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See below | Social Science homework help
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**************Do not simply copy and paste content from a source and then cite it.  You will end up with a high originality score.  Paraphrase, paraphrase, paraphrase.****************


Each student will prepare a 8-10 page paper, not including cover page and references, that addresses the following question: What is the greatest challenge to US healthcare, why, and what would you recommend?

In the past, I’ve had students simply discuss each of those bulleted points below independently of what they consider to be the greatest challenge.  Do not do that.  If you discuss the role of government, you need to relate the role of government to what you consider to be the greatest challenge to U.S. healthcare.  If you write about current trends, then relate those current trends to the greatest challenge facing U.S. healthcare.

To fully address this question, the analysis MAY consider the following, but remember to tie it back to what you consider to be the single greatest challenge to U.S. healthcare:

  • What role is played by government?
  • Identify and analyze current trends in healthcare, including information technology, biotechnology, smart phones, health informatics, and other relevant technologies in the context of the overall US healthcare system.
  • Address the impact of various stakeholders and influencers.
  • How do education, workforce availability, and human capital issues affect healthcare?
  • Identify key factors driving or limiting the further growth of healthcare.
  • How do the social determinants of health impact? What other external factors might influence healthcare?
  • Deliberate on the roles of professional obligation and ethics.

Grading considerations will include the following factors and apply the same rubric as above. 


  • Paper is 8 – 10 pages in length (not including cover page and references), is double spaced, uses 12 point font, and uses correct grammar and spelling
  • Five external citations are included using APA style
  • The paper identifies the issue, examines contributing factors, and applies critical analysis toward drawing a well-founded conclusion.
  • All major assertions and predictions about the future are not just personal opinions but are supported by clear and coherent logic and appropriate external references

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