How to Write a Rogerian Argument Essay

A Rogerian argument essay uses a negotiating strategy where an author discusses opposing and proposing views of a subject and comes up with a neutral ground for the differing parties.

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Homework assignments are an inevitable part of learning. The earlier you accept that you will have assignments from time to time, the better it is for you. But handing in your assignment is not the only thing that a teacher requires from you; you need to hand in the right assignment. That means that you have to give the correct answers for your assignment. That means that you need to need to know what an assignment is about, and what the teacher requires of you.

For instance, what should you write when you get an assignment on writing a Rogerian argument essay? You need to understand what a Rogerian argument essay is, the structure it follows, what it takes to write one, and what to avoid when writing one. Here is a breakdown on what Rogerian argument essay writing is all about:

rogerian argument essay

What is a Rogerian Essay?

One of the argumentative essays that you will have to write is a Rogerian essay. This kind of argumentative essay received its name from Carl Rogers, an American psychologist in his days. Carl Rogers came up with a new way of presenting argumentations. Therefore, to honor his contribution, the theory he came up was named after him, and hence the name Rogerian argument essay. This way of argumentation is useful when one is handling controversial and highly sensitive issues and is different from the Aristotelian argument which seeks to convince a reader. The writer who is presenting the argument presents a sensitive topic to the public with low chances of being hostile. The main idea of the Rogerian essay is to present a sensitive idea without leaning on any side of the argument. The arguer respects the two conflicting sides and looks for a compromise.

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What is the Purpose of a Rogerian Argument Essay?

A Rogerian argument essay seeks to achieve three main goals:

  1. The author makes the reader know that he or she understands their point of view on the subject issue.
  2. The writer seeks to make his point of view known to the reader with validation points.
  3. The essayist seeks to shed light on the common ground that the reader and author share, and thus come up with a compromise which is neutral ground.

What Does it Take to Write a Rogerian Essay?

Writing a Rogerian argument essay is similar to writing other types of essays. You need to follow a given structure, so you do not stray from the subject. The structure helps you to present your argument in a logical and proper order. Here are the steps you will take when writing this kind of essay:

Coming Up With a Rogerian Essay Topic

You will be presenting your argument to the reader on a certain idea. Therefore, you need to find a suitable topic for your essay. When students get a Rogerian essay assignment, often the teacher gives them the topic. However, in some circumstances, the teacher tells the students about a particular idea and then lets the students choose a topic for themselves.

rogerian argument essay


The introduction of a Rogerian argument essay is the first paragraph that a reader will read; thus, you need to ensure that you write a good introduction with an invitational argument. The introduction should be catchy to attract the reader’s attention and keep them wanting to read the entire essay. In the introduction, you should present the main issue you will be presenting your argument about. It might be a new topic to the reader, so you want to ensure that the reader understands the issue you will be addressing. Give as much background information as you can on the issue. A detailed introduction gives a reader the picture of the issue at hand. Your introduction should not use language that expresses bias or criticism.

Provide a Description of the Opposing Point of View

Once the reader has understood the issue you will be addressing; you can start presenting the different points of view. In this first paragraph of the body, you should describe the opposing point of view. You will address the issue from the usual perspective. The perspective should cover the ideas and beliefs of the audience you are addressing. You should provide circumstances that prove the opposing point of view is correct. You need to use a neutral tone while providing the description. Often, you will need to look at multiple viewpoints of the opposing view. Therefore, ensure that you address each viewpoint independently. You will need to give the claim, warrant, reason, and values of each viewpoint differently. Your tone should be neutral and void of criticism.

Give your Point of View

After describing the view of the opposing point without bias, the next thing you should do is present your view to the audience. First state your point of view to the reader in simple language for them to understand. Then, give circumstances and reasons that validate your point of view. The goal is to make the opposing side understand our position on the issue at hand. Therefore, use a language and tone that will make them comfortable in getting to understand your view. You can present your point of view by pointing the beliefs and values that are common to you and the opposing side.

The Conclusion

After presenting both the opposing point of view and your view, there should be a neutral point where the discussion on the issue holds. Your conclusion should show this neutral standing point. The neutral point should be a stand of compromise. You need to show the audience the way that you will adopt the new position based on arguments presented when giving your point of view. You need to provide evidence that show how adopting your point of view will be beneficial to the audience. This neutral position should meet the needs and values of the two sides.

Tips for Writing a Good Rogerian Argument Essay

Some of the things that you can do to ensure that your Rogerian argument essay has the right content include:

The Right Choice of Topic

The Rogerian essay will be based on a particular topic. It is advisable that you choose the right essay topic. Your topic of choice should be on a subject that you are passionate about. That will see that you have an understanding of the main issue in the essay, and you will not be objective in your writing.

rogerian argument essay

Extensive Research

You will be presenting two views in your Rogerian argument essay; the reader’s and your view. Therefore, you need to conduct deep research on opposing beliefs. You knowledge on a particular issue is not enough to bank on when presenting your point of view. Also, making an assumption on the opposing point of view will have you presenting insufficient views. Therefore, ensure that you read different sources so your evidence can be solid and valid.

Determine the Common Ground

Although you will be presenting your point of view on a particular subject, you need to have a common ground. The common ground will be pinning on the similarities between the differing sides. You cannot have a common ground without understanding your opponent’s view thoroughly. When you express the common ground on the issue, the reader will be open-minded to see the issue from your point of view. In that, you will be fulfilling the purpose of this essay.

The Subject Issue Should Be Controversial

It is easier to present differing points of view when a subject is controversial than when it is non-controversial. Controversial issues have differing sides that are far apart, and that will make it easy to present the differing sides.

Use a Neutral Tone

Although your views on the subject issue are different from those of the reader, you want to ensure that you remain neutral in your discussion. The way you express your view should use a neutral and non-judgmental tone. You cannot convince a person to consider another point of view when the tone is harsh and judgmental.

Find a Compromise

The result of your Rogerian argument essay should be to find a common ground, otherwise known as a compromise. The compromise should benefit both sides; the reader and the writer. If the compromise benefits one side, you will be missing the point of a Rogerian essay.

Highlight the Drawbacks of Both Sides

You need to show the reader the downside of each side. That will give the impression that you are looking at the issue from two sides instead of one. It will be easier to convince the reader to understand and accept the compromise when you use this approach.

Express the Benefit of Your Argument

Your point of view should be leading to a solution. Even if the benefits that one will accrue from your point of view will not offer the perfect solution, you should point out what one can do to get the desired solution.

Other Questions You May Have Regarding Writing a Rogerian Essay

How Does One Start Writing a Rogerian Essay?

The key things one should keep in mind when writing a Rogerian essay are the opposing views and argument views. Research is critical for you to understand the subject. That way, you will formalize the opposing and argument views and critically analyze each view. That will be helpful when you will be drafting ideas for the different views.

How Do You Start a Rogerian Argument?

When writing your Rogerian essay, some of the things you want to include the following in the introduction. First, provide a factual statement or quote that is related to the Rogerian argument topic. The statement or quote should be catchy and give the reader an invitation to read more. Second, you should give a statement on the topic which will show a reader your view on the subject topic. Lastly, provide a strong thesis statement and background information which you will discuss later.

How Does One Write a Thesis Statement for a Rogerian Essay?

The thesis statement should be one sentence which states the main point of your essay. The thesis statement should indicate the argument’s point of view and make a solution suggestion for the issue.

How Do You End a Rogerian Argument?

When writing the conclusion of your Rogerian essay, you need to give a summary of the arguments and points in the essay. Also, you should suggest a solution which is the common ground between opposing and argument views. The end of a Rogerin argument should be concise and clear in view expression.

What is the Rogerian Strategy?

The outline of a Rogerian essay should contain the following seven sections in order:

rogerian argument essay

The Introduction

This is the first paragraph of the Rogerian essay. The writer should state the topic issue, identify the conflict source, and give reasons why they analyze the topic issue from different points of view.

The Opposing Point of View

In here, you should make the reader understand the opposing point of view of the topic issue.

Validation of the Opposing Point of View

Here, you should give reasons for the opposing point of view. Each reason should be unique and on its own. There should be evidence for each of the validation points with an explanation on why the reason is logical.

The Author’s Point of View

In this section, you should present your point of view. State the different points you have on the subject issue.

Validation of the Author’s Point of View

This part makes provision for the evidence of the author’s point of view. Like the validation of the opponent’s point of view, the evidence you provide should be solid to prove your point.


This section allows you to argue the argument’s point of view with the opposing point of view. Every case you give should have sufficient evidence to support the view.


This section gives the summary of the main views and gives a solution. The suggested solution acts as the common ground between opposing and argument views.

Formatting a Rogerian Essay

The common formats for Rogerian essays are the MLA and APA writing formats. You should use The Purdue OWL to help with formatting your Rogerian essay

Is There a Difference between a Toulmin Argument and Rogerian Argument?

Yes, there is. The outline of Toulmin arguments depends on logical reasoning and empirical data. On the other hand, Rogerian arguments depend on ethical reasoning and moral when supporting the author’s point of view.

What is the Difference between Rogerian Classical Rhetoric and Rogerian Argument?

When writing Rogerian classical rhetoric, the goal of the author is to convince a reader of the author’s point of view. In that way, the author intends to sway the reader to their point of view. When writing a classical, traditional argument, the author should show the reader why their point of view is not the correct one, and that they should instead embrace the point of view of the author. The Rogerian argument seeks to make the reader understand the opposing and author’s point of view.

An Example of a Rogerian Essay

Here is an example of how you would write a Rogerian essay on gun control:

The Introduction

In this section, you will introduce the subject “gun control”, and provide facts for your argument point of view: The introduction would be something like this:

The question of whether guns should be legal to citizens is not new in society. There has been a question in the past on if there is social, moral responsibility when any citizen can possess and carry a gun around as they wish. The question has created a heated discussion among pro-gun and anti-gun users. With the look of things, this difference in opinion might be around for longer. Some people believe that that one should own a gun as it can be helpful in self-defense, while some people believe that guns are too sensitive and their ownership should controlled by relevant authorities. There are incidences in the past where gun owners have left their guns carelessly, and children thought the gun to be a toy and fired the gun. Recent studies show that about four people die daily from accidental gunfire.

The Opposing Point of View

Here, you will give the point of view of the opponent. In this case, the opponent would be the pro-gun users. The main argument is that the second amendment has provision for any individual to acquire and keep arms. Such a provision allows individuals to protect themselves, their family members, and their property from individuals who want to harm them. If guns were illegal to acquire, criminals would get a way to acquire them and thus keep the ordinary citizen at the mercy of the criminal in case of an attack.

rogerian argument essay

Pro-gun users also point out that there are daily deaths due to other causes, and the number of death cases due to accidental gunfire is not significant. Hence, the possession of a gun among citizens should be allowed. The bottom line of the argument is that it is better to have a gun and not need to use it than need to use a gun and not have one.

The Argument’s Point of View

Here, you should present your argument’s point of view. In this particular case, you would need to indicate why there should be gun control. Anti-gun users have valid arguments as to why there should be gun control. One, there has been an increase in the number of homicide cases in some states due to the relaxed gun laws in those states. Two, it is very easy to access a gun in some states as there are no restrictions as to who should own a gun and why. The argument is based on if guns were illegal, criminals would not have access to them, and that would mean a decreased crime rate.

Discussion and Conclusion

In the discussion and conclusion sections, one should further breakdown the topic issue in both ways. The author should show how, why, and when there should be gun control. A sample conclusion would be something like this:

The question of whether or not there should be gun control for citizens is quite a tricky one. However, there is a middle point that both pro-gun and anti-gun users can stand. A gun can come in handy as a protection arm. However, if there has to be the issuance of a gun, there needs to be strict rules on who should own a gun and when. An individual who wants to own a gun should undergo serious background checks and identification checks. That way, the relevant authorities can be sure of the person they will be issuing the gun. That will translate to having a waiting period before one can acquire and enforce the gun.

Enforce Laws on Gun Use

Another way would be having strict rules that govern gun use. For instance, the authorities should restrictions that govern hunting grounds and shooting grounds. Individuals who want to use a gun will have to use the gun in a restricted area. That will minimize the number of accident cases due to gunfire without prohibiting the use of guns.

Follow Assignment Guidelines

When presented with the task of writing a Rogerian essay, the first thing you need to do is understand the right steps of writing a Rogerian essay. From that point, you can focus on writing the Rogerian essay on a particular issue. It will be easy to write a Rogerian essay on a subject when you understand the requirements of a good Rogerian essay. Besides that, you need to follow the assignment guidelines when writing your assignment. The guidelines will dictate the date of assignment submission, mode of assignment submission, and presentation, among other guidelines.

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