Swift River Nursing Simulation

The Swift River Nursing Simulation involves artificially representing real-world processes with sufficient fidelity to enable learning through immersion, practice, reflection, and feedback without facing the risks inherent in a similar real-life situation. Regarding medical education, simulation has come a long way from the days of basic task trainers used to rehearse the necessary skills to high fidelity patient simulators. Simulation-based medical education has plenty of advantages for its users and a few drawbacks.

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In this article, we focus on the Swift River Nursing simulation, its benefits, why medical students should consider it, and swift river virtual clinicals reviews.

Daniel Moreschi is responsible for creating the Swift River Nursing simulation, courtesy of his lifetime of experience in the field of nursing. With extensive knowledge of clinical nursing and nursing education, Daniel discovered the gap for an effective means to replace the limited practical clinical experiences most nursing students were facing.

He was keen on the vital requirement for nursing schools to make safe practitioners out of their students, with the ability and skills to perform well in NCLEX exams. This would enable them to become more proficient and caring clinical nurses. Finally, drawing from his experiences both in the classroom and the clinic, Daniel knew that to accomplish his goals, nursing students had to; develop their sequential thinking and experiential learning skills while understanding concepts such as delegation, assignment, and prioritization.

What is Simulation?

The word simulation is a derivative of the Latin word ‘simulare,’ which is literally translatable to ‘to copy.’ More recent definitions of simulation consider it a situation where a specific set of conditions are created artificially to enable participants to experience or study particular actions that are possible in real life. In other words, it refers to artificially representing real-world processes for achieving educational goals through experimental learning.

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Simulators such as Swift River Nursing simulation have become a pivotal part of medical education and training. This is a span of about 400 years now, from the days of using birthing mannequins during the 17th century. Once only limited to rudimentary task trainers for rehearsing necessary skills, modern-day simulation aims to increase patient safety and task proficiency, enhance team management skills and professional communication, and mitigate medical errors.

Depending on the adaptation, simulation can accommodate the needs of preclinical, clinical, and preclinical subjects within the medical curriculum. Nowadays, simulators like Swift River Nursing simulation can handle numerous training procedures, ranging from drawing blood from virtual patients to trauma care and laparoscopic surgery.

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How Students Learn Using Swift River Nursing Simulation

When learners register, they acquire their unique Swift River online login details. Ideally, the Swift River Nursing simulation uses authentically presented problem-solving scenarios that involve reflection and feedback. Students undergo an educational process that requires clinical decision-making and critical thinking.

The choices available are from a branching or a sequential set of options for different care episodes that last short periods. Swift River Nursing simulation actively engages students to process their respective subject matters at a deep level, rather than a superficial one.

A critical part of this trajectory is achievable through individual feedback on the actions a student takes. This individual feedback is often provided on screen courtesy of the real-time data each student’s computer collects as they handle tasks. Through this two-way communication, be it written or verbal, the Swift River Nursing simulation can achieve interactivity with its users.

Similar to laboratory-based simulations, problem-solving through the Swift River Nursing simulation can help students transfer their theoretical knowledge into practical settings. E-simulation programs like the Swift River Nursing simulation have additional benefits such. These include learners completing their individual programs under minimal supervision and at their own pace.

Considerably, this aspect alone potentially improves the learning outcomes by minimizing student anxiety. Additionally, the Swift River Nursing simulation allows students to practice repeatedly because there are no logistical concerns like stuff allocation, equipment allocation, or laboratory bookings. To take advantage of the Swift River Nursing simulation, go to https://learn swiftriveronline.com.

swift river nursing simulation

Reasons for Incorporating Swift River Nursing Simulation in Medical Education

Through decades of accumulated evidence, we can support our claim that using simulated learning environments in healthcare education is a very effective teaching strategy. A simulated learning environment replicates real-life situations in Ward -like environments. According to simulation studies, safe and controlled learning environments can achieve dramatic outcomes in its user’s skills, knowledge, critical thinking, confidence, and competence.

Learning in simulated environments draws plenty of influence from fidelity. In this case, fidelity refers to the extent to which the user perceives simulation experiences as real-world experiences. One major cause for the spike in the use of Simulated Learning Environments internationally is the escalation in the number of healthcare students who need significant clinical placement experience. This is particularly true for nursing and medicine students.

In nursing, simulation education has the potential to replace a certain proportion of hours of clinical practice. Numerous forms of simulation now constitute nursing curricula. To date, most simulation approaches take a predominantly face-to-face setting, where learners participate individually or in groups in a laboratory setup. Such laboratory setups simulate human patients using mannequins.

On an international scale, investment in simulation labs and the necessary technical equipment, e.g., computerized whole-body manikins, task trainers, and staff training, is very substantial. The implication of this is that simulation strategy is here to stay and will be more common in disciplines such as medicine and nursing in the unforeseeable future.

E-simulation or technology-enhanced simulation as a teaching and learning strategy extends the limitations of traditional face-to-face simulation in laboratories. Practically speaking, this is achievable by leveraging information technology, fast Internet speeds, and increasing accessibility to computer-based scholarly communication methods. With this in mind, below are some reasons why you should consider incorporating the Swift River Nursing simulation in your medical education.

Patient Safety

All patients need protection from all kinds of avoidable harm. Patients are not commodities only useful for training. Through simulation-based medical education, institutions can impart the correct skills and attitudes among medical students. Simulated education can help them handle critical situations in a controlled setting. This level of control prevents students from harming actual patients due to procedural malpractices by inexperienced trainees.

swift river nursing simulation

Limited Resources

Patients who can demonstrate accepted medical concepts may not always be willing or available to take part in teaching programs. Besides, due to legal and ethical constraints, it may be difficult to get hold of experimental animals to teach students certain medical concepts. By leveraging on simulations such as Swift River Nursing simulation, healthcare learners can easily overcome these constraints.

Ethical Sensitivities about Patients

The consent of the patient to participate in teaching programs becomes void if they are prompted by compromises in care following their refusal. Any payments made to patients to entice them to participate in teaching programs may constitute inducement. Additionally, confidentiality about Patients is lost if both nonclinical and clinical staff have access to the patient’s data used during teaching.

Such ethical issues and more hints towards a great need for feasible alternatives to using real patients in medical training.

Minimal Teaching Time

The shrinking teaching time, coupled with the rapid expansion of medical knowledge, creates busy schedules for physicians. As such, time constraints leave physicians with less time to teach medical students. By using the Swift River Nursing simulation, however, even the busiest of physicians can still teach their students.

Changing Medical-Legal Milieu

The change in medical-legal implications has significant implications on training practices that limit skills training in real patients. Not to despair, however, because simulated training is now a viable option.

Swift River Virtual Clinicals

ER Leadership

How Does the ER Leadership Simulator Work?

In the ER Leadership simulator, students get to triage over 200 virtual patients. This usually happens in the presence of background sound distractors. Users can assign ESI levels of acuity, ranging from level 1 to level 5. Students will then have to assign nurses competent in experience and skills to care for their patients.

Depending on the prevailing situations, students can adjust the staffing and move assigned nurses to different patients according to the best available staff and the preferable level of acuity. As indicated in the simulation, students have to discharge and transfer patients as promptly as possible. When no other options exist, students should divert patients appropriately.

There will be a ticking time for all leadership decisions and a metric for measuring the accuracy of a student’s overall actions per simulation. This simulator will also assess each student’s ability to think sequentially with all actions considered. Upon completion, students will have an overall throughput time, which demonstrates their timely ability to rapidly move patients given busy emergency department settings.

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Determining the Score of an Acting Nurse

The score of an Acting Nurse is determined by:

  • Average process times
  • Selecting correct supplies accurately
  • Correctly calculating dosages
  • Accurate filling of correct dosage amounts
  • How accurately they place administrators in correct locations

Dosage Calculation

How Does the Dosage Calculation Simulator Work?

Students are required to compute basic math problems that relate to medication administration. Within the virtual environment, students will have to demonstrate proper medication administration mechanics. By improving their time and accuracy in the simulation, students will have to demonstrate their progress in dosage calculation.

Determining the Score of an Acting Nurse

The score of an Acting Nurse in this simulator is determined by:

  • Average process times
  • Accurate selection of correct supplies
  • Correctly calculating dosages
  • Dose-Cal: using four different programs in a single application
  • Accurate filling of correct dosage amounts
  • How accurately they place administrators in correct locations


How does the Med-Surg Simulator Work?

Students using this simulator will have to form preliminary assessments based on their respective assessment data for medical and surgical patients within the virtual clinical environment. Within the medical-surgical virtual clinical environment, students will have to assign appropriate nursing diagnoses to patients.

Students will have to demonstrate their ability to prioritize medical-surgical nursing care as required by the sequential arrangement of care. Also, students will prove their ability to delegate or prioritize care in the presence of call-light distractors within the simulation.

This simulator assesses student progress based on the student’s ability to demonstrate progress in how they care for medical-surgical patients. Some key metrics include the accuracy and time of the simulation.

Swift River Med-Pass

Through the Swift River, med-pass students can develop and assess their clinical judgment skills via the administration of medication. Med-Pass has about 36 clients with more than 300 medications in both Brand and generic names. Students in this simulator will have to work under time pressure and in the presence of distractions such as random call light requests.

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How the Score of an Acting Nurse Is Determined

  • Accuracy of call light
  • Average process time
  • The accuracy of nursing scenarios
  • Accuracy of acuity assignments

Medication Administration

How the Medical Administration Simulator Works

In this simulator, students have to identify medications correctly according to their respective classification. When administering both injectable and oral medications within the virtual environment, students have to demonstrate safety rights.

Each student has to pass medication for multiple patients, both safely and accurately. Depending on their assessments of the patient, students can identify when to hold the medication and when not to hold it. The simulator assesses the progress in their skills in medication administration via improvement in accuracy and time of the simulation.

Determining the Score of an Acting Nurse

  • Average process times
  • Accurate selection of correct supplies
  • Dose-Cal: using four different programs in a single application
  • Correctly calculating dosages
  • Accurate filling of correct dosage amounts
  •  How accurately they place administrators in correct locations

swift river nursing simulation

Swift River Obstetrics

How the Obstetrical Triage Simulator Works

In this simulator, students have to correctly identify about 17 basic obstetric definitions. Students identify these obstetric definitions according to the available assessment data.

After identification, students have to correctly triage or assign presenting patients to various departments within the virtual clinical environment. Students demonstrate progress in their skills in the obstetric triage by improving the accuracy and timing of the simulation.

Determining the Score of an Acting Nurse

  • Average process times
  • Correctly calculating dosages
  • Accurate filling of correct dosage amounts
  • How accurately they place administrators incorrect locations
  • Accurate selection of correct supplies


How the Pediatrics Simulator Works

Students will begin their practice in this simulator by forming preliminary assessments based on the reported assessment data available for pediatric patients within the virtual clinical environment. After forming preliminary assessments, they will then have to assign an appropriate nursing diagnosis for patients in their respective pediatric virtual clinical environments.

Students will gauge the priority of pediatric nursing care that patients need according to the sequential arrangement of care in the virtual clinical environment. Besides, they will have to demonstrate safety in how they administer medication for pediatric patients.

To demonstrate progress in this simulator, students have to improve in the accuracy and time in which they run the simulation. Lastly, students will have to demonstrate delegation or prioritization of care in the presence of call light distractors within the pediatric virtual clinical simulation.

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Mental Health

How the Mental Health Simulator Works

To begin the simulator, students will have to correctly identify roughly 17 common psychiatric diagnoses and correctly identify psychiatric nursing diagnoses relevant to their presented assessment data.

Students will display what they know about common medications for the presented psychiatric nursing diagnosis by identifying adverse effects or side effects of some common psychiatric medications.

In later stages, students will have to assess the stress levels of a group of patients within the virtual clinical environment. They will identify the levels of stress ranking from the highest to the lowest within the group of patients.

Each student will have to display an understanding of the correct interventions for any identified stress levels among the patients. To demonstrate progress in their extent of care for psychiatric patients, students will have to improve their accuracy and time in this simulator.

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Determining the Score of an Acting Nurse

  • Accurate selection of correct supplies
  • How accurately they place administrators in correct locations
  • Accuracy in calculating correct dosages
  • Correct filling of appropriate dosage amounts

The Advantages of Swift River Nursing Simulation

E-simulation involves students in objective-based role-play situations using digital simulations that happen on a computer screen. These simulations aim to depict real-life clinical case situations that engage the students in problem-solving. Most E-simulation programs rely on electronic media sources like DVD and local servers, e.g., on university networks or stand-alone websites, as in the case of web-based simulations.

Nowadays, numerous computer-mediated communication approaches have good carryover benefits to real-life situations. Below we look at some of the benefits you stand to gain by using the Swift River Nursing simulation.

Immersive Learning

The simulated scenarios in the Swift River Nursing simulation are super realistic, hence engaging students at an emotional level. Such emotional engagement provides for unique learning experiences, e.g., patients in the high fidelity simulator talk, breath, blink, and move like real patients.

Experimental Learning

Through years of research on optimal learning practices, both learners and instructors can agree that practical learning is among the best learning methods available. Using simulation programs like this one, students have the chance to hone their skills while applying the theoretical knowledge they acquire in class.

Enhanced Understanding of Abstract Concepts

Particularly during the beginning of undergraduate medical curricula, simulation can help students improve their understanding of abstract medical science concepts such as physiology and pharmacology. E.g., it is usually difficult for most beginning students to understand how drugs affect blood pressure using static images or traditional demonstration methods. However, it is possible to overcome these limitations using simulation programs.

Rare Event Training

Using simulations is very beneficial, particularly when it is not possible or feasible to engage real systems. The limited availability of such systems could be due to results like inaccessibility or danger to the participants. By leveraging on simulation programs, educators can deliver controlled training environments in various circumstances, high-risk or uncommon scenarios.

Skill Acquisition and Maintenance

Students generally acquire clinical skills better when they train using simulations instead of didactic lectures only. In numerous studies conducted on student skill acquisition and maintenance, the results often reflect significant percentages of students demonstrating better management and assessment skills after undergoing simulation training compared to PowerPoint lectures.

Standardized Training

By using simulations in education, institutions can provide standardized training for all students. This helps reduce imbalances in the skills different students acquire.

Swift River Virtual Clinicals Reviews

According to most nursing clinical and academic instructors who have used The Swift River Nursing Simulation, this is the most realistic case presentation and clinical simulation available. The simulation helps students think like nurses by availing them opportunities to apply sequential learning while honing their prioritization and delegation skills.


Web-based simulation programs, like the Swift River Nursing Simulation, are valuable resources that require incorporation with traditional methods classroom and laboratory teaching to enhance students’ abilities to develop clinical competence.

Public funding agencies should be encouraged to provide long-term support to open access platforms to increase the rate of development. It is the perfect time to multiply the distribution of web-based simulation resources to teach at both the undergraduate and professional levels.

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