Speech presentations | BSL 4040 – Communication Skills for Leaders | Columbia Southern University

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Speech presentations | BSL 4040 – Communication Skills for Leaders | Columbia Southern University
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Improving Your Speech Delivery Project

This assignment includes two parts. Be sure to pay close attention to the directions in each part as they build upon each other.

Part 1

Write and record a two-minute speech on any topic that is important to you. Present your speech to an audience of one or more persons. You may record the video and present the recorded version to the audience, or you may present the speech in person and record it for submission for this assignment. To record and upload the video of the speech to YouTube, use the instructions found here. The instructions explain how to obtain a link to your video on YouTube. Provide the link to the video in your reflection statement in Part 2 of this assignment. Also, include a transcript of your speech at the end of the reflection statement in Part 2 of this assignment.

Have your audience use the following evaluation questions to evaluate your delivery, and personally answer all the same questions for your self-evaluation.

  1. Did I use an extemporaneous delivery style?
  2. Did I use appropriate notes but not read or memorize my speech?
  3. Did I establish eye contact with my audience before I began my speech?
  4. Did I maintain eye contact during my speech?
  5. Did I use gestures in a natural way?
  6. Did I have an appropriate posture?
  7. Did I have an appropriate facial expression?
  8. Did I vary my facial expression?
  9. Did I speak loud enough to be heard clearly?
  10. Did I speak with vocal variety?

In the reflection statement, include a link to your YouTube video.

Part 2

This is the reflection part of the assignment.

Write a paper about the experience, which should be a minimum of three pages in length. Discuss what aspects of this assignment you found helpful for your future career. Mention some strategies you can use to improve your speech-making abilities.

Your paper should include the items below.

  1. Include a link to the YouTube video of your speech.
  2. Write a reflection that examines the responses to the evaluation from both you and your audience in light of what your textbook says about presentations.
  3. Write a conclusion with a reflection on what you can do to improve your presentation skills.
  4. Include a transcript of your speech at the end of your paper. (This does not count toward meeting the minimum page requirement for Part 2 of the assignment.)

Your paper should be three pages minimum in length (not counting the transcript, title, and reference pages). All facts should be cited and referenced listed using APA style.

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