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  • Review the assigned reading to prepare for this discussion.
  • Choose two of the following topics as the base for your discussion.
    • Prehistoric, Ancient Mesopotamian, and Egyptian representations of humans.
    • Greek and Roman traditions of representing the human form.
    • Medieval era representations of the human form in images made for the Christian church.

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  1. Compare how artists from different cultures and periods of time represent the human form in works of art?
    1. Include artworks in your post and reference specific details from them as evidence of your ideas.
    2. Why do many cultures create idealized representations of the human form in their art?
  2. Think about the idealized bodies represented in contemporary visual culture.
    1. Might such images have the power to influence the way we look at and think about our bodies in life?
    2. What are examples of shifting perceptions of the human form in contemporary society?
      1. Reference at least two contemporary images.
      2. Include these images in your post and discuss specific details from them to support your claims.

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