Sociology Paper Assignment | Sociology Paper

Sociology 1010: Introduction to Sociology

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Sociology Paper Assignment | Sociology Paper
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Paper Assignment


Due Date: DUE Thursday 7/9 to Blackboard


Length: 1000-1200 words (word count does not include references, title page, or headings.)


Formatting:  Double-Spaced

Consistent Font Throughout

No Spaces Between Paragraphs

No Block Quotes (direct quotes should be no longer than 2 lines)

In-text citations (in ASA style)

No footnotes

Reference page properly formatted in ASA citation style

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Grade: 100 points


You will turn in your paper to BlackBoard.  This is a requirement.  Failing to do so will result in a zero (0) for the assignment.  Papers handed in via email will NOT be accepted.  The icon appears under CONTENT near the top with the title “SUBMIT FINAL PAPER HERE”. Paper MUST be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Acrobat (.pdf).  The university provides access to Microsoft Office.  Contact IT to have it downloaded onto your computer.  Do not wait until the last minute!! Lack of knowledge and/or experience on Blackboard or technical difficulties are not valid excuses for missing due date or late submission.


In Blackboard when you make your submission in the comments section, please indicate whether you would like NO COMMENTS (paper grade will be posted 7/20) or COMMENTS (paper grade will be posted 8/1).  If you leave section blank, I will assume you do not want comments.  Once paper grade is posted, comments cannot be requested retroactively.



How does your IDENTITY and LIFESTYLE impact your DIET?: Using three (3) concepts from class analyze the social factors that impact your diet in terms of: what you eat, where you eat, with whom you eat, and how you eat.  Here are some questions to consider:

  1. How do social forces expand and/or restrict your diet (e.g. geography, family history and tradition, socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity, activity level, exposure to different cultures)
  2. How is your membership in certain types of groups affecting your diet (e.g. do you find yourself eating less meat when you are around vegan friends)?
  3. Has your diet changed over time? If so, what forces led to that change?
  4. How might the media (TV, Instagram, etc.) affect your food choices?
  5. Are there any sociological theories that provide an explanation for how/what you eat?





Make sure to define your concepts/terms and provide proper citation from the book and your outside sources.  Show me that you understand what they mean and can apply them properly.  Assume the reader knows nothing about sociology.  Explain your concept so that someone hearing it for the first time will understand it.


For each point you make, you must provide detailed and concrete evidence.  You will use your own experiences of course. In addition to your own experiences and the textbook, you must research for new material.  You are required to find and utilize a minimum 3 outside sources (ones that we did not use in class).  You can always use more than 3 sources (3 is the minimum).  Two (2) of the 3 outside sources must be academic text (peer-reviewed) this includes the use of government publications such as the Current Population Reports and use of government data sites (census.gov, cdc.gov, ncsl.org).  To get academic articles, click on the “peer-reviewed” option in the search engine you are using.  For books, look for ones that were published by a university press (ex: Oxford University Press). (Please note: Lexis/Nexis Academic does not bring up academic/peer-reviewed sources.  It searches newspaper and magazine articles)


One (1) of the outside sources can be non-academic.  Sources that would count as non-academic include, newspaper articles (e.g. Rocky Mountain News, The New York Times), magazine articles (e.g. Time, Newsweek), and news broadcasts (npr.org, www.pbs.org/newshour). Sources that you should NOT be used under any circumstances include Wikepedia, student web pages, dictionary (may be used but does not count for your 5 sources), encyclopedias of any kind, Internet blogs, etc.  If you have any questions about the type of source you have, let me know.


In total, you should have at least four (4) entries in your reference page: three (3) sources you found yourself and one (1) for the textbook.

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All information must be properly cited with a complete “References” page attached to the paper (reference page does not count in word count).  Paper should have at least 4 entries in the reference page: the textbook and one entry for each of your 3 outside sources.  When in doubt, cite (this includes paraphrasing as well as direct quotes). The reference page must use ASA format









The D/F Paper  The D or F paper is inadequate.  It lacks content, development, and analysis.  It also has serious grammatical and stylistic problems.  It lacks cohesion and/or logical ordering.  This makes it difficult for the reader to follow the text.  Or the paper may have accrued point deductions for such things as student failure to submit an electronic version to SafeAssign or failure to meet basic paper requirements (such as use of sources, proper citation, length, etc.).



The C Paper  The C paper is adequate.  The paper may be grammatically correct, but lacking in content or development.  Conversely, the paper may have above average content and development but some grammatical errors.  C papers generally present more plot than analysis, fail to sufficiently prove the thesis, and/or may have some factual, interpretive, or conceptual errors.  The paper may have shallow analysis (more descriptive than analytical).  The paper may be repetitive or some ideas may be undeveloped or unsupported.  The essay may make limited use of textual evidence.  The paragraphs may be weakly unified, underdeveloped, or unfocused.  The arrangement of paragraphs may seem awkward.



The B Paper   The B paper is not only competent in all major areas, but excels in several.  As opposed the C paper, the B paper contains certain achievements that make it more than adequate.  Usually these are in the areas of content and language.  Although lapses may appear in the paper, they are usually trivial and sparse.  Still, mere absence of error does not assure the paper a B grade.  This paper should illustrate an understanding of the text(s) and take ideas beyond the obvious.  The thesis is supported by textual evidence.  However, the ideas may not be pursued with enough depth and detail.  At times the paper may describe rather than analyze.  The essay is in coherently arranged paragraphs.



The A Paper  The A paper is a superior piece of work that is a pleasure to read.  It need not be flawless, but it is outstanding for a college writer.  Usually the A paper excels the B paper in content, diction, and style.  The writer of an A paper generally treats the subject in an original and insightful manner.  The essay goes beyond the obvious ideas in the text(s) and is controlled by a clear, precise thesis.  The paper uses textual evidence (specifics/quotation) effectively.  The arrangement of paragraphs and transitions is particularly apt.

Assignments will be graded on these main criteria:

***NOTE: Please realize that although I commend your effort, effort alone will not ensure an A.


Yes No Criteria
    Paper met the word count for the assignment
    Included “Works Cited/Bibliography” page
    Works Cited is properly formatted using ASA citation style
    Used required number of scholarly sources
    Used required number of sources total
    Author provides proper and consistent citation throughout paper
    Author cites all material that is not common knowledge and was not an original idea
    Addressed all parts of the paper assignment
    Paper is interesting
    Ideas are fresh and original

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    Paper has clear thesis statement
    Thesis statement functions as it should
    All material presented is relevant to thesis statement
    Paper uses specific examples, illustrations, facts, and evidence to support thesis statement
    Paper has a sufficient amount of evidence to support thesis statement
    Paper is cohesive and unified
    Paper goes beyond merely summarizing other works
    Paper is free of gross spelling errors
    Paper is free of major sentence errors (fragments, comma splices, run-ons)
    Punctuation is used correctly
    Paper is free of errors of agreement (subject/verb; pronoun/antecedent; etc.)
    Language of the is paper concrete
    Language appropriately formal for a term paper
    Vocabulary is that of a college student
    Author has avoided ineffective clichés
    Paper avoids use of contractions
    Writing is efficient (not wordy)
    Sentences and paragraphs begin differently
    Transitions are effectively used between paragraphs
    Author has achieved a natural voice
    Sentence length varies



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