distract the audience from the main presentation.

Show the Connection Between Elements

The elements in a SWOT analysis for students—strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats have an interconnection. When highlighting these elements in your presentation, show the emphasis on the interdependence between these elements. You will be able to help the audience understand better how the internal factors relate to external factors.

how to write swot analysis for students

Break Down Your Analysis Presentation

There are some instances where a SWOT analysis for students may be part of the large analysis. In other instances, the SWOT analysis for students may be the main subject of your presentation. In the latter, you can break down your analysis into different sections. An ideal way to break the analysis is to have each element in its slide. After that, you can show how one element connects with the other and how the four elements have an interdependent relationship. In so doing, display enough information on one slide to avoid having an overcrowded presentation. When there is a lot of information for one element, you can always use more than one slide.

It does not matter the audience you are preparing the SWOT analysis presentation for, you should prepare an appealing analysis presentation. Every slide of your presentation will have an impact, and you want to ensure that you design every slide best. You can create your slide templates or get ready-to-use personal swot analysis word templates from the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Write a SWOT Analysis for Students

How Can One Turn Strengths Into Opportunities?

One can use internal strengths to grab opportunities that are available and minimize any threats. You can also eliminate any weaknesses you have to minimize threats. Lastly, taking advantages of opportunities will improve one’s weaknesses.

How to Turn Weaknesses to Strengths?

Here are some of the ways you can transform weaknesses to strengths in your leadership swot analysis:

  • Recognize any weakness you have. Denying that you have a weakness will be a barrier in changing your weakness to strength.
  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Be prepared for a transformation process
  • Acquire skills you do not have
  • Look for areas that you have weakness in and serve

What Is an Opportunity in SWOT Analysis?

An opportunity refers to any external factor that gives one or an organization a competitive edge over others. Swot analysis for managers will help identify these opportunities that will be steer an organization forward.

Examples of Opportunities

Some of the opportunities one can use include:

  • Changes in government policies
  • Events; both local and global
  • New promotional techniques
  • Technological advancements

What Are the Threats in SWOT Analysis?

Threats refer to things that may cause harm to yourself, product, or organization. It is important for one to recognize threats and know how to deal with them. Examples of threats are change in governing laws and policies or the introduction of alternative products in the market.

What Is Opportunity Analysis?

This refers to the process of identifying and analyzing different opportunities that are set to improve performance. For instance, opportunity analysis for a business involves exploring different ways to improve revenue and minimize losses. As a result, the business will improve profits and achieve other desirable objectives.

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