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Please read the book The Little Prince  by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and make a book report.College Homework Help

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Social Science Assignment | College Homework Help
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First select 13 characters. Review the main 3 elements that need to be addressed for each character.

1) what symbolism does the character has in the book?

2) How is the symbolism in the book relevant to the story?

4) What is the character’s symbolism today?

Once you have addressed those 3 elements for each character taht you have choosen, then proceed with your report.

Here is the format: Let the characters tell the story along with the plot and setting. let the characters tell the story. list 13 characters, along with your answers to the three questions.

Overall impression of the book, what did you LIKE OR DISLIKE about the book? you can be subjective on this part of the report. Get Social Science Homework Help Today

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