Sales and objection eict5 | Human Resource Management homework help

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Sales and objection eict5 | Human Resource Management homework help
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One of the hardest aspects of sales is overcoming objection. Many times, salespeople will give up after the first objection from the customer. Being a successful salesperson means overcoming objections and being confident in yourself to know that the customers are not rejecting you, but what you are trying to sell them. Managing your expectations is essential and can help with overcoming objections.


For this CT assignment, assume that you are a sales manager. As the manager, you have been tasked with creating a plan for helping your sales staff overcome objections. In order to create the plan, you have decided to create a training response to the typical objections that many salespeople hear. The five typical objections are listed below:


  1. They believe it will be a hassle to switch companies.
  2. Your company is not as well branded as the competitors.
  3. They can possibly do the work internally instead of using your services.
  4. The timing is bad.
  5. They have an existing relationship with other another.

For each of these five objections, you will create a response plan for overcoming the objection. How would you handle each of these objections in order to make the sale? Remember that your responses should be geared towards the sales staff and be in a training format.


3 APA citation/ sources

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