How to Write a Self-Reflection Essay: Effective Communication in Health Care

Self-reflection essays provide more in-depth insight into one’s thoughts and feelings. Learning how to write a self-reflection essay will be helpful for effective communication in the healthcare industry.

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How to Write a Self-Reflection Essay: Effective Communication in Health Care
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When choosing a career path, most individuals consider their passion and interests before they can sign up for any program. However, when the students get to school, they might realize that they are learning stuff far different from what they figured. Not so with nursing students. Nursing studies focus on making students understand what nursing practice pertains to. During the studies, students come into contact with the situations that are real in the world and not just in textbooks. That explains why admission to nursing school is not a walk in the park.

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Before getting admission to nursing school, you need to write a self-reflection essay about yourself. The essay is a requirement by the admission officers to gauge your credibility for the position in nursing school. The test is a requirement as it shows your communication skills owing to the importance of communication in the nursing profession. Failing this essay test will deny you admission, and stand in the way of accomplishing your goal.

If you do not know where to begin when writing an essay, this article provides a guideline for what you need for successful essay writing and how to write a self-reflection essay. But first things, first, the first thing you need to do when writing a self-reflection essay for effective communication in healthcare is to undertake self-reflection.


A good starting point when learning how to write a self-reflection essay, is self-reflection.

How do you start a self-reflection?

It is obvious that you are familiar with your outward appearance, but how well do you know your inner self? It is equally important to know your inner self, just as it is to know your outward appearance. Self-reflection involves understanding who you are, your values, and the reason for your thoughts and actions. Self-reflection includes a personal analysis that will restore balance to your life.

Self-Reflection Process

Self-reflection helps with self-growth and starts with self-examination. But how do you go about self-reflection? Here are the steps to follow:

Find a Suitable Environment

You need to be in the right environment so you can think clearly. The place should be peaceful and quiet. The right environment may not entirely be away from other people. However, there should not be any disturbances.

Ask Questions

In the process of reflecting on yourself, you will need to ask yourself multiple questions. These questions include:

The Whys

The ‘whys’ seek to identify the reason for specific behavior. In this case, you need to identify common behavior occurrences. Seek to find the reason for your thoughts and actions.

The Who, Where, and What

After identifying your reason for your behavior, you will need to know what you would do from that time forward. The three questions to answer are: “Who do you want to be?” “Where are you headed?” And “What will you do differently next time?” These questions will give you more insight into the subject that is the basis of your self-reflection.

how to write a self-reflection essay

The How

Now that you are aware of where you are headed, who you want to be, and what to do differently, you should seek to know how you intend to do that. Answering this question will give you the roadmap you may need to get you to where you want to be from where you are.

Have a Limit

Self-reflection is beneficial in creating self-awareness. However, too much of it can be hazardous. Excess self-reflection without a way out is harmful to your mental well-being. You thus need to have a limit for yourself. Once you reach the limit for your reflection, change your focus to a different thing.

Journal Your Thoughts

Writing the thoughts, you get during self-reflection might prove useful in understanding yourself more. A journal will keep these thoughts together, and you can find the link between the thoughts. Also, the journal acts as a reference point should you forget a particular thought later.

Make an Appointment with a Therapist

You may not have considered it at first, but talking to another person may help you organize your thoughts. Therapists are professionals and will help you gear the thought process to the issues you may face and important issues. The therapist will also help you with the possible changes to adopt positive change.

Self-Reflection for Effective Communication in Healthcare

Reflective Communication with a Therapist

Therapists in the healthcare industry will be helpful in reflective communication which is essential in self-reflection. In reflective communication, you will be expressing your feelings and thoughts, while the therapist will restate your words. Through that, you will get to self-reflection, which is effective for communication in healthcare. That way, they will be a verbal mirror of you. Through reflective communication, you may notice certain aspects of your thoughts and feelings that you would not notice in self-reflection.

How do I write an essay about myself?

A self-reflection essay helps reveals your communication skills. The self-reflection essay will show how your communication with patients will be. A self-reflection essay is an essay about yourself and should have three main parts; introduction, body, and conclusion.

The Introduction

The introduction should capture the attention of your reader. You can start with describing a personality trait, belief, or a life event. You can also start with your biography and explain how your life has been, and how it is at the moment.

The Body

The body should contain a deeper explanation of the traits in the introduction. You should give real examples and factual details to back the traits. Give the experience, background, and challenges of the life event, and how they shaped the traits. These traits should show how you are fit for the admission position.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of your essay and should reemphasize the subject in the body.

Besides wrapping up the purpose of your essay, express future aspirations and how the essay subject connects with them.

how to write a self-reflection essay

Self-Reflection Essays

Individuals aspiring to be nursing students will need to write a personal reflective essay to describe their situation before getting admission to nursing school.

What is a self-reflection essay?

Do you know what a self-reflection essay is? Do you know how to write a self-reflection essay? If the answer to any of the two questions is no, do not fret. [brand] experts are willing to hold your hand. In simple words, a self-reflection essay is one that is based on personal views, experiences, and feelings.

In this case, a nursing self-reflection essay will be an essay whose basis will be your nursing practice. Writing a proper nursing self-reflection essay shows how prepared you are to face the challenges and situations that may arise in your nursing career. Also, one can gauge the level of your expertise by reading your reflective essay.

A nursing self-reflection essay will help you learn the art of thought expression—an essential skill in the nursing practice. That is because, in your nursing career, you will be helping patients from all walks of life. So, what does writing a reflective essay entail?

Although there is a high demand for nursing professionals, the high demand does not eliminate the requirement for nurses with quality education, and that explains why passing the admission test to nursing school is hard. But that is necessary since nursing professionals play a major role in the healthcare industry, and community service.

There is then a need to have students who are decisive on becoming nursing professionals. How can they tell that you will make an outstanding nursing professional? Your reflective essay will give useful insight into who you are as a person. As a determined aspiring nursing professional, you should express this in your essay.

How to Write a Self-Reflection Essay

A good starting point in how to write a self-reflection essay is asking yourself, “Why did I want to be a nurse?” A good self-reflection essay for effective communication in healthcare will begin when you have an answer to the question. But that is an easy question? Unfortunately, not. There are many students who cannot answer that question. Such students should reconsider their decision to become a nursing professional. However, if you have an answer to the question, and your decision is firm, you should consider writing that reflective essay.

Where to Begin on Your Essay

Before you start writing your essay, you should consider looking for nursing reflective essay examples. Not many students write creative essays, and that is a bad idea. You will find numerous essays that have the same story. That means that they were picked from one essay. You should avoid copying a story from another previous student. That calls for creativity writing for your reflective essay to stand out from the rest.

Your Essay Should be Based on Truth

The best way to make your essay outstanding is to base the essay on truth. Your truth. Reflect on any situation that may have happened from clinical placement. Write descriptively about who was there, what happened, and why that situation caught your attention. That way, the essay will capture your reaction and decision-making ability in critical situations. Every nurse requires these skills.

Compose a Personal Essay

This is the main part where you have the opportunity to express your feelings. Write how that situation felt, and what led to those feelings. Remember to include the actions you and the people present took. Express your care in regard to the act to show you are sympathetic.

Evaluate the Incident

The other stage of this essay is the evaluation of the event. Describe how you feel about the incident. What is valuable to you? Did it lead to professional, or/ and personal development? If so, indicate how the experience did that. This will express your personal development in the reflective essay, which is a critical skill for a nurse.

The Proper Focus Point

When picking a story for your nursing essay, it is most likely that you will pick one that deals with the profession. While this is a practical strategy to follow, ensure that you are the focus of the story. Focusing on other people, such as patients and nurses, will be missing the point. The essay is yours, and it should be about your experience. Therefore, go all in indicating the lessons acquired and how that influenced your decision to be a nurse.

There is Room for Fantasy

You read that right. You are allowed to express your fantasy in the essay. This is how. Write about the actions you would take if the same situation happened again. In this part, you are allowed to express your thoughts on what you would do in that situation if you were given a chance to prepare for the situation.

how to write a self-reflection essay

In comparison to other schools, there is stiff competition in getting entry to nursing school. That explains why application essays are critical for any student seeking admission to nursing school. At this point, you have most probably checked resources that will guide you in essay writing. You probably have the topic ideas that you will use for writing your essay.

Even so, keep in mind that you should write an essay that will pass the test. What does that mean? You can have the perfect topic, expressed your thoughts, and aced your grammar while at it, and still get rejected. Reason? You need to follow the right format of writing a nursing essay. A nursing essay contains numerous parts that carry different information about you.

Critical Parts of a Nursing Self Reflection Essay

The essential parts of a self-reflection essay for effective communication in healthcare include:


This will be the first part of your reflective essay. Here, you should explain the purpose, both general and specific, of the essay. A reader should tell what your essay will be about once they read the introduction.


A reflective essay focuses on experiences and behavior. Therefore, you need to explain those experiences to the reader. This part is the core of your essay and should contain the important details.

Your Thoughts and Feelings

After narrating your experience, you should go ahead and express what you felt and your thought process during the experience. This part not only reveals your emotions in situations but also reveals your control over emotions.


In this part, you will write about the lessons you picked from the experience. You will analyze your feelings and thoughts above. In short, you will explain how your feelings and thoughts after the experience made you understand more about yourself. You can also explain the necessary further action to take for self-development.


This is the last part of a reflective essay. The reflective essay conclusion is a summary of the entire essay. Here you will wrap your thoughts about the experience. The conclusion should be simple and straight-forward.

Mistakes to Shun in Learning How to Write a Self Reflection Essay for University

After weighing the pros and cons of being in the nursing professional, you are sure that this is the career path you want to take. You have decided that taking care of sick people and being their hope is what you want to do. You have also gone further and looked up on what it takes to write the perfect nursing reflective essay. Even then, you cannot take any chances with your application. You need to get into nursing school and pursue your dream. How so? Do not mess your application by making any of these reflective essay writing mistakes:

No Nursing Story

An application essay to nursing school is empty if there is no story to it. Not just any story, your personal story in real life. You may indicate all the qualities that a nursing professional should have. However, if you do not share your life-story, the essay will not get you admission. The life-story should depict different personal qualities which qualify you to be in the nursing profession.

Not Including Experiences

There is nothing wrong with the desire to practice in the nursing profession. However, the intention is not enough. You need to share personal experiences in your essay, and show how they led to the intention of being a nurse. You may write a great essay, but if it is void of nursing-related personal experiences, you will miss the whole point of a reflective nursing essay.

Insufficient Reasons

The intention of writing your nursing reflective essay is that you can gain admission to the nursing school. Surprisingly, some students fail to mention the reasons why they need to get admission. Some students do not give sufficient reasons that would convince the nursing school admission officers to offer these students admission.

Do not submit Plagiarized Work

Did you know that plagiarism is punishable? As if that is not enough, there is no way you will get admission to nursing school if the essay you submit is plagiarized work. You do not want that. Honesty is a core value in nursing professionalism, and plagiarism is a violation of the honesty policy. You can avoid plagiarism by creating your essay from a unique story. Also, ensure that you cite all the sources you use when creating your essay.


There is a common saying among writers that to make a good conclusion, simply rewrite the introduction. Please do not do that. Rewriting the introduction so you can get a conclusion is nothing but repetition, which is unnecessary. Repetition shows that your thoughts are limited, and a person who loves shortcuts. Not to mention that it is boring to read repeated content. Draft all your ideas first and ensure you tackle each to avoid repetition of ideas.

What It Takes to Write the Write a Perfect Essay

Follow the Instructions

When writing your essay, there are assignment instructions that you should adhere to before, during, and after making your application. It is important that you take your time to go through these assignment instructions. The right essay will be null if you do not follow the given instructions. The admission officers check whether you followed the instructions when reviewing your essay.

Seek Help

You are not the only one who wants to see yourself getting admission to the nursing school. There are other people who see your passion for nursing and would want you in nursing school too. Therefore, do not be afraid to seek help in writing your essay. [brand.com] has expert writers who understand what it takes to write the perfect essay. Besides having essay writing skills, the writers have adequate knowledge of the nursing profession. That way, you can be sure that a nursing reflective essay from them will get you nursing school admission.


When writing an essay, the need for adequate research cannot be overemphasized. Take your time to gather resources before you start writing. The resources could range from books, journal articles, and self-reflection essay examples for students. Whatever your resources will be, ensure that you analyze each carefully and merge your research results into the perfect essay.

Text Balancing

After creating your essay draft, consider checking how balanced your text is. In this, check the logic of your story narration. Also, compare the percentage of your thoughts and other people’s work in your essay. Your essay should contain more of your thoughts than other people’s work.

Follow the Right Structure

Essays have a standard structure that they should meet. Your essay should have the right paragraphs, and with the right number of works. There is also the paper formatting style that your essay should follow. Whether the requirement is to format your essay in APA, MLA, or Chicago format style, be sure that you do just that. Lastly, do not include any words or terminology that should not be present in your essay.

Review and Editing

When beginning your writing process, the chances are that you will first go through writing instructions. Thereafter, you will determine what you will write about. You can jot the ideas down and create a draft essay. Once you have your draft, you may take more time editing the draft to create the final essay. And that is okay. Going through your draft helps you confirm that you have included the right things in your essay and the proper logical structure. Also, you will note anything that you might have omitted when writing your essay.

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Learning how to write a self-reflection essay for effective communication in healthcare is not as hard as it may seem. You will need to understand what it takes to write one, and how to go about it. Once you understand the critical parts of a reflective essay, have the research materials, you can be sure to get that admission letter to nursing school. In case, you have uncertainty on how to write a self-reflection essay for your nursing school application, consult with [brand] for reflective essay writing services. The help you need in writing the perfect nursing self-reflection essay for effective communication in healthcare is a button away.

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