Scholarship Essay about Volunteering | Free Essay Samples

Scholarship Essay about Volunteering | Free Essay Samples

People from different parts of the world have a different perspective on volunteering. However, one standing factor is that volunteering is all about serving the community without compromise. Some would say community service is like a calling. Most youths and community-based organizations take part in various community development forums and activities. The best part about community service and volunteering is that there also exist scholarship opportunities to extend your services to other different parts of the world or the nation. Thus, there will be a requirement for each participant to write a scholarship essay about volunteering. As a result, provides you with free essay samples for comprehensive guidance and insight.

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Scholarship Essay about Volunteering | Free Essay Samples
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Scholarship Essay About Volunteering

Community service or volunteering is working for free for the benefit of your community or the public. Volunteers make that decision to work for free because they have chosen to do so. People have different reasons for offering their free services to the public or the community. Students or the general public who offer such free services are referred to as volunteers. Volunteering has several positive impacts on such students or the general public. Such benefits include the development of social skills, interaction and living among the community members, and above all, improving the living standards and quality of others. Several organizations provide students with scholarship opportunities to serve better, hence the need for a scholarship essay about volunteering.

What Is the Importance of Volunteering?

There are different ways one can volunteer their services, such as working with a group in the church, joining a non-profit organization, or you can start your own service project and have friends join you in service the community and the general public.

Community service can range from the relatively simple ones to complex ones.

The importance of getting involved with community work, ranging from:

  • School benefits
  • Personal development benefits
  • Health benefits
  • Community benefits
  • College benefits
  • Professional benefits.

School Benefits

Most high schools in the United States require students to take part in community service to graduate. Furthermore, in spite of community service being part of the Honor system to report what activities you have done, most schools require their students to have at least approximately 200 hours of community work before they grant the students with their degree. Community service is most common in Cristian schools where they want students to serve the community using their God-given talents and to instil the Christian virtue of service to every student.

Additionally, community service helps students have the personal motivation, practice what they learn in the classrooms outside the class, develop their skills of critical thinking when handling real-life situations, and have a different perspective about life challenges and solutions.

Personal Development Benefits

First, community service helps students learn and identify their personal weaknesses and strengths. Handling real-life situations provide students with the opportunity to see how much they can contribute to a project outside the classroom. Also, students get to develop their team-building skills, leadership skills, good communication and understanding, and above all, find solutions to complex situations and circumstances.

Additionally, students get to understand the different people in the society and develop interests in social justice, equality, and fairness.

Health Benefits

Feedback from several students taking part in community service or have ever taken part in volunteering indicate that volunteering is not only good for your conscience and state of mind but also your health and whole being. Focusing on the problems other people instead of your own, help reduce stress, as reported by most students. Helping others solve their issues also elevates mood and health.

Community service help prevent depression when one is going through a tough moment, as it helps provide you with a support system from the other participants. Also, people taking part in community service stay fit physically since they are always active. Activities such as cleaning the beach is a good form of physical exercise.

Community Benefits

Community service or volunteering helps students get directly involved in the betterment of their community. Volunteers are an integral part of the community. For instance, most elderly people would not be able to get food had it not been for the volunteers.

College Benefits

Volunteering can make a huge difference and depict a different personality that would greatly influence your personality. Most importantly, it is good to note that community service is among then most common extracurricular activity most students include on their college applications. Highly competitive schools are keen to notice lack of voluntary work to serve as an elimination point. For organizations offering community service scholarships, you will require to have a look at community service scholarship essay examples.

Furthermore, you will have to write a comprehensive scholarship essay about volunteering. Sometimes, you might be required to submit a community service reflection essay, or an essay describing volunteer work. Additionally, you might be asked to write the benefit of community service essay, or community service and leadership essay.

Professional Benefits

Study and statistics from Timebank, a volunteering charity based in the UK, and a recruiting company, Read, indicate that 84% of employers agree that volunteering creates the best platform for people to find work, 70% of employers state that volunteers have higher chances of getting employment and higher salary and promotions, 80% of employers would like to see community service in resumes, and finally, 23% of employers agree that volunteering enhances the skills of their staff, such as communication, time management, and leadership.

Furthermore, volunteering helps one build a network, and one is likely to meet people with whom they share ideas and interest. Such people might become important contacts to provide you with letters of recommendations and increase your chances of winning job opportunities.

Why Do I Want this Scholarship Essay?

Before we dive into how to write a scholarship application, let us first understand what a scholarship essay is. A scholarship essay is an essay that students submit, along with their scholarship application. Also, a good essay stands out among the pool of essays presented during applications. Furthermore, it should give the admission committee a taste of who you are, your goals, and why you deserve a scholarship.

Scholarships are usually offered by individual organizations which support education. Also, conduct research on the organization and ensure you understand their values and mission and include them in your essay. Furthermore, this is the chance to focus on your strengths and change the challenges and issues into a successful story. Above all, encompass detailed, and actual examples from your life to support your arguments and claims to elaborate on why you deserve the scholarship.

How Do You Write a Volunteer Essay?

First, it is advisable to take part in your community based voluntary services. In as much as volunteering abroad might sound all fun and lucrative, charity begins at home.

However, in case there is an opportunity to offer voluntary services at you deem fit, never hesitate to apply. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to write a scholarship essay about volunteering.

Also, it is vital to get all the experience you will require to get a scholarship opportunity. Most lucrative scholarships are competitive, and therefore, you need all it takes to stand out. Taking part in community service in your community is the first step to get to the top. Scholarships for voluntary services have different prompts, such as scholarship essay examples about yourself, and career goals essay examples scholarship.

How Do You Start a Scholarship Essay?

Before we jump into how to start a scholarship essay, let us have a look into a scholarship essay outline and a scholarship essay format.

Scholarship Essay Format

To have an outstanding scholarship essay outline, it is essential to comprehend your scholarship essay format. With this information, you will be in a position to clearly organize and put down your ideas. The format of the essay helps us address the question, “what should a scholarship essay look like?” and know how to write a good scholarship essay about volunteering.

A scholarship essay outline has the following three general parts.

  1. Introduction
  2. Paragraphs
  3. Conclusion


The introduction is very important as it determines whether one will continue reading your essay or not. Therefore, you should use a hook that ultimately grabs the attention of the reader. Lastly, include a thesis statement, to give a brief explanation of why you deserve the scholarship. Have a compelling introduction and show compassion in your scholarship essay about volunteering.

Ensure that you are as natural as possible and avoid using quotes and clichés in the introduction, or anywhere in your essay. Remember, this is your essay; therefore, own the essay by using your own words.

Scholarship Essay About Volunteering


It is in the body that you will give all the required information as you give evidence on why you deserve a scholarship. You will have to address the following in your scholarship essay about volunteering:

  • What are the significant challenges in your life?
  • How did you overcome the challenges?
  • What are your long-term career goals?
  • How will this scholarship help you?
  • State your current academic goals.
  • How can volunteering help the community?
  • Reasons why you selected the particular university or college?
  • Why you want that specific field of study?
  • Elaborate on how the scholarship will help you attain your academic goals?
  • Explain how the scholarship will help you attain your long-term career goals?
  • Specific and actual real-life encounters to support your claims.

Always be keen and particular, ensure every paragraph discusses and has comprehensive information on one central argument.


At the conclusion, include a brief summary of your major points. Above all, create more emphasis by restating your thesis statement, stating how the scholarship will help you attain and achieve your short-term and long-term academic and career objectives.

How Do You Start a Scholarship Essay?

First, the introduction is the initial section of your essay. However, the entire process of receiving a scholarship ought to begin before you put down your introduction. As part of the preparation to write an outstanding scholarship essay, allocate enough time, develop a scholarship essay outline, and ensure you keep track of the deadlines.

Below is a scholarship essay outline on how to start a scholarship essay.

Familiarize with the Prompt

Ensure that you exactly and carefully follow the scholarship essay prompts. You might write an exceptional essay but still have your application rejected if you fail to follow the instructions and adhere to the prompt. Examples of scholarship essay about volunteering instructions are word count guidelines that should range between 400-500 words and the recommended formatting.

You should carefully read the instructions to get what is expected from you. Also, your main focus should be illustrating why you deserve the scholarship. Additionally, consider the following questions when writing your scholarship essay outline:

  • Why are you applying for that exact scholarship?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • Your career objectives and aspirations.
  • What are the goals you are pursuing?
  • What exclusive contributions can you present in a particular field of study?


The format of the essay submission will guide you on whether or not to include a topic in your essay. First, when you are applying for a scholarship through Going Merry, there is a provision of a text box entry, all you will have to do is copy and paste the body of your scholarship essay, without the title. Secondly, in case you are attaching your essay as a word document, including a title is optional. However, the title is normally unnecessary unless there is a provision or an instruction to include a topic for your essay. Nevertheless, a topic can be essential if you wish to provide the reader with more information before you start the essay.

Also, when you are required to include a topic, it is advisable to do the following:

  1. Write the entire essay, then create your title.
  2. Have enough time to think of a title before you write.

Additionally, a comprehensive and descriptive title summarizing the prompt could work well, provided you present a strong essay.

Scholarship Essay About Volunteering

Writing a Compelling Hook

A hook is the opening statement of the essay, and its key objective is to capture the attention of the readers and make them want to read the entire essay. The hook is a vital section of your essay. Remember, the committee or board have dozens of essays to review. Therefore, it is critical to make your paper catching and worth remembering. Thus, a strong, captivating and powerful hook comes in handy. You should ensure you are as creative as possible and original.

The Content of the Paragraphs

The body is the longest section of your essay and should address all the questions the committee require you to answer. Since the essay requires a discussion on scholarship essay sample about “why I deserve the scholarship”, mention your challenges, goals, and obstacles you have faced in life.

Volunteering Experience Essay Sample

When writing a scholarship essay about volunteering, one can use a scholarship essay template. However, templates have a way of limiting your flow of ideas. Therefore, it is advisable to e creative and owns the entire essay writing process. Most community service activities are based on your environment. Thus, you might have essays prompts asking you to write my community essay in English, worry not, provides you with free essay samples you can use for guidance.

Given the global pandemic, natural disasters, diseases and growing rates of street families, and my academic background in Social works. However, my experience as a graduate student and a working-class woman from XXX and supporting myself since I was XXX has given me a whole different experience. I witnessed my parents work as slaves to earn a little amount of money we needed for daily upkeep in our single room house. The daily struggles of my parents motivated me to strive harder to achieve my goals and help in giving back to society. I am looking forward to becoming the first in my home to attain a graduate degree to serve as a source of motivation and have the chance to offer my community service.

With motivation and encouragement from my parents, I graduated from XXX University with a major in Social works. During my four years at XXX University, I received Honor’s List five times consecutively. I was also privileged to take part in the basic life skills programs, taking care of the homeless and helping them get shelter. The program allowed us to mentor and provided guidance and counselling to the youths and young adults. Also, the local business owners had a chance to attend workshops and financial exhibitions to improve their businesses.

Continuing with my graduate work will be very challenging without a good source of income for the next academic year. This scholarship will provide me with the best opportunity and peace of mind to manage my utilities, such as transport, rent, and academic materials such as books. Additionally, this scholarship will help me attain my GPA target, provide me with the chance to serve the community and the general public, and take part in more relevant programs and activities. I strongly believe that the committee will give me the chance to get the support I require at this point to continue with my studies.


To conclude, there are two critical tips to help in writing the body of your essay, first, avoid generalization of your ideas at all cost, and secondly, ensure your statements concur with the interests and objectives of the organization providing you with the scholarship. Thus, knowing what to include in your essay is a good step in writing a scholarship essay about volunteering.

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