Sociology discussion question and assginment

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Sociology discussion question and assginment
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Discussion Question 1:

This week we’ll review the documentary Sicko and we’ll reflect on the central themes.  In doing so, we’ll apply our knowledge of the healthcare disparity across various demographics.   For our discussion, please address the following:

  • Go to YouTube.com and search “Sicko Michael Moore”. If you do not have access to videos, you can look this up online to read an overview.
  • What is a health disparity? How is the affected by our demographics (gender, race, age, income etc.)?
  • Have you faced (or heard of) any issues with today’s healthcare system? If so, please share your observations (within your comfort level).
  • In your opinion, should healthcare be free for everyone? Why/Why not?

Discussion Question 2:

This week we’ll review the PBS website for The Pill and we’ll reflect on the findings.  In doing so, we’ll apply our knowledge of population control.   For our discussion, please address the following:

  • Go to PBS – The Pill. If the link does not open for you (or expires), you can go online and search “PBS The Pill”.
  • What is the population of the United States?
  • Define “population control”. In your opinion, is it needed in the US?
  • Describe how population control to help or harm a society.



Directions: In a one to two page essay, address the questions below. Your essay should be double spaced and use 12 point Times New Roman font (black).

  • Describe what a health disparity is. What groups are at a higher risk of facing these? (minorities, elderly, etc.)
  • Define the feminization of poverty.
  • Summarize if income and demographics affect the quality of healthcare an individual may receive.
  • Apply one of the three sociological perspectives to today’s healthcare system (Conflict Theory, Functionalism, or Symbolic Interactionism)


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