Social Media Policy Presentation Speech Assignment | Speech

Part 1: For this assignment, you need to write a 5-minute speech (about 600-650 words) regarding the following topic:
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Social Media Policy Presentation Speech Assignment | Speech
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You have been hired as an HR Specialist the company has asked you to draft a Social Media policy and you have to deliver it as a Social Media training video for the company employees. Your task is to pick a subject important to HR and present it as a training video. You can work with one other student to create a video about an HR Social Media Policy to make HR more engaging for employees and provide a successful ROI for the employer (non-profit, private, public or governmental). It should not be more than a 6-minute (no shorter than 5 min) video.

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Make sure you submit an executive summary and a link in the summary of your video.

Some ideas:

Keep the following questions in mind when you are creating your video. You do not need to explicitly address each of these in the final project. They will help you structure the assignment.

You have been hired as an HR generalist for a semi-large multinational corporation that has been resistant to the trends of social media over the last few years. Management is giving you the opportunity to make the case for the use of new tools to help improve the organization.

Creating the policy: The 7 key questions

A perfect social networking policy to cover these new media could be drafted using only a few words: “Be mature, be ethical, and think before you type.” Ultimately, you may decide that such brevity is what you want for your business. For the sake of completeness, though, here are the seven most important questions to ask yourself when drafting a social networking policy.

How far do you want to reach? Social networking presents two concerns for employers—how employees are spending their time at work, and how employees are portraying your company online when they are not at work. Any social networking policy must address both types of online use.
Do you want to permit social networking at work, at all? It is not realistic to ban all social networking at work. For one thing, you will lose the benefit of business-related networking. Further, a blanket ban is also hard to monitor and enforce.
If you prohibit social networking, how will you monitor it? Turning off Internet access, installing software to block certain sites or monitoring employees’ use and disciplining of offenders are all possibilities, depending on how aggressive you want to be and how much time you want to spend watching what your employees do online.
If you permit employees to a social network at work, do you want to limit it to work-related conduct, or permit limited personal use? How you answer this question depends on how you balance productivity versus marketing return.
Do you want employees to identify with your business when networking online? Employees should be made aware that if they post as an employee of your company, the company will hold them responsible for any negative portrayals. Or, you could simply require that employees not affiliate with your business and lose the networking and marketing potential Web 2.0 offers
How do you define “appropriate business behavior?” Employees need to understand that what they post online is public, and they have no privacy rights in what they put out for the world to see. Anything in cyberspace can be used as grounds to discipline an employee, no matter whether the employee wrote it from work or outside of work.
How will social networking intersect with your broader harassment, technology and confidentiality policies? Employment policies do not work in a vacuum. Employees’ online presence—depending on what they are posting—can violate any number of other corporate policies. Drafting a social networking policy is an excellent opportunity to revisit, update and fine-tune other policies.

Please notice this is a speech, not a formal essay, so your language should be casual and informal. Use first person “I”. And MLA format and research are not required here. I have attached a example:

Hi there, this is JR. Today I’m going to talk about the impact of social media platform on young adults. I find an article stating “8 influencers whose side by side photos prove Instagram isn’t real life”. Influncers bring up that the reason for the big difference between Instagram versus reality comes from the pride of oneself.

Let me start off with the question “what do individuals present on Instagram?” What image do they create? Image in this context means first impression. It is obvious that Instagram is more than just a picture. Influencers cover topics on traveling, food, fashion, social life, and a lot more. They could have share something new and get attentions from followers and general public. Not much people know about their actual life since they are creating fake life on social media. Influencers want to present a life that everyone desires about. They want people to know they are having a good life and enjoying their life. They rarely bring up negative emotions in their posts.

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So what is the process of producing a picture and why does it matter? Taking pictures is just a snap, and there is more going on into the editing of a picture. I am pretty sure most people edit pictures before posting since we all want to present the best to others. People who are obsessed with their appearance do surgeries. Then, it is not a big deal they photoshop their face and body to make themselves prettier. I always make sure the lighting and background are all set up before taking a picture. I do photoshop to blur the people behind and correct my body proportion. For me, I focus on the overall picture vibe rather than the details on face and body parts. When People are on screen with the videos, their motion cannot be too quick or too slow. Now I say hello to you guys, hi u see my gesture is too quick and it would make you feel uncomfortable, possibly dizzy, while watching. First impression determines whether oneself would become their followers and have an interest to check out their

Part 2:
Besides the presentation above, you need to write a Executive Summary for this assignment (about 3 pages)
Here is the requirement for executive summary and How to write an Executive Summary.

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