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Select an article | Law homework help
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Step 2: Select an Article


Locate an article on a topic of interest to you from a local newspaper in your area or from a national newspaper. You can use a print copy or an online copy. Most newspapers provide free access online.


Step 3: Read the Article


While reading, use the pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading strategies described in the Unit 3 Reading as well as the strategies you learned in Unit 2 for identifying the author’s purpose and audience.


Step 4: Post Your Analysis


In your Discussion Board post, identify the author and title of the article you chose to read, the name of the newspaper that published the story, along with the URL link to the article.


Provide a summary of the article. Identify the audience, purpose, and main idea of the article. Indicate how you determined the audience and purpose. Identify important supporting details presented by the author to support the main idea. Evaluate whether the article was effective in accomplishing its purpose.


Which reading strategies were most beneficial to you when reading the article? How did these strategies help you discern meaning?




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