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Social issues | Psychology homework help
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Social workers encounter evolving social issues that affect communities, families, and individuals on different levels. These issues have social implications and include abuse, homelessness, and mental health concerns. Social workers use the term “client problems” to refer to the social issues that belong to the people they help, and they address these client problems by intervening in times of need. When considering interventions to address client problems, social workers may draw from several levels of systems theory. Social workers might consider interventions at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Micro level interventions involve individual or family systems. Mezzo level interventions might include community systems such as a school or church. Macro level interventions might include a school system, and state or federal governmental entities.


 select a client problem that has social implications such as homelessness, substance abuse, child abuse, or high school dropout that might require social worker intervention. With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief description of the client problem that has social implications you selected. Then, explain why the problem you selected might be a concern for social workers at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Finally, explain at least one intervention a social worker might use to address the client problem at each of the three levels, and explain why. Be specific.


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